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Damit die Rente reicht.... By Stratege
eBook (PDF): $10.81
Dieses E-Book befasst sich mit den ständig größer werdenden Problemen der gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung und zeigt unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten auf, diese Lücken zu... More > schließen. Dabei zeigt dieses E-Book auch Möglichkeiten und Wege auf, wie diese zusätzliche Altersvorsorge ohne finanzielle Einschränkungen zu bewerkstelligen ist.< Less
Immobilie finanzieren - aber richtig By Stratege
eBook (PDF): $9.52
Dieses hier vorliegende E-Book will dem zukünftigen Immobilienbesitzer aufzeigen, was er bei seiner Finanzierungsplanung beachten muss
Aufsätze spannend und lebendig schreiben By Stratege
eBook (PDF): $23.03
Wer kennt sie nicht die Lehrerkommentare unter Schüleraufsätzen: "Es fehlt die Spannung" - "Viele Wortwiederholungen" - "dauernd ist, sind und befindet sich... More > verwendet". Wenn man aber nach Lösungen sucht, sucht man meistens vergeblich. Dagegen möchte dieses E-Book bis etwa 8. Jahrgangsstufe Hilfe geben.< Less
Mathe macht Spaß By Stratege
eBook (PDF): $33.32
Diese E-Book wendet sich an Eltern, deren Kinder Schwierigkeiten bei den mathematischen Grundfertigkeiten haben. Es wendet sich auch an etwas ältere Schüler, die sich selbst um die... More > Beseitigung der Schwierigkeiten bemühen wollen. Teils werden mit einem Augenzwinkern auch unbeliebte Themen wie Bruchrechnen angesprochen. Dabei werden Hilfen aufgezeigt, die das Bruchrechnen zum Vergnügen machen. Meines Erachtens kann dieses E-Book problemlos Nachhilfe in Gruppen ersetzen und nimmt den Druck, sich ständig mit anderen vergleichen zu müssen vom Kind. Wichtig ist die stete und sofortige positive Rückmeldung an das Kind, wenn es wieder einen Lernfortschritt erzielt hat und wenn dieser Fortschritt noch so klein ist.< Less
Rechtschreiben trainieren, aber richtig By Stratege
eBook (PDF): $23.80
Dieses Buch will Eltern und Schülern helfen, sichere Rechtschreiber zu werden. Die Vogehensweise in diesem E-Book unterscheidet sich etwas von den gebräuchlichen Vorgehensweisen und zielt... More > mehr auf eine vom Unterbewusstsein gesteuerte Kontrolle des Geschriebenen auf Rechtschreibfehler ab. Mit den in diesem Buch beschriebene Vorgehensweisen werden schätzungsweise 50 Prozent oder mehr der in einem Diktat bereits geschriebenen Fehler entdeckt und noch vor der Abgabe korrigiert.< Less
Simple Sabotage Field Manual By Strategic Services
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This Simple Sabotage Field Manual Strategic Services (Provisional) is published for the information and guidance of all concerned and will be used as the basic doctrine for Strategic Services... More > training for this subject. The contents of this Manual should be carefully controlled and should not be allowed to come into unauthorized hands. The instructions may be placed in separate pamphlets or leaflets according to categories of operations but should be distributed with care and not broadly. They should be used as a basis of radio broadcasts only for local and special cases and as directed by the theater commander. AR 380-5, pertaining to handling of secret documents, will be complied with in the handling of this Manual.< Less
China And Strategic Culture By Andrew Scobell, Strategic Studies Institute
Paperback: $16.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
Culture influences the way strategists in a particular country think about matters of war and peace. Culture is especially influential in a country like China, with an ancient civilization and... More > strategic tradition dating back thousands of years. The author of this monograph, Dr. Andrew Scobell, examines the impact of strategic culture on 21st century China. He contends that the People’s Republic of China’s security policies and its tendency to use military force are influenced not only by elite understandings of China’s own strategic tradition, but also by their understandings of the strategic cultures of other states. Gaining a fuller appreciation for how Chinese strategists view the United States and Japan, our key ally in the Asia-Pacific, will better enable us to assess regional and global security issues. The Strategic Studies Institute is pleased to publish this monograph as a contribution to the public debate on China’s strategic disposition.< Less
North Korea’s Strategic Intentions By Andrew Scobell, Strategic Studies Institute
Paperback: $14.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
North Korea poses a key challenge to the global community of states. Sometimes viewed as primarily a nuclear or proliferation challenge, Pyongyang actually presents the United States and other... More > countries with multiple problems. As the 2005 National Defense Strategy of the United States notes, these challenges include “traditional, irregular, and catastrophic.” While each dimension of these threat capabilities are fairly clear and, with the exception of the third, readily documented, North Korea’s intentions are a much more controversial subject upon which specialists reach widely disparate conclusions. In this monograph, Dr. Andrew Scobell examines the topic of Pyongyang’s strategic intentions. He first identifies a broad spectrum of expert views and distills this wisdom into three “packages” of possible strategic intentions. He then sets out to test which package appears to reflect actual North Korean policy.< Less
Transformation And Strategic Surprise By Colin S. Gray, Strategic Studies Institute
Paperback: $14.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
The possibility of achieving decisive results from short warning attacks appears to have improved greatly with technological advances. Indeed, strategic surprise offers both golden opportunities and... More > lethal dangers, so it attracts much attention in today’s world. In this monograph, Dr. Colin Gray takes a broad view of strategic surprise, and relates it to the current military transformation. He argues that the kind of strategic surprise to which the United States is most at risk and which is most damaging to our national security is the deep and pervasive connection between war and politics. Although America is usually superior at making war, it is far less superior in making peace out of war. Dr. Gray concludes that the current military transformation shows no plausible promise of helping to correct the long-standing U.S. weakness in the proper use of forces as an instrument of policy. This monograph was written under the Strategic Studies Institute’s External Research Associates Program (ERAP).< Less
Strategic Retrenchment and Renewal in the American Experience By Strategic Studies Institute, Peter Feaver
Paperback: $23.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
In recent years, debates over American grand strategy have often focused on the question of whether the United States should retrench geopolitically or seek to renew its international leadership.... More > This collection of essays puts this pressing question in its proper historical and theoretical context. The authors examine past episodes in which American presidents were confronted with similar choices, and they probe theoretical and policy debates over retrenchment, renewal, and their consequences. The result is a volume that enriches our understanding of how American leaders have, can, and should respond to the challenges and opportunities that characterize international relations. The Strategic Studies Institute is pleased to offer this collection as a contribution to the ongoing debate on American grand strategy.< Less