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Closer Than You Think: The Implications of The Third Offset Strategy For The U.S. Army By Samuel R. White, Jr. & Strategic Studies Institute
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The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is moving forward with a broad set of innovation initiatives designed to effectively posture the U.S. military for the coming decades. One sub-set of initiatives,... More > the Third Offset, is focused on leap-ahead technologies and capabilities that may offset competitor parity in critical domains. In support of the Army’s examination of the Third Offset, the U.S. Army War College conducted a 6-month project employing faculty and student researchers to study the potential impact of the DoD’s Third Offset Strategy on the Army. The study team examined the Third Offset Strategy from a strategic perspective. Ultimately, the study is designed to help the Army understand the influence of the Third Offset capabilities on the character of warfare and the implications of these capabilities for the Army and Landpower. This understanding may then help inform decisions in research and development, as well as leader development, training, and organizations.< Less
Rapid Decisive Operations: An Assumptions-Based Critique By Antulio J. Echevarria II & Strategic Studies Institute
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Most experts agree that no genuine military transformation or revolution will occur without a corresponding change in operational concepts. Merely replacing old equipment with new is not enough.... More > Militaries must also develop new ways to link tactical actions to strategic ends. For this reason Rapid Decisive Operations (RDO), an emerging concept currently under development by the Joint Futures Lab (J9) of Joint Forces Command, is particularly important for the transformation of U.S. military forces today. An innovative and viable concept will not only stimulate the development of new technologies; it will also help balance the advantages and disadvantages that the introduction of such technologies always entails. On the other hand, a flawed concept will only lead to frustration in training and disappointment in combat as results fail to match expectations.< Less
Afghanistan: Reconstituting A Collapsed State By Raymond A. Millen & Strategic Studies Institute
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in Afghanistan, and their experience is replete with bitter resistance, harsh conditions, and failure. In contrast to its predecessors, the United States came not as a conqueror, but as a liberator.... More > Equally unprecedented, the United States seeks to reinstitute Afghanistan as a fully sovereign and functioning state. In this monograph, Lieutenant Colonel Raymond A. Millen examines warlordism as the principal impediment to Afghanistan’s revival and offers a shift in strategy that addresses the war of ideas, the counternarcotics initiative, and the incorporation of the Afghan National Army into the provincial reconstruction teams. As Lieutenant Colonel Millen observes, all the resources are in place; they simply need a shift in focus. Lieutenant Colonel Millen takes into account the historical, cultural, and economic factors that impede central authority and the reforms needed for modern states. His problem-solving approach is insightful, pragmatic, and innovative.< Less
Towards a Strategic Blend in Education: A review of the blended learning literature. By Tony Yeigh et al.
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How might schools harness technological innovation for classroom effects? In this book the authors seek to answer this question by introducing and investigating the concept of Blended Learning... More > through a review of current research literature. In this book, the authors consolidate the current state of Blended Learning research, by defining what is meant by Blended Learning before discussing specific technologies used in Blended Learning, the professional development required of teachers and how to implement whole of school Blended Learning regimes in schools. The book includes descriptions of popular Blended Learning models with real-world examples of their implementation, addressing both student and teacher perspectives. This book will serve as a guide to hastening the progress of Blended Learning towards the improvement of student outcomes in a world of continuous technological innovation and social change.< Less
Tyler Group All about Strategic Planning and Workforce Development By Jeffey Cheng
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Adaptive systems have been invented to help shared business visions become realities. They allow people to create innovative ideas and programs which can readily adjust to changing conditions in the... More > modern complex world. As Tyler Group’s website states: Successful companies make change work to their advantage, by perceiving it as a constant opportunity to improve their business. The firm’s goal then is to provide education and assistance to enhance an organization’s capacity to “plan and implement strategies that adapt with the moving dynamics of your business.”< Less
Internet Marketing Joint Ventures: Finding Strategic Alliances for Business Profits By Anthony Ekanem
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A Joint Venture or JV in short (in Internet Marketing term) is often defined as “A mutually beneficial cooperation between website owners”. Many a times, Joint Ventures in Internet... More > Marketing are entered into between a person who has developed a new and innovative product or service and an established Internet Marketer who has spent a huge amount of time developing his list and his reputation. This is the kind of agreement that can be described as a win-win situation. The Joint Venture gives the developer of the new product or service access to potential customers that he would not otherwise have access to and the experienced Internet Marketer gains access to new product or service that the members of his list can benefit from. Both the product/service developer and the established Internet Marketer make a profit that neither of them would have made without the other… and that is the very essence of the Joint Venture.< Less
New Directions in U.S. National Security Strategy, Defense Plans, and Diplomacy: A Review of Official Strategic Documents By Richard L Kluger et al.
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Where are U.S. national security strategy, defense plans, and diplomacy headed in the coming years? One answer to this important question comes from seven official studies issued in 2010. These... More > studies provide an impressive welter of goals and activities, and they announce major innovations in U.S. policies. But they are hard to absorb in a single setting, and their interrelationships can be hard to determine unless viewed together. To help readers better understand them, this book assembles them into a single exposition, thereby providing “one stop shopping.” It describes them individually, shows how they blend together, and evaluates their strengths and limitations.< Less
Strategic Landscape, 2050: Preparing The U.S. Military For New Era Dynamics By Roman Muzalevsky
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Assessing longer term trends may seem like a manageable task. But in the world of rapid technological innovations and growing complexity, it turns into a more difficult enterprise. Yet this is what... More > Mr. Roman Muzalevsky, a strategic affairs analyst, achieves in his visionary assessment of a strategic landscape and operational threat environment likely to emerge by 2050. Muzalevsky contends that, absent major policy failures, the U.S. military will remain the strongest in the coming decades, although a series of functional and regional megatrends will prove a monumental challenge, exposing the United States to “crises and opportunities on the battlefield and in the market.” The U.S. military, he continues, will need to adapt to and shape these dynamics to retain its edge. Among other developments, the author especially highlights the emerging military revolution, which will feature transformations across multiple domains and face a counter-revolution...< Less
The Rise of Iwar: Identity, Information, and The Individualization of Modern Warfare By Glenn J. Voelz et al.
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During a recent address to the National Defense University on U.S. counterterrorism strategy, President Barack Obama cautioned that “we must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or... More > else it will define us.” His comments hinted at the dramatic transformations of the U.S. military and national security apparatus since September 11, 2001 (9/11). Notable among these have been a new operational emphasis on the threats posed by nonstate actors and individual combatants. This trend represents a major shift from the Cold War era paradigm focused primarily on conventional threats from state-based adversaries. This strategic reprioritization has evolved into new military doctrines focused on the task of defeating networks rather than formations and technical innovations designed for identifying, screening, and targeting individual combatants on the battlefield.< Less
The Ethics of Drone Strikes: Does Reducing The Cost of Conflict Encourage War? By James Igoe Walsh et al.
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Armed unmanned aerial vehicles—combat drones—have fundamentally altered the ways the United States conducts military operations aimed at countering insurgent and terrorist organizations.... More > Drone technology is on track to becoming an increasingly important part of the country’s arsenal, as numerous unmanned systems are in development and will likely enter service in the future. The increasingly frequent use of drones raises profound questions about the nature and morality of warfare involving asymmetrical risks between opposing belligerents. Concerned citizens, academics, journalists, nongovernmental organizations, and policymakers have raised questions about the ethical consequences of drones and issued calls for their military use to be strictly regulated. This level of concern is evidence that the future of drone warfare not only hinges on technical innovations, but also on careful analysis of the moral and political dimensions of war. Regardless of whether drones are effective weapons...< Less

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