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The revelation in this book release is that the Church know the mind of God concerning the structure of the Church that we be liberated in the Spirit and not stagnated by false doctrine, doctrine of... More > men, religion, passed down tradition and culture. Let the Holy Scriptures Testify< Less
The Structural Geologist By Ashraful Ferdous
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It is a referrence book of geology. It has been written for the structural geoscientists, teachers, learners, and researchers.
English Structure By Peter Beaven & Erica Segal
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This first book in a series, English Structure, covers the different parts of speech and their roles in sentences. Students will learn how to diagram sentences, a task which graphically makes evident... More > common errors such as writing sentence fragments, confusing the pronouns “I” and “me”, and using adjectives when adverbs are appropriate. Not all students will need this volume. Those who have read widely and well, or who already achieved a good grasp of grammar, may prefer to proceed directly to the next volume, Usage.< Less
The Devil is in the Structure By Barbara Piechocinska
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There are underlying structures that quietly tend to control our life. And if we learn to change the structures, we can modify our destiny. By learning to use the perspective of how structure... More > creates fate we can start seeing the invisible strings or tendencies that always draw us and our societies in certain directions. In this book we will look at a variety of examples of structures ranging from biology, psychology, activism, businesses, financial institutions, to socio-economic systems. Instead of acting with force and willpower, we can peacefully re-design the structure and make our desired outcome become a natural consequence. This is key knowledge for anyone designing any type of system, be it a business or a country. It even applies to as diverse issues as child rearing and international strategic planning and diplomacy. Hopefully, by the end of the book the reader will feel equipped to start transforming limiting structures into empowering ones, on anywhere from a personal to global scale.< Less
The Philosophy of Structures By Daniel Deleanu
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A logosophistic examination of the concept of "structure."
Structural Amendment By Eduardo Ramos Olivera
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Story Line: Lucio Sanchez, a piano professor, alcoholic, decides one day to stop drinking because he wants to marry one of his students, Beatrice Jimenez, widow of noble feelings. At the same time,... More > Raquel Amberson, another of his students, single and about to marry Martin Pivotti, son of the owners of Hacienda Pivotti, decides to poison Lucio with arsenic because she has psychopathic traits and can´t stand taking orders from anyone, especially from her piano teacher, awakening murderers behaviors in her. While professor Lucio, already poisoned by Raquel, is dying near the home of his beloved Beatrice, unable to move and declare his love to her. Raquel, on the other hand, celebrates her recent marriage with Martin at their wedding party and plans to poison his new husband too, during their honeymoon.< Less
Structured Realms By Andie Kirkdale
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Structured Realms is a collection of short stories and poems.
Crystal Structures By Max Capacity
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Colored diagrams of crystalline structures by Max Capacity.
Theory Of Structure By Ian Beardsley
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The author puts forward his theory that there is inherent structure in artificial intelligence (AI) and that through that structure it is connected to biological life.
Structured Realms By Andie Kirkdale
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Structured Realms is a collection of short stories and poems. (pocketbook edition)

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