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A Firm Massage By Whiskey Fairfield
Paperback: $7.55
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After a late night coding with her boss, Amber is rewarded with a skillful, sensual massage, which reveals his capacity for domination. Oliver brought one hand down to stroke her face, and she... More > caught his thumb in her mouth, sucking it hungrily. It tasted like rich oil, mixed with the salty tang of his skin. He withdrew his thumb and fondly brushed her nose ... Rhythmically, he circled his thumb around her ankle, smoothing oil up over her leg as he gently placed her foot back down. His hands gripped and kneaded her calf, moving upwards to massage around her knee, then further still up her plump thigh towards her pert bottom. He let his fingers ghost under the hem of the flimsy fabric that barely covered her ass and she let out an audible moan. She was achingly, painfully aroused, her slit dripping with anticipation. The feeling of Oliver's hands on her body was delicious, frustrating torture.< Less
Sacrifices By Maggie Voysey Paun
Paperback: $11.85
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Rose has spent half her life mourning her only son Joseph, who went missing in 1950s Uganda where she and her husband were Protestant missionaries. One day she suffers a stroke which causes her to... More > recall Joseph’s disappearance so vividly that her hope of finding him is renewed and she persuades her neighbour, Lilia, to take up the search. Lilia’s life centres on her cat and the stories she writes about him and, despite waning inspiration, she is reluctant to change. But Africa in 2005 seems at first preferable to terrorist-threatened Britain and she falls under its spell. Meanwhile, the shrinking world of modern technology is creating connections that could resolve the decades-old mystery. Will Rose be able to bear the truth? This is a story of the different forms that love can take, and the sacrifices it may require, which are often unforeseen and may later be the cause of bitter regret.< Less
CIRCUS RIDER By Peter Breschard
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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MEET!! The World’s Two Most DARING HORSEMEN, Direct from the courts of the Crowned Heads of Europe! SEE!! The Most COLOSSAL ELEPHANT ever Observed Outside the African Jungles disappear from the... More > sidewalks of New York before your unbelieving eyes!! LAUGH!! As a solitary, JUGGLING CLOWN single handedly turns the tide of the War of 1812's Most Important Battle. MARVEL!! as a Family Reunites after being apart for 200 Years!! COME JOIN IN!! AMERICA’s FIRST WOODSTOCK! WITNESS!! history Oddly Distorted by the Stroke of a Pen! ADMIRE!! the WOMAN WHO DARED Stand Apart!! ATOP TWO CHARGING HORSES!! JOIN!! Quaker Abolitionists ferrying precious cargo to Free States!! MEET!!! America's Greatest Artist! The Richest Man in the United States! It’s Wisest President! AND the French Military Genius who helped American Patriots Win Our Biggest Battle! all this and MUCH, MUCH MORE!! A novel history of the first American circus... "The literary event of the decade."-----------PAPERBACK AVAILABLE AT WWW.CIRCUSRIDER.ORG< Less
Yes, Daddy By Kami Kayne
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Taboo Tales #1. An erotic menage novella of seduction and sexual awakening. Chelsea has been working her butt off at college. For her birthday, her mom’s ex-husband invites her to join him and... More > a “friend” on a ski vacation to Colorado. Chelsea doesn’t ski. And she hasn’t seen her ex-stepdad in a couple of years, but spending a week sipping hot chocolate and flirting with gorgeous ski instructors sounds too good to pass up. But no sooner does their plane land than she realizes her daddy has plans for her. And none of them have to do with swooshing down the bunny hill. That’s okay. A few strokes and a few spanks and she’s all too eager to unleash her inner wild-child. This naughty little girl has been waiting to learn more than how to ski. Now is her chance to act out a few of her naughtiest secret fantasies. WARNING: 18+ only. Contains graphic language, erotic situations, a MFF menage a trois between a virgin and an older couple, and a wicked-hot spanking scene that’s sure to make you squirm.< Less
Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
James "Jim" Hawkins is the young son of the owners of the Admiral Benbow Inn. An old drunken seaman named Billy Bones becomes a long-term lodger at the inn, only paying for about the first... More > week of his stay. Jim quickly realizes that Bones is in hiding, and that he particularly dreads meeting an unidentified seafaring man with one leg. Some months later, Bones is visited by a mysterious sailor named Black Dog. Their meeting turns violent, Black Dog flees and Bones suffers a stroke. While Jim cares for him, Bones confesses that he was once the mate of the late notorious pirate, Captain Flint, and that his old crewmates want Bones' sea chest. Some time later, another of Bones' crew mates, a blind man named Pew, appears at the inn and forces Jim to lead him to Bones. Pew gives Bones a paper. After Pew leaves, Bones opens the paper to discover it is marked with the Black Spot, a pirate summons, with the warning that he has until ten o'clock to meet their demands. Bones drops dead on the spot...< Less
Hysteria 2 By Linda Parkinson-Hardman
Paperback: $9.17
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hysteria 2 is an anthology of winning stories from the Hysteria 2013 writing competition. The stories span cultures, some you will be familiar with and others you won't. They cover a wide range of... More > experiences that affect women in today's 21st century world. We meet the girl who can't attain her dream because school is for boys, the reality of living with a stroke, long distance marriage, how the childless cope in a world full of technology and a marriage with no heart. Ten stories altogether, each is told with feeling and love and every one reaches into the heart of the reader without any effort whatsoever. Contributors and Winners: Tracy Fells Valerie Clements Veronica Bright Yvonne Walus Mararet McAlister Shelia Llewellyn Margaret Davies Sarah Hegarty Lynne Voyce Mairi Wilson Hysteria is an annual writing competition that opens on 1st April and closes to entries on 31st August. Find out more here: Hysteria Writing Competition< Less
Longshanks By Forrest Sherwood
Hardcover: $21.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Robert Hood seemed destined to a life of hard labor. A stroke of genius brought him into the role of an addle-brained simpleton. Now, he would never have to work again. Then a passing nobleman... More > offered to take the fool off the family's hands and the father would have said "No" except the young nobleman was none other than the Lord Edward "Longshanks", heir to the throne of England. Robert finds himself bound for the southern land of Castile, where the Prince intends to make the fool a gift to the King there on the occasion of his wedding. Unfortunately, his ruse is discovered by Edward and he fast-talked to prevent being gutted on the spot. He convinced the Prince that he might be of some use to him. Events take another twist when the King of Castile sees through Robert's disguise and sends him back to England as his own spy. By this point, the only thing Robert wanted was the "miracle cure" and return to normal life. But with such a close connection to the heir, can life ever actually be normal again?< Less
Lazy A Ranch By J.E. Terrall
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
What secrets did Spiny Ridge hold? Whatever they were, they were worth attempted murder, trespass, theft and corruption. The dinosaur-like ridge stretched dauntingly across Lazy A Ranch. Tracy... More > Atwater had returned to her father’s ranch after he had had a stroke. Years of drought and low cattle prices had taken their toll on the ranch. Saving it from foreclosure was an uphill battle. All the ranch hands, except one, had to leave for other jobs. Tracy and her ranch hand moved the cattle to the north pasture where there was water and grass for them. Spiny Ridge lay diagonally between the ranch house and the north pasture. Tom Norbert, son of the local banker holding the mortgage on the ranch, had also returned home after college. Their stormy relationship went back to high school, and Tracy is unsure of trusting Tom’s offer to help her. Together, they discover the secrets of Spiny Ridge, while trying to evade dangers that seem to come from all directions. Could they find the happiness they sought?< Less
The Art Treasure Murders By John L. Benton
Hardcover: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
STEPHEN DUANE, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION He had a justly famous record with the F.B.I., and through a maze of violent action and stealthy murder, he traces the ART TREASURE MURDERS to their... More > startling denouement. Some of the greatest of the world’s paintings—slit from their frames in the great museums of Europe by the deft hand of the “Surgeon”, so-called because the stroke of his knife is as deft and unerring as that of the greatest in the medical world. Then a wealthy art dealer of Boston is stabbed to death by the single thrust of a needle-pointed knife. A New York portrait painter meets the same dark death. A collector, a gallery clerk, an art salesman… Through the American art world strikes the terror of the needle-pointed knife. Is it the knife of the “Surgeon”? Special Agent Stephen Duane of the F.B.I. stepped into the case when Charles Francis Coleman was found in his car stabbed to death. Originally published in 1940 by Gateway Books< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Summer Solstice 2010 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $19.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Summer. Sprawl on the hammock and soak up the richness of Mused. A stroke-affected woman struggles to move on. A hospital patient finds strength to make a choice. Depression, loneliness, angst-filled... More > remembrances - and also hope, longing, spell binding beauty. Photos nestle you in the hills of Sicily, walk the Great Wall of China. Thunder with a horse in full gallop. Rest with a pelican by the water. Fiction recalls a childhood of boiling crabs and avocado-green appliances. It muses about angels and peers into overflowing inboxes. Non-fiction recovers from a breakup. Gallops full tilt across a Cairo desert. A play paints a world of southern seniors. Interviews expand our horizons. Kendra Tornheim provides a wealth of information for crafters. Learn from Lori Bernard how short stories are created. She sums up our world beautifully - "some are sadder and will make you think, some are happier and will make you cry; some have that 'ah-ha' moment, and some have an unexpected twist." Join us for the journey.< Less

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