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Bringing the Cochran-Bleckley Arts Alliance into the 21st Century By Emily J. Wiegert
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Marketing analysis of a rural community arts program with conclusions and recommendations.
Structured Strategic Partnerships By Ezra Schneier
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Structured Strategic Partnerships allow organizations to grow and achieve greater success through partnerships and alliances. This book describes practical ways to add structure to choosing the... More > right partners, rolling-out new partnerships and managing existing partnerships and alliances. All types of businesses are seeking to develop partnerships to accelerate growth and create value. If done properly, these partnerships can lead to success. Too often, partnerships are sensible from a value perspective but the lack of organization in carrying them out leads to lackluster results. Structure is a key ingredient in making partnerships work. Structured Strategic Partnerships is a book that describes many real ways to enhance partnership programs, save time and realize goals. With added structure, the success of partnerships will increase and the bottom line will be improved. Included in the book are checklists and examples that can be used to add structure to both new and existing partnerships.< Less
Structured Strategic Partnership Handbook By Ezra Schneier
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Strategic Partnerships add value to organizations by helping to increase revenue, gain a competitive advantage and achieve success. Adding structure allows partnerships and alliances to thrive. ... More > This handbook looks at practical ways to introduce structure to partnerships in three key phases: Choosing Partners, Rolling Out Partnerships and Managing Strategic Partnerships. Business Development and Partnership Managers will find helpful ideas in this book. Also, sales professionals, product managers, corporate development specialists and others considering or involved with partnerships and alliances will find valuable insights.< Less
Strategic Collaborators Workbook By Victor M Rivera
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The Strategic Collaboration Workbook was created to help those entrepreneurs who recognize the many benefits of forming collaborative business relationships, but lack the practical know-how that will... More > enable them to quickly and easily evaluate, start, grow, and properly manage those relationships.< Less
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The Middle East and North Africa might not be the first region that comes to mind when one contemplates the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). To many, the Alliance was founded largely to... More > unite Europe and North America, and to counter threats emerging from the Soviet bloc. The end of the Cold War changed these assumptions—not least to be proven by NATO’s Operation in Libya in 2011, sanctioned by the League of Arab States. In this monograph, Dr. Florence Gaub describes how the region has moved from the rim of the Alliance’s security perspective toward a more nuanced vision that recognizes the region’s role in an ever-changing and more-complex world. NATO has understood the security implications emerging from the changes taking place among its southern neighbors and the need for dialogue and cooperation. Dr. Gaub gives not only an overview of the different frameworks of cooperation that NATO has with the Middle East and North Africa, but also explains their evolution and potential.< Less
China And North Korea: From Comrades-in-Arms To Allies At Arm’s Length By Andrew Scobell & Strategic Studies Institute
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The relationship between China and North Korea surely ranks as one of world’s strangest. While on the surface, it might not seem surprising to have a formal military alliance between two... More > communist neighbors that has endured more than 4 decades. After all, their armed forces fought shoulder-to-shoulder in the Korean War 50 years ago. However, Beijing’s ties to Pyongyang have weakened considerably over time, and China now has much better and stronger relations with the free market democracy of South Korea than it does with the totalitarian, centrally planned economy of North Korea. In many ways Pyongyang has become a Cold War relic, strategic liability, and monumental headache for Beijing. Nevertheless, the China-North Korea alliance remains formally in effect, and Beijing continues to provide vital supplies of food and fuel to the brutal and repressive Pyongyang regime.< Less
European Adaptation To Expeditionary Warfare: Implications For The U.S. Army By Andrew Dorman & Strategic Studies Institute
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The NATO Alliance deterred Soviet aggression towards Western Europe by maintaining a large ground force of several corps supported by numerous air armadas. Success lay partly on vigilance and partly... More > on the large heavy mechanized and armored divisions, which were suited for intensive combat in Central Europe. That era has passed, unlikely to be replicated again. To its credit, the Alliance recognized this change and began adapting almost immediately. In this monograph, Dr. Andrew Dorman briefly examines the European response to the changing security environment and the opportunities presented by the European Security and Defense Policy Expeditionary Force. As he correctly observes, the establishment of a European expeditionary force will be no easy matter, will require substantial investment, and will take years to complete. However, it is the right course for Europe to take. The European Union (EU) cannot manage emerging security issues using Cold War legacy forces because they are too ponderous to deploy.< Less
Russian Elite Image of Iran: From The Late Soviet Era to The Present [Enlarged Edition] By Dmitry Shlapentokh & Strategic Studies Institute
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Since the late Soviet era, the presence of Iran has loomed large in the minds of the Russian elite. Soon after the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)—and even... More > before—increasing numbers of Russian intellectuals became disenchanted with the West, especially the United States, and looked for alternative geopolitical alliances. The Muslim world became one of the possible alternatives. Iran became especially important in the geopolitical construction of Eurasianists or neo-Eurasianists who believed that Russia’s alliance with Iran is essential for Russia’s rise to power. Yet, by the middle of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s tenure, increasing tension with the Muslim community and the rise of Russian nationalism had led to more complicated views of the Russian elite on Iran. At present, the Russian elite does not mind using Iran as a bargaining chip in its dealings with the West, especially the United States, and as a market for Russian weapons and other goods and services.< Less
The Eastern Dimension Of America’s New European Allies By Janusz Bugajski & Strategic Studies Institute
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This monograph provides a set of recommendations to the United States, NATO allies, and EU institutions in promoting a more consequential Eastern Dimension. Above all, the U.S. administration needs... More > to clearly make the argument that progress toward stable states and secure democracies in a widening Europe and an expanding trans-Atlantic community that encompasses the Black Sea zone is in America’s national interests and serves its strategic goals. The eventual inclusion of all East European states that are currently situated outside NATO and the creation of a wider Alliance would help expand and consolidate democratic systems, open up new markets, stabilize Washington’s new allies, and increase the number of potential U.S. partners.< Less
Multilateral Constraints On The Use Of Force: A Reassessment By Seyom Brown & Strategic Studies Institute
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This inquiry has been conducted in the midst of increasing questioning by policymakers and scholars concerning the importance and role of alliances and other multilateral arrangements and legal norms... More > affecting the use of force by the United States. Provoked in part by the transatlantic altercations surrounding Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, the questioning is driven by systemic developments—changes in the structure of world politics and changes in the shape of war—of which the Iraq-focused disputes were a symptom. Together, the systemic political and military developments portend an era of decreased U.S. deference to and reliance on established multilateral institutions (especially the United Nations [UN] and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]), and a decreased willingness to be bound by international treaties that can constrain U.S. flexibility in the development and application of military power. Yet an emulation by other countries of this trend in U.S. policy can undermine basic U.S...< Less

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