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Sudan By Zhingoora Books
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The General Knowledge book series, are designed for specific country, are one of the most admired book for the improvement and learning purpose.This book contains information about... More > Background,Geography,Natural resources,Land use,Environment. Population,Sex ratio,flag of the county,Area,Border countries,Maritime claims,Elevation extremes,Land use,Natural hazards,Volcanism,Age structure,Median age,Net migration rate,Country comparison to the world,Religions,Languages,Literacy,School life expectancy ,Government,Time difference,Administrative divisions,Executive branch,Cabinet and almost everthing related with general knowledge.< Less
HSDPA NETWORKS - Prospects and Challenges By Sudan Jha
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The rapidly changing technology involved in mobile communication systems makes this field both fascinating and lively. There has been a drastic change in the functionality and appearance of the... More > mobile hand-held devices relative to those available a decade ago. Devices which were solely used for voice communications are now multi-functional and capable of high speed data transmission. Infact, voice communication is treated as just one form of data by modern mobile devices. This data communication forms a major source of revenue for network operators. With the emerging broadband wilreless networks such as HSDPA, HSUPA and WiMAX; the goal of the network operator is to provide reasonable QoS for the price paid by the customers for the subscribed service. The following section provides a brief overview of the evolution of European mobile communication system.< Less
Guide To Sudan By Karsha Thelasco
eBook (PDF): $1.00
The Guide to Sudan is helpful for people traveling to Sudan. It tells you what you need, the rules, facts, and gives a review of all the facts that we put. This is very helpful and you can travel... More > anywhere with it if you are going to Sudan.< Less
Vers une solution de la dermite séborrhéique By Bernard SUDAN
eBook (ePub): $6.30
Bernard Sudan a résolu l'énigme de sa dermite soi-disant séborrhéique familiale par une observation rigoureuse. L’histoire de cette dermatite du visage commence en... More > effet en 1887 à une époque où la fumée de tabac commença par envahir les lieux publics. Il montre d’abord comment il fallut pratiquement un siècle pour que l’absence d’hypersecrétion séborrhéique à l’origine de cette réaction soit scientifiquement prouvée. Ensuite il démontre l’étiologie allergique de sa réaction familiale impliquant l’haptène nicotine dans la fumée de tabac passive. Enfin, il démontre également pourquoi le champignon saprophyte pityrosporum n’est pas un facteur déclenchant à l’origine de cette dermite en s’appuyant sur l’activité antiallergique des traitements locaux en dermatologie. Bernard Sudan propose une solution simple à base de sels de la Mer Morte permettant selon sa théorie d’agir sur les cellules impliquées au niveau de l’inflammation, les mastocytes tissulaires avec libération d’histamine.< Less
Vers une solution de la dermite séborrhéique By Bernard SUDAN
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La dermite séborrhéique est une maladie de la peau décrite depuis 1887 alors que la fumée de tabac commençait par envahir les lieux publics... Bernard Sudan nous... More > amène vers une solution salée après avoir étudié sa dermite séborrhéique familiale depuis 47 années. Son approche scientifique et méthodique en ayant publié dans des revues réputées de médecine en Grande-Bretagne et aux États-Unis ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pour aider tous les patients atteints de cette réaction du visage qui n'existait pas avant 1887... Depuis début 2010, il montre comment les sels de la Mer Morte ont changé sa vie en bloquant sa réaction alors que de nombreux autres témoignages viennent conforter son observation originale.< Less
Encycolpedia of Sudan Banknotes By Bushra Ahmed
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First ebook Edition from Encyclopedia of Sudan Banknotes from 1856 dto 2012 include 468 full color pages Egypt Banknotes used in Sudan from 1856 to 1956 and Sudan Banknotes from1955 to 2012 cover... More > all corresponding pick with price list for Egypt Banknotes used in Sudan and Sudan Banknotes include unlisted pick's Un-adopted design ,special notes and proof notes I hope you enjoyed for the many history story for each note Regards Bushra Ali< Less
Travel Journal Sudan By E Locken
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Travel Journal Sudan - Keep a diary of your holiday / vacation to Sudan, includes diary, budget planner, activity planner, packing checklist and other useful aids to help you record and remember... More > every aspect of your trip.< Less
Sudan Political Environment History By Alfie Jefferson
eBook (ePub): $12.99
Sudan Political Environment History. The faith of Democracy in Sudan, Sudan War History Book, Sudan Politics Book, Sudan Ethnic differences. Even if the majority of the Sudanese prefer democracy,... More > they will choose it with subdued enthusiasm. There is something conspicuously selfish about the generational behavior of people. On the atomic level, we, as parents, are willing to give everything to our children and we dedicate our lives to their well-being and happiness. We are not familiar, in our collective behavior, however, with an altruistic generation that sacrificed some happiness for future generations. This applies to politics. Any nascent democracy is in a fragile political state. It is expected that, after decades of authoritarian rule, freedom will be chaotic, and only through generational perseverance can it last. Yet, the Arab Spring, which started as an inspiration for democracy and freedom, ended up as a deterrent from them. Pondering the situations in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, people under.......< Less
Fire and Sword in the Sudan By Rudolf C. Slatin Pasha
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Fire and Sword in the Sudan: A Personal Narrative of Fighting and Serving the Dervishes 1879-1895 written by Rudolf C. Slatin Pasha. COLONEL IN THE EGYPTIAN ARMY (INTELLIGENCE DEPT.); FORMERLY... More > GOVERNOR AND COMMANDANT OF THE TROOPS IN DARFUR. TRANSLATED BY MAJOR F. R. WINGATE, C.B., D.S.O., R.A. Director of Military Intelligence, Egyptian Army; AUTHOR OF "MAHDISM AND THE EGYPTIAN SUDAN," "TEN YEARS' CAPTIVITY IN THE MAHDI'S CAMP," ETC. ILLUSTRATED BY R. TALBOT KELLY, R.B.A. Copyright, 1896, BY EDWARD ARNOLD.< Less
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Reckless Daring is a complete rules system to refight colonial era battles at the brigade level from 1870 to 1910. Covers the Sudan, Indian Mutiny, Boer Wars, Ashanti Wars, Zulu Wars, Dahomey Wars,... More > Abyssinian Wars and the Sahara. Army lists, army guides, painting guides and scenario for Omdurman are included< Less

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