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Strategic Leadership: An Alliance of Insight and Will By Leroy Peyton
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Progressive Strategic Leadership Development transforms organizational culture that produces greater competitiveness and profitability.
Strategic Leadership: An Alliance of Insight and Will By Leroy Peyton
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Progressive Strategic Leadership Development transforms organizational culture that produces greater competitiveness and profitability.
Alliances And American National Security By Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall & Strategic Studies Institute
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One of the greatest challenges facing the United States today is the translation of its overwhelming might into effective influence. Traditionally, the United States has leveraged its power through... More > bilateral and multilateral alliances. However, the end of the Cold War and the events of September 11, 2001, have led some policymakers and analysts to question the value of alliances in American foreign and defense policy. This monograph by Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood- Randall, one of the nation’s leading specialists on alliance politics, makes the case that allies are more important than ever to the achievement of U.S. national security goals. She argues that existing American alliances need to be modernized and strengthened, and that new alliances should be established. She also stresses the value of peacetime security cooperation, which builds partnerships that may become alliances. Dr. Sherwood-Randall describes the need to evolve the concept of alliances...< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.49
No company can go it alone. For industry giants and ambitious start-ups alike, strategic partnership have become central to competitive success in fast-changing global markets. More than ever, many... More > of the skills and resources essential to a company’s future prosperity lie outside of the firm’s boundaries, and outside management’s direct control. In this new world of networks, coalitions, and alliances, strategic partnerships are not an options but a necessity. To fully exploit the opportunities open to it, a company today must have an ability to conceive, shape and sustain a wide variety of strategic partnerships. Indeed, right now, a plethora of new and imaginative strategic alliances is transforming industries from transportation to communication, health care, life sciences, media and entertainment, information technology, aerospace, and beyond. However while alliances can create enormous wealth, they can also become black holes for management time and resources.< Less
South Asia In 2020: Future Strategic Balances And Alliances By Michael R. Chambers
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Whither South Asia? This is not a question that has troubled many Americans, although the number has been growing over the last few years. The nuclear weapons tests of 1998 and the Kargil crisis of... More > 1999 helped to increase that number. But as this is written in June 2002, perhaps more Americans than ever are concerned about the future of South Asia. This, of course, is a result of the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 (9/11 as it is often referred to) and the resulting war on terrorism that has been conducted in part through Pakistan. It is also a result of the December 13, 2001, attack on the Indian Parliament by Islamic militants out of Kashmir, and the escalation of tensions that followed between India and Pakistan. By June 2002, these two nuclear-armed neighbors seemed on the threshold of war.< Less
Paths Diverging? The Next Decade In The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance By William E. Rapp & Strategic Studies Institute
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Currently, optimism reigns among managers on both sides of the U.S.-Japan alliance for many reasons, not least of which is the Japanese support for the global war on terror. The Japanese are emerging... More > from 5 decades of military minimalism and dependency and beginning to have serious debates about their role in the world and the efficacy of military power. This internal debate, however, has significant external ramifications for Northeast Asia and the United States. A decade ago, Henry Kissinger wrote that “the new world order, with its multiplicity of challenges, will almost certainly oblige a country [Japan] with so proud of a past to reexamine its reliance on a single ally.” In this monograph, Lieutenant Colonel (P) William E. Rapp explores the changing nature of Japanese security policy and the impact of those changes on the U.S.-Japan security alliance.< Less
Recalibrating The U.S.-Republic Of Korea Alliance By Donald W. Boose, Jr. et al.
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On October 18-20, 2001, the 16th Annual Conference of the Council on U.S.-Korean Security Studies was held in Washington, DC. Created in 1985 by retired generals Richard Stilwell of the United States... More > and Sun Yup Paik of the Republic of Korea, the Council’s aim was to initiate a conference that would bring together top scholars and practitioners on the most important issues facing the two countries and their important bilateral alliance. Since then, the Council has successfully hosted an annual conference, alternating every other year between meetings in Seoul and Washington. Although begun as an idea with a relatively small scale, in 2001 the Council hosted one of the largest meetings ever, bringing together over 50 presenters and discussants and several hundred participants.< Less
Internet Marketing Joint Ventures: Finding Strategic Alliances for Business Profits By Anthony Ekanem
eBook (ePub): $3.99
A Joint Venture or JV in short (in Internet Marketing term) is often defined as “A mutually beneficial cooperation between website owners”. Many a times, Joint Ventures in Internet... More > Marketing are entered into between a person who has developed a new and innovative product or service and an established Internet Marketer who has spent a huge amount of time developing his list and his reputation. This is the kind of agreement that can be described as a win-win situation. The Joint Venture gives the developer of the new product or service access to potential customers that he would not otherwise have access to and the experienced Internet Marketer gains access to new product or service that the members of his list can benefit from. Both the product/service developer and the established Internet Marketer make a profit that neither of them would have made without the other… and that is the very essence of the Joint Venture.< Less
A Transatlantic Bargain for the 21st Century: The United States, Europe, and the Transatlantic Alliance By Ellen Hallams et al.
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In the 21st century, the transatlantic bargain that has framed the relationship between the United Statates and its NATO allies is under more scrutiny than ever before. In a changed geopolitical... More > environment, one characterized by the complexity of modern military operations, the growing power of China, and a climate of economic austerity in the West, a consensus has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic as to the need for a revised bargain to accommodate the changing dynamics of global politics. Washington is becoming less and less willing to tolerate what it sees as fundamental gaps within the Alliance—in defense spending, capabilities, and military transformation—and is sending clear signals to its European allies, as well as NATO partners, that they must take on a greater share of Alliance burdens, accelerate efforts to generate capabilities and resources, and move away from a deeply-entrenched culture of dependency. European allies are learning they must approach transatlantic relations...< Less
Bringing the Cochran-Bleckley Arts Alliance into the 21st Century By Emily J. Wiegert
eBook (PDF): $20.00
Marketing analysis of a rural community arts program with conclusions and recommendations.

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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