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Toulouse Lautrec: Drawings Colour Plates By Maria Peitcheva
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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is best known as a chronicler of the nightlife of late 19th century Paris. He used to frequent the nightclubs and cafés of Montmartre, befriending the dancers and... More > prostitutes, making countless sketches as they comb their hair or just lie in bed. Toulouse-Lautrec did not picture the world of the dancers and prostitutes from outside: he just lived in that world. With only a few pencil strokes Toulouse-Lautrec renders a mood and a character.. His dancers appear from a few twirls and swirls. He does not draw the dancer, but the motions. His lithographs and sketches of Loie Fuller consist of little more than abstract shapes, in which we can barely detect a head and a pair of legs. After a life of enormous productivity (more than 1,000 paintings, 5,000 drawings, and 350 prints and posters), debauchery, and alcoholism, Toulouse-Lautrec suffered a mental and physical collapse and died at the age of 37.< Less
My Candle Kept On Burning By Erich J Goller
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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This book is a collection of true life stories from a man who grew up in Vienna during World War two. As a young boy Erich survived many close encounters with starvation and death, yet with a feeling... More > of being blessed, ‘The Candle Kept Burning.’ Erich saw, first hand, soldiers taking his friends and neighbors away to be killed or imprisoned.A sheer stroke of luck kept his mother and sister from being raped by evil enemy soldiers. The story begins through the eyes of a young boy who saw terror beyond belief. Here are the words of a man who has lived through more in a lifetime than most of us will ever dream of seeing. Get the book see the pictures and turn the pages of Erich's life....Which will take you through the war years to his being taken to the USA by his parents, through his teenage years, then walk with him through his hollywood years living and acting with many great movie stars and appearing in many films himself under his screen name of Erich Forst......< Less
The End of Summer By Andy N
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Following on from his debut collection ‘Return to Kemptown’, ‘The End of Summer’ is a poetry collection capturing both the every-moment of perpetual seasons as well as the... More > vital minutiae of daily life, all wrapped up a whirl of words like autumn leaves kicked up by the last of summer’s winds taking nature’s contradictions and her false promises and casts them over our human condition, as hopeful and nostalgic disciples of the glorious sun and the beautiful snow. Told often in taut, short little pieces, the book invites comparisons with the poet Hugo Williams but also shows a love of music through two of the author’s own favourite music groups with July Skies and Epic 45, which explores the Englishness of the countryside in sparse, echoing brush-stroke,s which often need more than one read to breathe the images he portraits. With an introduction by noted American writer, Amanda Silbernagel. ‘The End of Summer’ is a book that tunnels into memories, creating new emotions at the end of it.< Less
Wave of Oceans By Aiye-ko ooto
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Every wave of the ocean, has a rise, a crest and a fall. But this is not the end of its journey. So long as there is another wave after the first and another after that. Every wave takes us farther... More > into the ocean. Metaphorically, the ocean is our destination, our dream, our the world. It is our journey through the maze of love, politics, dedications , encounters and experiences. We have to start somewhere, but that is only our beginning. The waves coming behind; gather higher amplitudes than the waves before them. Such as in life, every opportunity to love, brings more understanding, and shared experiences, these shape who we are and often, what we become. In our crafts, we start with making little things which become building blocks of our sculpting imaginations and dreams. Aiyeko-ooto, in 5 waves and 50 poems launched his first wave of enduring Odo-alamo series. It is only the beginning. Upon this wave would grow broader strokes, sculpturing strikes and sprays of wise songs and poetic murals in future!< Less
Institutionalised 3: A Continuum of Discipline or Schooled, spanked and caned in a straitjacket; the torment of the tawse, the sting of the strap and the correction of the cane bent across the disciplinarian nurse’s knee By Garth.P Toyntanen
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Half their number were saddled with the additional encumberment of a plastic card hung around the neck on a thin, silvery chain-link lanyard spelling out the label ‘STUTTERER’ in glossy... More > raised gold capitals. Not, ironically this violet eyed specimen, despite having developed a most debilitating nervous stammer even before beginning her tenure in this place. They were berated for the tiniest slip, while she would simply be told to take her time, to avoid long words and those she knew she couldn’t’ pronounce. Her stammer would be met with a condescending smile and the patient, resigned advice to try again avoiding this word or that or to find a shorter, simpler term – it was an insidious process she worried was making her worse not better. A member of that subgroup marked out by one of those placards balanced across the bustline of her gymslip would receive a stroke or two of the cane, strap or tawse across an outstretched palm for something as innocuous as a repeated word or simple stumble.< Less
Tacticles: The Art of Geranto - Touch to Believe! By C. Sesselego & A. G. Ceglia
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Tacticles collects 90 pages of powerful art and sketches from Gerardo Ceglia, a young professional Italian artist from Naples. Gerardo is probably one of the shyest people I have ever met. He is also... More > your friendly neighborhood (pun intended) family man, much in love with his wife and incredibly gentle with his children. Things changes when he takes out his pencil and brush from of his drawer. Those are the artifacts he pours his inner power into. The shy man completely changes as strong lines run around the sheet. Beautiful women with bodies you can almost interact with come out of nothing, only to be perfected by powerful strokes of ink. Muscles are built on men, matching strong facial features and glances that can make you shake. Aliens, pirates, cow-boys, gunslingers and detectives are like real-life people leaving in a world like our own, only black & white.< Less
VEGESIGNES English By Laval Chabon
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The fusion between the hearing and the picture. According to audio waves and their curves logics shown by an oscilloscope, all letters, characters and numbers should be written openly because that... More > they represent auditive sounds and should be drawn alike. Take important note that the sound wave cannot go back to it's starting point. Otherwise, our eyes would be trapped, and we would be caught. There should be only one line pen writeable by character, with no cutting strokes, and no detached accents. Under-based "t" is submitted and understood, because that the most silent structure is down; it is the ground horizontally under our feet. All dots and diaresis should be stucked. All characters should be drawned unlocked. They should be no drawings for the eyes. Yes. If the images are worth one thousand words, they are not quite very wise and they are showing us one good thousand troubles. From now, they include 103 languages wide. I'm telling myself this: just take it easy and go on "fonting".< Less
The Tao of Pitch Forking Poets By Edward Kelley
Paperback: $7.36
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This book is the tale of my spiritual awakening from 1990 to 2003, chronicled into a form that I call “word art“. In regards to the title, it was during the years of 2002 to 2004, the... More > opposition that I had received from life, while attempting to publish this book of poetry was so overwhelming that I had a nervous break down. I was "pitch forked" by my karma. Since I first published this book in 2004, I have had three strokes rendering me partially blind, a 7.5cm arortic aneurysm over my heart, corrected along with a thoric vavle replacement in August of 2007. To top it all off, I was diagnosed with renal cancer as well... All of this time, I was fighting to live. In these years past I have no regrets within regards to the events that unfolded. I am thankfull that I have had a chance to share this with you. This book is for my family, an anthology of poetry and journal excerpts printed in a lasting format that everybody can enjoy. Peace be.< Less
English for Thai Nurses By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $21.87
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Twenty lessons and answers from the English for Thai Nurses course undertaken on facebook. The course is at B1-B2 level. Lesson 1: Talking about blood pressure Lesson 2: Talking about movement Lesson... More > 3: Talking about pneumonia Lesson 4: Talking about breast reconstruction Lesson 5: Talking about pain Lesson 6: Talking about infection control Lesson 7: Talking about conjunctivitis Lesson 8: Talking about depression Lesson 9: Talking about lung cancer Lesson 10: Talking about dysphagia Lesson 11: Talking about osteoarthritis Lesson 12: Talking about chemotherapy Lesson 13: Talking about epilepsy Lesson 14: Talking about macular degeneration Lesson 15: Talking about asthma in children Lesson 16: Talking about infections Lesson 17: Talking about gastroenteritis Lesson 18: Talking about stroke awareness Lesson 19: Talking about heart attack Lesson 20: Talking about malaria< Less
Ink Zero By Don Baird & Richard Gilbert
Paperback: $14.95
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The origin of the term “ink zero” was the result of a brainstorming session we had towards the end of my September 2014 visit: to create calligraphic (shodo) brush-stroke paintings in the... More > Japanese style, using sumi-e ink on drawing paper. These works likewise appear here. It’s our hope that the joy and creative friendship we’ve experienced in weaving our hearts and minds together with poetry and visual art communicate both the spontaneity and the successive series of excessively late nights which have hatched this project. Without the energy and flow—the mysterious threading and wending of collaborative friendship—we would have each produced separate works. Instead, we find our combined effort approaches an alpha and omega of mutual lives: living whole, and for the day. It's this poignant and ephemeral spirit we wish to share, and offer our experiment here as one possible approach to haiku publication. Richard Gilbert March 17, 2015< Less

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