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Nineteen: Kropotkin's Cell By Clifton Meador
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The Peter Paul fortress was used as a prison by the Tsars, a place to hold political prisoners. It had a terrible reputation, a fearsome place of incarceration, and it became a mark of distinction... More > for revolutionaries to have been imprisoned there. After the revolution, of course, the Soviets made it into a museum, a monument to revolution, and a tourist's diversion. This is a walk through the cells, ruminating on Kropotkin's thought that these cells represented inhuman conditions: but the revolution brought forth much, much worse.< Less
Penitenciary Novel (A Passenger's Account) By Vladimir Boroda
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Хиппи в ГУЛАГЕ. A Hippy in the Soviet Gulag. Personal account of an emigre writer now residing in Prague, Czech Republic.
Penitenciary Novel (A Passenger's Account) By Vladimir Boroda
Paperback: $24.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
Хиппи в ГУЛАГЕ. A Hippy in the Soviet Gulag. Personal account of an emigre writer now residing in Prague, Czech Republic.
LIFE. SCIENCE. FUTURE By Alexander Bolonkin
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This is book about life, researches, ideas, innovations of Dr. Sci., professor Alexander Bolonkin. He worked in Soviet aviation, rocket and space industries and lectured in main Moscow Universities... More > in the former USSR. In 1972 professor Bolonkin was arrested by the notorious Soviet Secret Police (KGB) because he had been discovered reading forbidden political literature about freedom and democracy and had been monitored listening to “Voice of America”. For more than 15 years, the vicious YGB torturers in various special prisons, concentration camps, and in exile in utterly miserable Siberia. In 1988 the Soviet authority allowed him to leave the USSR. Following his arrival in the United States in 1988, he lectured at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and worked as a Senior Researcher at NASA and the US Air Force Research Laboratories. Bolonkin is the author of more than 180 scientific articles and books and has 17 inventions to his credit.< Less
Reading Pushkin in Siberia: And Other Tales of Survival By Celia N. Ores
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In Reading Pushkin in Siberia, Dr. Celia Ores tells her tale of survival during World War II. She fled her hometown of Dubienka, Poland, during the Nazi invasion, only to be sent with her family by... More > the Soviets to a gulag in Siberia. Dr. Ores came of age in the most unlikely of places: the gulags and prison villages of the Soviet Union. A Soviet-appointed doctor invested in her by taking her on nature walks, teaching her Russian and sneaking works by the masters of Russian literature, like Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, which Dr. Ores memorized and still recalls to this day. The doctor offered her compassion and kindness, and nourished her innate drive to learn. Dr. Ores learned to speak and read Russian and read works of literature by forbidden lamplight in the labor camp in Siberia.< Less
The Foolishness of God, Koinónia US edition By Ferenc Visky
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“In prison,” said Ferenc Visky, echoing Bonhoeffer, “I learned to laugh.” To laugh, and to hold on to God, wrestling with Him for a sign. In stories he would sometimes tell of... More > his years in the Communist prisons of 1950’s Romania and of his friends there, especially Richard Wurmbrand, “Feri bácsi” (as he was commonly known) spoke both of the extreme darkness of that time and of how God was present in the darkness to comfort and even to bring laughter. “The madness of the world,” says the author, “including that of the [then] Soviet system, can only be dispelled by the foolishness of God.”< Less
The Best of Vela By Sarah Menkedick et al.
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Vela is an online magazine that publishes nonfiction inspired by travel, written by women. This stellar collection features select work from the magazine, covering terrain as far-flung as... More > Afghanistan, El Salvador, the Philippines, and the former Soviet Union, as well as a college campus, a city bus, and a prison. In keeping with Vela's belief that there are no "women's subjects" and that women should be free to write with the same intellectual and creative freedom as men, these stories explore subjects including war, motherhood, AIDS, human rights, natural disaster, grief, gangs, addiction, home, and illness.< Less
The heart of a dog By Mikhail Bulgakov
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The English translation of the early short-novel by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. A kind of Frankenstein parable, Heart of a Dog is the story of a stray dog that gains a human intelligence after a... More > prominent Moscow professor transplants human glands into the unfortunate canine's body. The novel satirizes a smaller swathe of Soviets' society and seems a prisoner of its own circular plot structure.< Less
Change of Heart By Jack Allen
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As an officer in an obscure, under-funded branch of U.S. Navy Intelligence, Josh McGowan is given the leftover jobs, the scraps, the lousy missions that no one else wants. In Change of Heart, the... More > CIA has busted Valeria, a former KGB informer, out of a Russian prison, and Josh is given the job to escort her from the east coast of Rus-sia back to the United States. She will be debriefed by the CIA at the request of Colonel Mironov, a former Soviet Army officer who has agreed to share his se-crets on the condition that she is set free. Once he has Valeria in his hands, Mironov’s plan is to use her as evidence of the ineffectiveness of the Democratic state in Russia, and usher the Soviets back to power by his own hand. Caught in the middle of a bad mission that gets worse at every step, Josh must decide if he’s falling in love with Valeria, or if he has to kill her himself.< Less
Elizabeth Grey By Carmenica Diaz
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For the first time - the complete Elizabeth Grey - the classic Transgender romance - both volumes in softcover paperback!(The Lady is Waiting & Heart.) It’s 1984 and Allan Stratton is... More > living a rather dull life as a jazz pianist, living in the shadow of his famous brother Edward, a renowned Shakespearean actor. Edward suddenly and mysteriously disappears in Soviet controlled Europe, the British Government washes their hands of the entire incident and Allan suspects there is more to it than meets the eye but is powerless to do anything about it. And then, on a wet London night, a woman knocks on the door of Allan’s flat, claims she is Edward’s girlfriend and has a plan to find Edward and rescue him from a Soviet prison. That plan however involves an all girl band The Heather James All Stars and the new piano player Elizabeth Grey.< Less

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