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Thermodynamic Properties of Supercritical Steam By Ashok Malhotra
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The present book is a compilation of the thermodynamic properties of steam at supercritical pressures. Four properties – specific volume, internal energy, enthalpy and entropy are tabulated as... More > functions of pressure and temperature. Properties were computed based on IAPWS Industrial Formulation 1997. The introductory section of the book provides a previously unpublished equation for the pseudocritical temperature, based on the author's own research that helps to distinguish between liquid-like and vapor-like steam.< Less
Engineering Steam Tables By Ashok Malhotra
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The present tables are in S.I. units. Earlier systems of units have become more or less obsolete at the present time and were therefore not used. These tables are based on IAPWS – IF97... More > formulations that are more accurate then earlier formulations for the properties of steam. Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of compressed liquid, saturated, superheated and supercritical steam are included. These tables are meant for engineers and students of engineering courses - thermodynamics and other courses requiring the properties of steam and water. Large size binding was used so that generous spacing and generous font sizes can be employed. The very small font sizes used in some tables cannot be read clearly by many students. These may lead to errors, particularly during examinations. These tables are an essential resource for engineers and students dealing with steam and water.< Less
Enthalpy Entropy Diagram for Steam By Sandy Small
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This is a property chart useful for solving problems about steam plant cycles etc.
Paper-Bag Cookery By Vera Serkoff
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Paper-Bag Cookery by Vera Serkoff, 1911. With nearly two hundred recipes. “Paper-Bag Cookery” is the method of cooking food in a hot oven, having previously enveloped each article in... More > paper, and thus cooking them in hot air and in the steam generated by their own juices. The method is fully explained and its advantages are clearly and incontestably set out in the following pages, but it may be well to sum up the latter succinctly in their order here that they may be taken in at a glance. The greatest advantage of all is, of course, the great improvement in flavour and the retention in the food of its highest nutritive properties.< Less

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