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Special Creationism By Andrew Perry
Hardcover: $21.73
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This book (Hardback, Fourth Edition, Revision 3 (Sept 2018), 311 pages, 978-0-9574460-5-2) examines the creation, evolution and intelligent design debate. It presents an Old Earth Creationist view... More > and combats theistic evolution. It argues that Genesis 1 is an account of a recent special creation of a habitable environment for humankind focused on Mesopotamia. The account is nevertheless exemplary for all of the planet (and the universe), teaching that God is a creator of all things at all times. Evolution is a matter for Science and to be considered in the pre-Adamic space. Genesis presupposes the existence of the planet and Science has shown that there is an ancient history of life on earth. Philosophically, Science cannot exclude divine action (special creation) from this history. And Genesis gives us warrant for seeing the creative acts of God throughout the history of life on earth and nature shows this to have been the case in evidence for its intelligent design.< Less
The Nowhere Special By Mark Searcy
Paperback: $16.00
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First published as a blog ( and now as a book, The Nowhere Special is a collection of short stories, snapshots, essays, and prose compiled from the artistic mind of... More > Mark Searcy to champion the notion that a medium influences how a message can be perceived. Blogs read differently than books—even when the words are the same, the meaning feels different when you can hold it in your hands.< Less
A Special Surprise By Lynn Bain
Hardcover: List Price: $24.99 $23.74 | You Save: 5%
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The birthday girl receives a special surprise from her Daddy. He takes her to the ocean where a sparkling treasure chest appears in the surf. She enters, and is transformed into a mermaid to share... More > adventures with new underwater friends. The adventure culminates with her being crowned the Mermaid Princess. A delightful tale to spark any little girl's imagination!< Less
Special Someone By Francesca MacDonald
Hardcover: $29.95
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Special Someone is a book about love. It is about that specific love that leaves you speechless while making you want to share it because you are bursting with excitement and elation. That is what... More > brought forth the poems comprised in this book. They are all tools that attempt to communicate emotions that are greater than words. They are humble means to convey messages that come straight from the heart, and the heart has its own unique language, sometimes foreign to the mind and intellect.< Less
Special Organics By Riley Scott Herman
Paperback: $12.42
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Special Organics is a Wellness Center and Organic farm designed and planned for a site on the Gaviota Coast in Santa Barbara County, California. It is the 5th year architecture thesis project of... More > Riley Herman at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. The Center is housed in a massive complex of abandoned greenhouses that used to be the largest orchid and cymbidium facility in the world. This way, the historic structures are preserved through adaptive reuse, and the smallest possible footprint of new construction is used, preserving the natural surroundings and minimizing the need for new building materials.< Less
The Special Years By Keith Syers
Paperback: $12.16
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Keith and Joan Syers are two ordinary working class people, who grasped the opportunity of taking an extraordinary job. Living and working in a remote area, Keith adopted a family of guineafowl, or... More > guineafriends as he prefers to call them. But it wasn't until a border collie puppy called Tom came along that his life really changed, forging an unbreakable bond together. Their forays into the surrounding countryside and way beyond threw up a feast of quite remarkable, comical and unexpected experiences. The special years had begun. If you are a dog lover or appreciate the countryside, this true story has been written for you to enjoy.< Less
Spa Special By Kannel
eBook (PDF): $16.95
(8 Ratings)
Three collage guys show up at a brand new Spa for a relaxing time with some hot babes! They are met by Miss Rouge who explains that they are in for a Special treatment at the Spa. “This is... More > the life guys!!!” they shout, as they relax in the hot tub spa…but something is wrong. They seem to be getting weaker and thinner... Miss Rouge lets them know that she is in charge, and will be addressed in the future as Mistress. She further explains to the guys that they are going to be transformed from Macho men into a stripper, a maid, and a cute submissive girl. There is no way out! Soon they start enjoying their new life; being a girl can be very sexy! 26 GLORIOUSLY RICH PAGES! FULL SPECTRUM COLOR! Adult themes and subject matter.< Less
Special Hunters By Sopheap Chhun
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Kimberly is living a normal life in White Center. She has job as a Sales Associate at Macys. Kimberly gets dejuvu twice and questions about herself. Then, Kimberly leaves home on the bus. She meets... More > a strange girl who laughs at her and passes out. Kimberly takes her home and the girl freaks out. Kimberly finds out she have magic and they get saved. Will Kimberly fall into darkness and will someone fill in her place or will she fight it. Can Kimberly resist the darkness or will she love it and be consumed by it. Will her friends save her will Kimberly forever tainted by her darkness. She finds out herself is a special hunter. They get their magic inside their bodies.< Less
Special Hunters By Sopheap Chhun
Paperback: $12.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kimberly is living a normal in White Center. She have a job and works for Macys. Kimberly life changes when she meets a strange girl on bus. She had weird tatoos all over her body. That girl passes... More > out. Also, Kimberly gets saved twice. She keeps on waking up in her house screaming in panic. Kimberly takes the strange girl to her home. When, the strange girl wakes up she have a panic attack. The strange girl tells her that she is a special hunter. Kimberly have a strange mark on her cheek. Can she accept it or runaway. Will darkness consume her heart or will she fight it. Or will she be addicted to her darkness. Which side will Kimberly choose good or bad. Also, new members will be summon to stop her.< Less
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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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