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God's Only Gospel By Moreno Dal Bello
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There are so many different ‘gospels’ today, each presenting significantly different views about the Messiah (Who He is and what He has done), that clearly the questions which should be... More > asked by everyone who professes to be a Christian (that is, a follower of Jesus Christ) are, "How will I know a false minister from a true one?" and "How can I know whether or not I have believed a false gospel or God’s Gospel?" How is a man saved? How can we know if we are true Christians believing in the only Gospel that saves? What is God’s only Gospel? Jesus Himself asked the religious leaders of His day, "...What think ye of Christ?..." (Matt. 22:42). These are vital questions about which every professing believer should be concerned. With all the lies that abound in our day concerning the Gospel and true salvation the question should not be whether we have faith but are we in THE Faith: "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in THE Faith..." (2 Cor. 13:5).< Less
God's Only Jesus By Moreno Dal Bello
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Most people believe that there is only one Jesus, and insofar as there is only one True Jesus they are correct; but the Bible warns that men would come preaching other jesuses. False gospels and... More > counterfeit christs abound in religion today like never before. Everyone from New Agers to the most conservative of ‘christian’ groups have ‘a’ jesus, but is it really THE Jesus of the Bible whom they worship? Do they believe God’s Testimony about His Son or do they listen to what man says about Him? Jesus said of those who set aside the Word of God, preferring their own traditions and man-made commandments: "But in vain do they worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matt. 15:9; Mk. 7:7-13). The sobering reality is that most who profess Christianity have embraced another jesus and do not have the True Jesus Who is God’s ONLY Jesus.< Less
Who are the Lost? By Moreno Dal Bello
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Most people who are at all religious believe that invariably they are or will be saved. Most are under a fairly strong conviction that they know God and are known by Him, that God understands them... More > and how much they have suffered on this earth and how much they have tried to be a good person by doing their best to lead a decent life, obey Him and attend church etc. They draw a certain comfort and security from their good intentions. They believe that God knows their heart and because of this they feel confident that He will not cast them into Hell. Just as most people never think they will end up a murder victim or die by shark attack so, too, most are convinced that they could never actually be one of those people who end up in hell. But people do get murdered, they do get taken by sharks and real people do go to Hell.< Less
Believing has a Beginning By Moreno Dal Bello
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Everything has a beginning. Like all things in life believing, too, has a beginning. The Christian life has a beginning. Which begs the question, what is it that changes a man from non-Christian, a... More > lost person, to a Christian, a saved person? What makes the difference? The fact of the matter is there is no Christian life before believing, and no believing without the Gospel of God. To be a Christian, a child of God, one must believe the Gospel of God. No one expects to be a Christian whose faith is in the Buddhist gospel and no one expects to be a Buddhist believing the Christian Gospel. So we see that to be a Christian one must believe Christ, one must believe HIS Gospel and no one else's.< Less
What Shall We Say Then? By Elder Jeff Winfrey
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A thoroughly readable volume on the beliefs and practices of Primitive Baptists. The author addresses subjects such as: Primitive Baptist Doctrine The Existence of God The Deity of Jesus Christ The... More > Difference in Primitive Baptists and other Christian Groups How People are Born Again The Meaning of John 3:16 The Purpose of the Gospel The Place of Good Works Spiritual Gifts ...and many more.< Less
The Exaltation of Christ By Thomas Collier
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THE EXALTATION OF CHRIST IN the Days of the Gospel. As the alone High Priest, Prophet and King of Saints. “For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him... More > crucified.” {I Cor.2:2} By Thomas Collier, sometimes Teacher to the Church in York. {Foreword by Hanserd Knollys} LONDON Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-Spread-Eagle at the west end of St Paul's Cathedral. Date: 1641 THE EXALTATION OF CHRIST The alone HIGH PRIEST of SAINTS. THE EXALTATION OF CHRIST The alone PROPHET of SAINTS. THE EXALTATION OF CHRIST the alone KING of SAINTS.< Less
Not Willing That Any Should Perish By Moreno Dal Bello
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One of the Scriptures most frequently used by those of the Arminian persuasion, when defending the unbiblical notion that Christ has died for every individual, and that He wants everyone saved and... More > none to perish for all eternity, is found in 2 Peter 3:9: "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." At first glance, this verse does appear to be saying that God does not want anyone at all to go to hell, but that He wants everyone to come to repentance...The Arminian interpretation of this verse is a direct attack on the Sovereignty of God, that is, everything that happens God has willed to happen, and it always comes to pass (occurs) in every precise detail as He willed it. It also opposes such essential Gospel doctrines as election, and Christ’s atonement, His death—what He did on the cross, and for whom He did it.< Less
Born of the Gospel By Moreno Dal Bello
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Despite a religious climate replete with false teachers and false teachings, most who name the name of Jesus are sincerely convinced in their belief that they have the truth and are truly born again... More > heaven-bound Christians. Their lives are filled with Bible reading, Church-going, prayer times and many other religious exercises. They talk ‘jesus’ all day long and love to meet with others who ‘love jesus’, too. Yet there is one very peculiar trait common among most professing christians today and that is the very sad and disturbing fact that they cannot define and, in most cases, have never actually heard God’s True Gospel.< Less
How Many Gospels? By Moreno Dal Bello
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How many Gospels? Just how many gospels are there that a person can believe, safely place their trust in, and rightly consider themselves saved of God? Five? Ten? Twenty? Or perhaps hundreds? Just... More > how many gospels are there that God will lead a person to believe ie. grant the gift of faith to believe? How many gospels are there to which God signs His name and calls ‘My power unto salvation’? These are questions that strike right at the heart of the whole issue of doctrine, of what the true Gospel is, and who it is that can rightly judge themselves saved. It is important to realise at the outset that what a person believes about Jesus provides an immediate indication of which jesus they believe in, and therefore which gospel they hold to.< Less
A Further Enquiry After Truth & Defense Thereof By Lewis Wayman
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But why must it be supposed, that God offers an opportunity to all to be saved? And, how can we understand it to be a privilege and blessing, to have an opportunity upon impossible conditions? Some... More > answer, “that God affords an opportunity to all, that he might vindicate himself, that is, his justice, or his mercy, or both, from the charge his creatures might probably bring against them.” This supposes that God will be brought to the bar of the creature to give account for his conduct towards the works of his hands; which indeed, through the amazing and confounding pride of our hearts, is frequently done. We quarrel at his righteous decrees; we quarrel at his gracious dispensations, our eye being evil because he is good; and we fall out with him as Jonah did, about the shadow of an herb, Jonah 4:9, for such is the monstrous deformity of fallen nature! But admitting this, that God was arraigned, his justice needs no vindication. The saved of the Lord justify him in his sayings!< Less

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