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Learning From The Stones: A GO Approach To Mastering China’s Strategic Concept, SHI By David Lai & Strategic Studies Institute
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Most of the ideas that form of the foundation of American defense policy and military strategy today were once new and untested concepts at the far edge of strategic thought. It took thinkers of... More > vision and creativity to give them life and refine them to the point they could be adopted by the defense community and used for strategy and force development. This is a never ending process: new strategic concepts constantly emerge, some fade away, a few pass the tests of suitability, feasibility, and acceptability and make it into the mainstream. To help with this process of identifying those new and untested strategic concepts that merit further examination, the Strategic Studies Institute is publishing a special series called “Advancing Strategic Thought.” This provides a venue--a safe haven--for creative, innovative, and experimental thinking about national security policy and military strategy.< Less
Laura Ashely & Fedex Strategic Supply Chain Allliance By James McClellan
eBook (PDF): $2.49
An analysis of the innovative supply chain alliance created by Laura Ashely and Federal Express. This case study will be helpful those who may not be specialists in supply chain management, but want... More > exposure to its unique issues.< Less
HRM- Strategic Business Partner in 21st Century By Dr. Prof. Mitsu Patel
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This book is basically meant to acquire knowledge about the Gap Identification in knowledge industry for introducing Innovative HR Practices for operational excellence and becoming cost quality... More > leader The book includes the analysis of the organization employees whether they are affected or not. Instrument like questionnaire is used to do survey for the response of the employees.< Less
Tyler Group Strategic Planning Workforce Development By Rands Gidoli
eBook (PDF): $9.04
Adaptive systems have been invented to help shared business visions become realities. They allow people to create innovative ideas and programs which can readily adjust to changing conditions in the... More > modern complex world. As Tyler Group’s website states: Successful companies make change work to their advantage, by perceiving it as a constant opportunity to improve their business. The firm’s goal then is to provide education and assistance to enhance an organization’s capacity to “plan and implement strategies that adapt with the moving dynamics of your business.” Visit The Tyler Group webpage @< Less
Strategic Excellence in Post-Digital Ecosystems By Mustafa Emre Civelek et al.
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A B2C Perspective. The basic production of the digital economy is knowledge. As it becomes more important, traditional factors like labor and capital become less so. As technological innovation... More > changes the nature of employment, the conversion of labor to consumption becomes increasingly difficult. E-commerce is the most important driving force of the digital economy. Using technology and information networks effectively allows brands or companies to effect rapid changes in competitive markets. The emergence of neo-consumers calls for a higher order of information exchange and interaction. Companies must reasses their complete business processes in a holistic way to ensure market prominence in an economy driven by social networks and communication. This book deals with the new concepts determining the future path of the digital economy and aims at providing a new perspective to the field.< Less
Tweaking NATO: The Case For Integrated Multinational Divisions By Raymond A. Millen & Strategic Studies Institute
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In 1931, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur penned the following thoughts on innovation: “We must hold our minds alert and receptive to the application of unglimpsed methods and weapons. The... More > next war will be won in the future, not in the past. We must go on, or we will go under.” As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) adapts to the emerging strategic environment, it must consider innovative organizational structures that will allow it to harness the potential of its European partners. In this monograph, Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Millen examines NATO’s enduring deficiencies and their detrimental effect on military capabilities. The decade following the end of the Cold War has revealed a far different world than envisioned. As the United States ruefully discovered, the reduced threat did not diminish security obligations. NATO’s European members hoped otherwise and paid insufficient attention to military capabilities. NATO enlargement exacerbates the existing problems.< Less
Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter [Enlarged Edition] By Robert Zarate et al.
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Pioneers of nuclear-age policy analysis, Albert Wohlstetter (1913-1997) and Roberta Wohlstetter (1912-2007) emerged as two of America's most consequential, innovative and controversial strategists.... More > Through the clarity of their thinking, the rigor of their research, and the persistence of their personalities, they were able to shape the views and aid the decisions of Democratic and Republican policy makers both during and after the Cold War. Although the Wohlstetters' strategic concepts and analytical methods continue to be highly influential, no book has brought together their most important published and unpublished essays--until now.< Less
Challenging Transformation’s Clichés By Strategic Studies Institute & Antulio J. Echevarria II
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Most of the ideas underpinning the foundation of American defense policy and military strategy today were once new and untested concepts at the edge of strategic thought. Critical thinkers had to... More > analyze and refine those ideas so the defense community could apply them in strategy and force development. This is an ongoing process: new ideas emerge, are tested, and adopted, revised, or discarded. To aid the process of identifying and examining new ideas and concepts, the Strategic Studies Institute publishes a special series called “Advancing Strategic Thought.” This series offers a forum for putting forth original and innovative concepts and perspectives concerning national security policy and military strategy. Yet, it also challenges accepted notions which might have become part of the foundation of American defense policy a bit too quickly. All of this is done, again, in the interest of advancing strategic thought.< Less
Rapid Decisive Operations: An Assumptions-Based Critique By Antulio J. Echevarria II & Strategic Studies Institute
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Most experts agree that no genuine military transformation or revolution will occur without a corresponding change in operational concepts. Merely replacing old equipment with new is not enough.... More > Militaries must also develop new ways to link tactical actions to strategic ends. For this reason Rapid Decisive Operations (RDO), an emerging concept currently under development by the Joint Futures Lab (J9) of Joint Forces Command, is particularly important for the transformation of U.S. military forces today. An innovative and viable concept will not only stimulate the development of new technologies; it will also help balance the advantages and disadvantages that the introduction of such technologies always entails. On the other hand, a flawed concept will only lead to frustration in training and disappointment in combat as results fail to match expectations.< Less
Closer Than You Think: The Implications of The Third Offset Strategy For The U.S. Army By Samuel R. White, Jr. & Strategic Studies Institute
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The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is moving forward with a broad set of innovation initiatives designed to effectively posture the U.S. military for the coming decades. One sub-set of initiatives,... More > the Third Offset, is focused on leap-ahead technologies and capabilities that may offset competitor parity in critical domains. In support of the Army’s examination of the Third Offset, the U.S. Army War College conducted a 6-month project employing faculty and student researchers to study the potential impact of the DoD’s Third Offset Strategy on the Army. The study team examined the Third Offset Strategy from a strategic perspective. Ultimately, the study is designed to help the Army understand the influence of the Third Offset capabilities on the character of warfare and the implications of these capabilities for the Army and Landpower. This understanding may then help inform decisions in research and development, as well as leader development, training, and organizations.< Less

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