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The Doctrine of Justification By Arthur W. Pink
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Arthur W. Pink carefully treats a biblical doctrine that is often misunderstood—the doctrine of justification. How can we, who have sinned against a... More > holy God, be reconciled to that God? Only through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for His people. Pink explores justification in the aspects of Its Meaning, Its Problem, Its Basis, Its Nature, Its Source, Its Objects, Its Instrument, Its Evidence, and Its Results.< Less
Election is just not Fair! By Moreno Dal Bello
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For many people, the doctrine of election is one that just does not make sense, for it appears to contradict the teachings that God is Love and no respecter of persons. It is even seen as a doctrine... More > which shuts many people out of heaven who desired entry. Thus, it is concluded that the doctrine of election is just not fair; that God would be unjust to select only some people to show His grace and mercy towards, in granting the gift of salvation, and simply leave the rest to themselves, or worse still, consign them to hell. The real reason behind such a conclusion is the flawed foundation upon which these notions are based—a foundation which says that man is not dead in sin as a result of the Fall but is merely a wounded soul, with the ability and desire to seek and choose God, intact. The concept of ‘free will’ stands in eternal opposition to the doctrine of free grace.< Less
Those Whom Thou Hast Given Me By Moreno Dal Bello
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God has given to His Son, Jesus Christ, a people of His own choosing, not according to anything they have done, but solely according to the will and purpose of God. The purpose in them being given... More > to the Son is salvation. Christ would die for these, and these alone, and give unto them eternal life. These are the only people Jesus Christ has made atonement for; The only ones He became a curse for upon the Tree; The only ones whose sins were imputed to Christ and Whose Righteousness was/will be imputed to them. These are the same people who will be presented to the Father in a blessed state. All others were not given to the Son; they are not among those to whom Christ will give eternal life and therefore could not have been among those for whom He died and become a curse for on the Tree. They are not among those blessed of the Father, for they are declared ‘cursed’ on Judgement Day.< Less
Preaching Through the Gospel of John By Ron Harvey
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Pastor Ron Harvey presents expository sermons on the Gospel of John. This series takes the reader verse by verse through the entire Gospel and develops the various themes of the book. One of the... More > principal themes is the deity of Christ. The Gospel of John is a vital addition to the three synoptic gospels and fills in many gaps.< Less
By the Obedience of One By Moreno Dal Bello
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The vast majority of professing christians are taught that in some way, and to some degree, what they do or do not do has some bearing on their ultimate and eternal destiny. They believe that what... More > they do, or abstain from doing, is a contributing and determining factor to their attaining or maintaining salvation. In other words, they believe that their obedience and disobedience plays a major role in whether or not they get saved or stay saved. Most who name the name of Christ claim to believe that salvation is all of grace. But the reality of the situation is that most of them have no idea what true grace is and no idea of what salvation is and what it entails, because they have never been taught the truth.< Less
The Believer Free In Christ By William Huntington
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In this book William Huntington (1745-1813) refutes the view made that his doctrine of the law and the Christian Believer being free from the law was Antinomianism. The Christian is to "stand... More > fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made him free" and not to be entangled again with ther yoke of bondage".< Less
Jesus Did What For Whom? By Moreno Dal Bello
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It is seldom taught otherwise, in what is perceived by most to be Christian institutions, that Jesus Christ went to the cross and laid down His precious life for every individual in all the world. It... More > is also taught that the door to salvation has been swung open by Christ and it is now up to each individual to make the choice to enter in or not. Such teaching alleges that the saved are a generation of choosers, not "a chosen generation" as the Scriptures clearly teach! (1 Peter 2:9). What has your acceptance got to do with this transaction done on your behalf? Your acceptance is not that which validates (gives legal force to) the transaction, IT IS THE PAYMENT MADE WHICH CANCELS THE DEBT! The popular belief is that Christ did not actually save anyone on the cross, but that He merely made salvation possible for all. The following is a vitally important study of: Jesus Christ the Savior: a) Why He is the Savior b) Whom He has saved c) How He has accomplished salvation.< Less
Divine Energy of the Spirit By John Skepp
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DIVINE ENERGY or the Efficacious Operations of the Spirit of God upon the soul of man, in his Effectual Calling and Conversion, stated, proved and vindicated. Wherein the real Weakness and... More > Insufficiency of Moral Suasion, without the addition of the exceeding Greatness of God’s Power, for Faith and Conversion to God, are fully evinced. BEING AN ANTIDOTE AGAINST THE PELAGIAN PLAGUE. "I heartily recommend this work to the perusal of every serious Christian that is desirous of knowing the nature of true Conversion, and of answering to himself that important question, Am I born again or am I a converted person? And I doubt not, with the blessing of God, but he will find the reading of it pleasant and profitable to him." John Gill {Preface}< Less
The Everlasting Righteousness By Horatius Bonar
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library, by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889). The Everlasting Righteousness gets right to the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. How can sinful people be right before a... More > holy God? God’s inflexible justice demands a perfect righteousness in His creatures; only the everlasting righteousness of the Son of God will suffice! His is sufficient because it is that of God Himself. When a sinner believes on Christ the Savior, his record of sins is erased on the basis of the substitutionary work of Christ on the cross, and Christ’s righteousness is freely reckoned to his account. This priceless gift is granted freely to the one who places his faith in the Person of Christ, not in his own merits, graces, or even faith itself. The sufficient righteousness of Chirst is the safe ground of peace and joy for the believer, as he looks not at anything in himself but the all-sufficient Lamb of God!< Less
Writings of Henry Denne By Henry Denne
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Denne was accused, along with Samuel Richardson, Tobias Crisp & Robert Towne of Antinomianism; chiefly on account of the fact that he contended most enthusiastically for the truth that... More > Christ’s righteousness is made ours by God’s imputation “before the act of our Faith.” Faith or Repentance were not conditions of salvation or justification; as he maintained that “the act of our faith is a consequent of our justification,” and likewise that “remission of sins is even as ancient as satisfaction for sin and at what time Christ Jesus taketh our sins upon Himself, at the same time are the persons of God’s elect just before the Tribunal of Almighty God.” This is a collection of five of his earliest, and most substantial writings, along with a brief biographical sketch.< Less

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