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Election is just not Fair! By Moreno Dal Bello
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For many people, the doctrine of election is one that just does not make sense, for it appears to contradict the teachings that God is Love and no respecter of persons. It is even seen as a doctrine... More > which shuts many people out of heaven who desired entry. Thus, it is concluded that the doctrine of election is just not fair; that God would be unjust to select only some people to show His grace and mercy towards, in granting the gift of salvation, and simply leave the rest to themselves, or worse still, consign them to hell. The real reason behind such a conclusion is the flawed foundation upon which these notions are based—a foundation which says that man is not dead in sin as a result of the Fall but is merely a wounded soul, with the ability and desire to seek and choose God, intact. The concept of ‘free will’ stands in eternal opposition to the doctrine of free grace.< Less
Free Justification in Christ By Member of the Church of Christ
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A Very short and brief account of the Free Justification of God’s elect, from the condemning power of the Law, by that law change of persons, {flowing from an eternal act of Grace; by way of... More > Covenant transaction between the Father and Son;} which brought Christ as Mediator, under the Curse and Condemnation of the broken Law, in the very room and place of elect sinners. Whereunto are added, some questions concerning this point; proposed to be answered by those that do so confidently affirm, that the elect of God are equally with others, under the same condemning power of the Law, before Faith. By a Member of the Church of Christ, in the County of Essex.< Less
Christ Made Sin By Samuel Crisp
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To prevent this our personal righteousness from touching anything as pertaining to Christ’s righteousness, or as a condition on which God gives Christ’s righteousness, I humbly offer to... More > your perusal the effects of many hours pains to obtain the marrow out of the word “Christ made sin for us,” and I hope, if it be read with an humble waiting for teaching from the Lord Jesus, you will find it beneficial towards the understanding, the riches of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ, to make him to be sin for us for his own name sake, not for our personal worthiness, and our evangelical righteousness sake. If any say, why doth this person trouble himself to write thus, in vindication of his father’s sermons? It is for the sake of our dear Lord Jesus, whose glory is eclipsed by the setting up man’s righteousness in the matter of justification; upon which account I may say, “the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”< Less
"Thou Shalt Surely Die" By Moreno Dal Bello
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The greater majority of people who profess to be Christian have been taught and, what's worse, have accepted, three of the biggest lies ever perpetrated upon the human race. These doctrines form the... More > basis of what is commonly referred to as Arminianism. They are not what God's Word teaches, for they are contrary to His Word, and stand defiantly opposed to the Word of God, the Sovereignty of God, the Grace of God and the Blood of Christ. There are several variations to these three Arminian doctrines but basically the claims are as follows: (1) Man is not spiritually dead to God; (2) Man can choose God by his own free will; and (3) Christ Jesus the Lord died for every individual ever born. On these three doctrines, which are the foundational teachings of Arminianism, does the Arminian gospel stand, or fall. Our purpose here is to expose the gross error of these three particular dogmas, and how they have formed to become the elemental teachings of the most popularly accepted, yet corrupt, gospels of our day.< Less
The Everlasting Righteousness By Horatius Bonar
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library, by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889). The Everlasting Righteousness gets right to the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. How can sinful people be right before a... More > holy God? God’s inflexible justice demands a perfect righteousness in His creatures; only the everlasting righteousness of the Son of God will suffice! His is sufficient because it is that of God Himself. When a sinner believes on Christ the Savior, his record of sins is erased on the basis of the substitutionary work of Christ on the cross, and Christ’s righteousness is freely reckoned to his account. This priceless gift is granted freely to the one who places his faith in the Person of Christ, not in his own merits, graces, or even faith itself. The sufficient righteousness of Chirst is the safe ground of peace and joy for the believer, as he looks not at anything in himself but the all-sufficient Lamb of God!< Less
Preaching Through the Gospel of John By Ron Harvey
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Pastor Ron Harvey presents expository sermons on the Gospel of John. This series takes the reader verse by verse through the entire Gospel and develops the various themes of the book. One of the... More > principal themes is the deity of Christ. The Gospel of John is a vital addition to the three synoptic gospels and fills in many gaps.< Less
Just a Doctrinal Thing? By Moreno Dal Bello
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Those who are true believers in God’s one and only Gospel are often confronted with the argument, ‘Its just a doctrinal thing’, when upholding the biblical standard that no one is... More > saved who does not hold to the doctrine of Christ, which is His glorious Gospel. When it comes to the matter of Christ Jesus the Lord—Who He is and what He has done—doctrine is of immeasurable importance. It is a life and death issue that a person believes what GOD has testified of His Son, and not some man-made tradition, an imagination of man’s mind concerning the Person and Work of Christ. This book will examine the statement, ‘Its just a doctrinal thing’ and explain why it is an assertion which is made in utter ignorance of the fact that when it comes to Who God is and which God/god one is believing and trusting in, doctrine can never be just a matter of opinion among equally saved people, or some irrelevant and inconsequential ‘thing’.< Less
Man's Ruin God's Redemption By L. R. Shelton, Jr.
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Man's Ruin – God's Redemption gives detailed explanation of Romans 1:16-32 to show the depth of man’s sin and the downward spiral in which he... More > finds himself, ending in eternal separation from God. The last chapters focus on the living hope we have in Christ, the perfect unmerited Substitute provided by God in His love for us. We see that God’s righteous justice require penalty for sin, that man is incapable of paying for it himself apart from his own death, that a perfect Substitute was provided in Christ at the cross, that man must have holiness in order to stand before God, and that this holiness is found only in Christ.< Less
Justification by Christ Alone By Samuel Richardson
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JUSTIFICATION BY CHRIST ALONE: 1647. A Fountain of life and comfort, declaring that the whole work of man’s salvation was accomplished by Jesus Christ upon the cross, in that He... More > took away and healed all His, from all sins, and presented them to God holy without fault in His sight. And the Objections against this are answered, for the Consolation of such as believe, that they may not ascribe that which is proper to Christ’s Priestly Office, to their believing. Entire New & Enlarged Edition. Additional Treatises include “A Defense of Tobias Crisp” & a Short Treatise on the Resurrection & Intercession of Christ in Relation to Justification &c. Also; sections of the 'Justification' book have been meticulously compared with Richardson’s own later corrections from his 'Consolations' {1649} book, and carefully revised.< Less
The Atoning Sacrifice of Christ By Arthur W. Pink & Arthur W. Pink
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library! Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952) deals with the question of the biblical doctrine of the atonement. What did Christ's substitutionary death on the cross actually... More > accomplish? Who did Christ die for?< Less

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