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Ever wondered why even the smallest things seem so awful for you, making your day harder to get through? Ever wondered why you wake up angry for no apparent reason? Ever just wondered why... More > you’re even bothered by certain things? Well, unlike Sway, I have the answers!< Less
The Struggle for Civil Rights - Student Handbook By Jim Highland & Harold McDougall
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The Struggle for Civil Rights is a college-level, academic game in which students role-play characters set in moments of crisis during the American Civil Rights Movement. They work toward achieving... More > victory objectives by giving paper-presentations, holding discussions and debates, and voting on various objectives. There are two main modules: Dorchester 1963 is based on decisions after the Albany protests and before Birmingham. Memphis 1966 is based on decisions after the shooting of James Meredith and before the March Against Fear from Memphis to Jackson. Most Students are organized into one of three factions: NAACP, SCLC and SNCC. Primary and secondary readings prepare students for playing their roles. Both main modules are preceded by the Highlander Folk School modules which helps students focus on their roles by engaging in activities inspired by the Folk School which helped leaders such as Dr. King and Rosa Parks. Contact SG Publishing,, for additional materials.< Less
Our Garden of Struggles By Bay Path Students
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All of the topics are different, but they impact our lives in similar ways. We are all very passionate about our subjects, since we truly relate to our writing. The reality is that life can be tough... More > and often it teaches us to be stronger for ourselves, our families, and for those whom we wish to help. In our book, we research many topics such as children with autism and those affected emotionally by being bullied by their peers. We also discuss the experiences of women whom have suffered through domestic violence and how their families have been impacted. We explore the challenges of a cancer diagnosis on the patients and their families. In additional research, we look at the inequality of pay for women in the work place versus men. We also examined the stress and challenges facing adult learners returning to school.  Finally, we looked at the unfairness in social economics and ideas to remedy this problem in today’s society. We have all come together and put a lot of effort into our review of these topics.< Less
Life Is Struggles By Judge Folly
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Mock Trial for students interested in practicing the law themselves it all requires hard work to make it to a perfect attorney or even judge.
The Struggle of a Refugee By Lian Shoukfeh
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This story was created by two high shool students eager to inform the community about the Syrian Refugee Crisis.
An Analysis of Teachers Who Teach Struggling Students By Dr. Brett Rankin
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After many years of reform efforts, educators are still searching for ways to better serve the needs of struggling students. The purpose of this study was to develop a grounded theory (GT) that... More > reflects teachers’ perceptions of students’ behavior, students’ needs for support, and students’ skill deficiencies. Discovering the ways in which teachers address students’ needs could sharpen teacher practices and promote support for struggling students. Guided by Weimer’s research on learner-centered teaching, this GT study created a conceptual understanding of classroom experiences from teachers’ perspective. Three main categories or stages emerged from this GT study, with each stage representing a conceptual rendering of behaviors one can expect when working with struggling students in a similar setting. This theory can be useful to educators considering how best to work with struggling students by revealing the patterns of behavior among teachers who serve struggling students.< Less
AFSE Voices: Life Lessons on Struggle, Change and Happiness By AFSE high School Students
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In AFSE Voices: Life Lessons on Struggle, Change, and Happiness, the students of the Academy for Software Engineering share stories on the topics that shape them as they become the next generation of... More > leaders and active citizens. Connecting the past to the present and developing their own philosophies of happiness, these students demonstrate the power of writing from diverse perspectives as they contribute their truth to our collective conscience.< Less
Still Waiting: Stories, Struggle and Strength from RMSC By Student Press Initiative
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Profiling the Silent Struggle: (Re)claiming Our Human Rights By Student Press Initiative
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In a stunning inquiry project 12th graders of NYC Lab School, write across the boundaries of narrative, informative, and argument writing. In doing so, they create humanizing portraits of those... More > affected by systemic inequity and sound powerful calls to action through solution proposals related to housing, police brutality, and the presence of drugs in their communities.< Less
From Struggling to Thriving with ADHD By Michael Edwards
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The road I traveled from Special Education Student to Special Education Director.