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Romans: I Want to Live By Dennis Herman
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Paul did one thing I wish we saw more of today. Paul pointed to Christ as his one and only source of information. Paul didn’t take any credit for figuring things out on his own, thinking up... More > offices, doctrines, or appointing people to positions. Paul didn’t play any of those games we see played in churches these days. Paul took marching orders from Jesus. Paul recorded what Jesus told him to record. Paul didn’t add, subtract, or substitute a single word. Then why is that style of study absent in modern Christianity? Don’t people like Paul’s letters, or don’t they agree with certain parts of Paul’s letters? Then there are other parts preachers insist Paul was not clear on, or didn’t go far enough to explain the subject. In a nutshell, some people don’t study the Bible beyond looking for what pleases them. Those people become distractions and hinder the work. Isaiah hit the nail on the head when he said God’s people will not go out in haste. Paul wanted to be an example of that.< Less
She Hath Cried By Queen NaAsia
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Mathematical I get mathematical..when the day gets dawn. Word is bond, I get it on, like newlyweds. Sparking the brain dead like electricity. Quickening your mind with my hyperactivity.. and... More > logic. Explanations I got it. I get mathematical like calculus. Quantifying my weight, I'm immaculate. Wisdom Equality for today's. Me manifesting my ways, fulfilling my role. Enumerating my gold, accomplishing my goals. Like the thirsty. I'm tellin you the earth be rotating and non stagnant. Perpetually pregnant. Perplexingly astonishing. Adjacent to nothing, I'm stunning. Based on knowledge, cause that's how I know you want it. So guess that's how I'll gun it. Like a nuclear blast. Intercontinental ballistic stud, is what is was. 10%ers under attack. I only add, not subtract. So if you hack into my mental cortex. Well heck, its too perplex to steal my data. So just marvel at the matter. Copyright, Per Ankh Publishing III, 2016< Less
Ìpìlẹ̀ Ẹ̀kọ̀ Ísirò Fún Àwọn Èwe By Rotimi Ogunjobi
Paperback: $8.72
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Ìpìlẹ̀ Ẹ̀kọ̀ Ísirò Fún Àwọn Èwe - Basic counting and cognitive skills for preschool age children. Instructions... More > in Yoruba. With pages for colouring.< Less
Dobriyi plus i umniiy minus By Alexandra Lopatina & Maria Skrebtsova
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Серия «Добрая математика»... More > Сказки, стихи, игры и раскраски о сложении и вычитании The book about addition and subtraction is presented in an appealing and entertaining format and at the same time it helps the kids to play, draw and create. It invites children to take the interesting and breathtaking journey around the world of the mathematics. The poems, games and creative tasks make this journey imaginative and fun. This resource book is aimed at those working with 5-8 year old and may be used in a classroom or home school setting.< Less
Dobryj plus i umnyj minus By Maria Skrebtsova & Alexandra Lopatina
Paperback: $12.50
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KINDNESS IN MATHS. ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION A workbook is presented in an appealing and entertaining format and aimed at 5-7 year olds. It introduces addition and subtraction. Fanny stories about... More > animals demonstrate how counting and basic arithmetic come in handy, whether one lives in a house, a pond, or a forest cave. It makes an excellent supplement to teaching materials for either a group or homeschool setting.< Less
مقالات حفراوية By هزاع المطيري
eBook (PDF): $10.99
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This corner is directed to a particular category of those readers who have Principles Nira What is the need for documentation and publication, and sometimes repetition, not deficit Or some of it, but... More > to emphasize and consolidate some of the concepts that we seek to disseminate, this The code will contain multiple points and axes, which may last longer than the common factor In all that I will put, (in the next pages, God willing) is the great love. Love is formed by style, subtraction, idea, and also desire in the Dissemination of beautiful ideas in a manner that is attractive to the self and in all its direct forms And the implicit, optimistic approach< Less
NACHT NACHT By Grady Gordon
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This is a collection of pieces made over the last two years. The work is solely comprised of monotype prints. A monotype is a single run printing process where an image is made on plexiglass and then... More > sent through an etching press. The result is a one of a kind print that can never be reproduced again. I utilize the subtractive method when cteating these images. My process begins with laying down a solid black form and removing ink with a variety of tools. This markmaking process gives me unlimited freedom to create anything from my imagination. These are examples of NEOTROGLOCISM: sophisticated mark-making, crude objectivity. The characters contained within reference many different cultural mythologies. My love for the unseen is a driving force in my creative process. My goal is to illuminate the faces and bodies that live in our collective subconscious. Thank you and enjoy.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60