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Plot & Structure By Bethany Nuckolls
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Writers using this manual will discover the art of plot. Becoming a “Happy Plotter” takes discipline. This course provides tools to writers to help them get motivated, inspired to try new... More > techniques, stay loose, and not give up. Writers will walk away from this course with plotting and structure techniques that can be modified, stretched, and tweaked to fit their individual story and style preferences. They will also have the first three chapters of a novel completed and critiqued with instructor feedback.< Less
Structure of Experience By Peter Ganick
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experimental writing by Peter Ganick
Structure and Agency By J.P. Goss
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How do we define structure? And for that matter, agency? There are certain inescapable forces that both the social reality imposes on the human, effectively generating what we know as... More > ‘man’ or ‘humankind.’ Our tongues enable us to communicate and to know exactly what we are. Yet, there is, indispensably, the ability to step back from such forces, to even step back from identity. This is agency. Reality is brought to us through typifications and habituation. This is structure. This is the dialectic: structure and agency. In this collection of short stories, Goss explores this dialectic wherein the agent is confronted with the force of society. It was his intent to create stories whose DNA was formed with an ounce controversy and at least something to upset what we know as “social reality.” He wanted to step back and write something different.< Less
Ielts Writing Analyze - Structure and Academic Essays Collection By John Langan
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If you would, then this book is perfect for you because you will learn a proven formula for achieving a high score in Writing section. The thing is that it is actually quite easy once you know what... More > to do! This ebook goes through each part of a high scoring answer and explains exactly how to write it. - See sample high scoring answers written by Examiner - Discover the elements that have the biggest impact on your score and what to do about them - Learn what high scoring writing answers look like so you can model them and do the same - Get lots of sample questions to practice On this e-book you will find some guidance on how you should write an essay. There are then model answers on the following pages for different types of essay and different questions, with some brief guidance on each. Agree / disagree Discuss two opinions Advantages & disadvantages Causes (reasons) & solutions Causes (reasons) & effects Problems & solutions Compare & contrast< Less
English Structure and Usage: Book 1, Structure By Peter Beaven
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This book teaches the rules of grammar, syntax, and writing in a clear and systematic way. It also serves a workbook, with plenty of exercises to help students identify and remedy their weak points.... More > In the short term, this book will help middle and high school students perform better on standardized admissions tests, such as the SSAT and SAT. More importantly, it provides a strong foundation that will improve students’ communication skills throughout their lives. Book I, “Structure,” covers the different parts of speech and their roles in sentences. Students will learn how to diagram sentences, which will help them avoid common errors such as: writing sentence fragments; confusing the use of “I” and “me”; and using adjectives when adverbs are appropriate.< Less
Structured Parallelism In Bible By John Forbes
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In bringing together the finer thoughts of Greek and Roman authors, it was impossible not to be struck by their great likeness to what is found in the inspired writings of the Old and New Testament.... More > Here and there in variant Greek and Latin volumes, attention was drawn to this parallelism, but it was done in too cursory a manner to carry out clear views as fully as could have been wished. It has been, therefore, thought that it might not be without interest to enter more at length into the subject, and to illustrate the Sacred Writers by placing alongside of them the parallel thoughts, which are to be found in profane authors. I am not aware that any complete work of this kind has ever appeared. This work has a wider scope, and aims at bringing within reach of a large body of educated men, though their knowledge of the classical languages may be slight, the profound thoughts of the ancient poets and philosophers, that may regarded as little else than echoes of the inspired writers.< Less
Structures: The Reluctant Writer's Guide to College Essays By Rufel Ramos
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Writing essays is a learned skill, just like driving a car or washing a load of laundry. Nobody is born knowing how to do these things. However, even after learning essay writing in school, many... More > people dislike doing it. For some, essay writing is a scary and frustrating task. This handbook’s purpose is to change that. A handbook for adult beginning writers and college freshman composition students who dislike writing, STRUCTURES aims to demystify college essay writing and provide support for reluctant writers. Simply put: you can do it. Here’s how.< Less
Writing Essays By L E Jenkinson
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‘Writing Essays: what you need to know’ has been written by an experienced English teacher, examiner and tutor, who specialises in improving students’ grades with simple steps.... More > The result is a clear, colourful and easy-to-follow guide, packed with existing strategies and innovative ideas presented in a user-friendly way. This guide is appropriate for pupils starting secondary education, GCSE and A-Level, and even pupils applying to University. In addition, it is designed to be cross-curricular, and its tried and tested application gives value to pupils‘ writing in most subject areas. This is a truly effective, basic guide and manual. It won’t confuse you with too much information. It won’t bore you with pages of tiny black-and-white writing. It will tell you how and what to do to improve your work and up your grade, through Key Stages 3 - 5. Also available from Lulu as an eBook PDF download.< Less
Write for Life By Claudia Grace
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Write for Life is a creative writing process grounded in the movement of our lives. Twelve steps of background theory and exercise provide tools to access both your personal stories and social and... More > cultural narratives. Techniques amplify psychosocial dynamics and perception to work as powerful tools across genres, empowering writers to structure the content of their lives with meaningful form. An antidote to fear of the blank page, inoculation against writer's block--this is Write for Life.< Less
Relax & Write By Maia Danziger
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Relax & Write™ is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in doing creative work. The book distills Maia Danziger's unique method for unlocking the unconscious and using the rich... More > material found there for life and art. For writers - whether you're a novice or a novelist - Relax & Write™ proves the blank page is nothing to fear. Structured as 12 different journeys, Relax & Write™ teaches deep relaxation techniques and leads the reader through a series of guided meditation exercises. The process soon forges an infinitely repeatable path, a clear and easily accessible way to get deep writing done. As she skillfully builds your writing into a practice, Danziger also demystifies the process, sharing insights and anecdotes from her experiences and those of her students. Playful, poetic and, most important, practical, Relax & Write™ empowers writers to awaken the inner voice they've always wanted to hear.< Less