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Stony Hearts By Mary Roberts
Paperback: $6.00
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A murder has occurred at Grey's National Bank. Emilia Shane has been found dead in her office. Now its up to Gwendolyn Grey a bookworm with a introverted lifestyle and Roger Lacoure a Detective with... More > a harrowing backstory, to solve this case.< Less
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An Ecumenical Matter By Peaky Games
Paperback: $17.63
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Welcome to Peaky-in-the-Sea. As you all know, Father Francis died last week when the car he was in went over a cliff, may he rest in peace. The funeral was this morning, and the parishioners have... More > now left leaving the priests and nuns to get down to serious Church business. Father Francis’s death was particularly tragic as it was expected that he would be promoted to the position of Bishop of the Diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea (Rocky Island, Stony Island and Pebbly Island). Of course, this now leaves the position open… An Ecumenical Matter is a light-hearted spiritual freeform for 15 players.< Less
Irma Grese - "The Beast of Belsen" & Other Twisted Female Guards of Concentration Camps By Tyler Gibson
eBook (ePub): $8.00
When you think about the holocaust, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Are your thoughts about the millions of innocent Jewish people who died needlessly because of a narrow minded political... More > party? Maybe your first thoughts are of an extremely short many with a wicked heart, named Adolf Hitler. It also conjures images of those responsible, sharp-dressed chisel-faced officers of the Nazi SS, presiding over this atrocity, this nightmare they created, the nightmare they condoned, and the horrible acts that they carried out while wearing stony expressions of cold detachment. There was no human compassion in their actions. There was no question of decency or shame, only a touch of defiance and the empty indifference of self-righteous apathy, combined with a complete lack of respect for human dignity, humanity, or human life. There was no human compassion, whatsoever. It was as if the Nazis suddenly forgot that Jewish people were human beings.< Less
The Lure of Old London: Illustrated By Sophie Cole
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Lure of Old London: Illustrated by Sophie Cole. PEOPLE who are kind enough to read my stories sometimes tell me they like them on account of their London atmosphere. This is reassuring, because... More > London is, to me, what "King Charles' head" was to "Mr. Dick," and when my publisher suggested that I should write this volume I mounted my hobby-horse with glee. The objects of the journeys recorded were chosen haphazard. With a myriad places clamouring for notice, and each place brimful of interest, one takes the first that comes, reflecting that what one doesn't see to-day can be seen to-morrow, regretful only that, no matter how many to-morrows may remain, there will not be enough to exhaust the charms of London. London has moods for each hour and surprises round every corner. It may be the enchantress, or the "stony-hearted step-mother," but one part it can never play—that of the bore.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit: L-Surat Baqarah "Moshe, The Prophets, And Yeshuwi The Messiah" By John Martin
Paperback: $9.00
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is the way of inquiry by the Letters of Ahayeh to reveal the Set-Apart Witnesses of the Infinite Mind of Allah, the hidden knowledge of the Set-Apart Spirit... More > which is the Living Water nourishing the conscience of the righteous who walk by faith and walk not by the stony heart of the traditions of Adam in dead dogma.< Less