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The Eagle and the King By Peter Rogerson
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The second part of The Jewels of Ooombis, The Eagle and the King mines what has been referred to as the oldest human legend still in existence. Much of the story takes place in the Sumerian City... More > State of Kish under the rule of Etana and his childless wife. This is the bronze age, and predates the pyramids and Stonehenge. Henna has been born to be Holder of the Brooch, a classy prostitute occupying a high position within a nomadic tribe. With a childhood friend, Rowen, a self-confessed lesbian, she runs off into the wilds after committing a bloody murder, and with her she takes the Brooch of Ooombis, which contains imprisoned in its crystalline structure the sexual passions of its original owner, an alien woman. The two women find their way to Kish where one of the religions demands human sacrifice. Meanwhile, the ring of Ooombis is an increasing distance away and for a while in the hands of a reforming drunkard called Pictes and after him, Arkes, a youth.grieiving for a lost love< Less
An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic By Anonymous
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The Epic of Gilgamesh is roughly 4000 years old, making it one of the earliest known works of written literature. It comes from Mesopotamia (aka ancient Iraq), and features the Sumerian legends of... More > the mythological hero-king Gilgamesh, who was actually thought to be a real ruler in the 27th century BC. The epic involves the king Gilgamesh - who has become bored and aloof by his rule - and his main homie Enkidu. Enkidu was raised by wild animals and likes to wrestle with Gilgamesh, but it is learned that he was actually created by the gods to distract Gilgamesh so he won't oppress his people. The two of them go on epic adventures, defeating monsters, killing the Bull of Heaven - basically bros just being bros. When the gods kill Enkidu, Gilgamesh gets depressed, and goes on a mission to become immortal. Will Gilgamesh finally gain immortality?< Less
The Gaian Prophecies - Time to Take Sides By JP Rollins
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4,000 years ago, the first of six prophecies came true. In Sumeria in ancient Mesopotamia, two princesses, twin sisters, divided the world into good and evil. Their father’s dying wish was for... More > the younger of the two, Inanna, to become Queen. Her older sister Ereshkigal would not accept it and ordered her sister’s assassination. After a prophetic dream, Inanna escaped to create a new kingdom, while Ereshkigal became Queen of the Order. The second prophecy is about to be realized. The Warren triplets have turned eighteen and the girls each have their future plans following graduation. Destiny has different plans for Monaco, India and Egypt. Directly descended from the Sumerian princesses, the girls have already inherited their psychic powers. When Egypt is kidnapped, they discover the existence of two secret societies. The girls realize that nothing in their lives so far has been what it seemed. An ancient prophecy is coming true and they know it is time to take sides.< Less
Enuma Elish: The Assyrian-Babylonian Myth of Creation By Gabriel Georges
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Enuma Elish is the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian creation myth. This book contains a study and translation of the myth into modern Assyrian. The first part of the book provides a definition of the... More > myth, its divisions, features, characteristics and types. It then examines the origin of the myth as configured by the Sumerians and later by the Babylonians and Assyrians. This section also deals with the Assyrian-Babylonian New Year (Akito) celebrations and the texts which were read at the rituals and religious rites that marked the festival. The second section contains a translation of the seven tablets of the myth. The writer has preserved the original contents of the religious philosophy and the beauty of the literature and presented it in a literary form worthy of the creative genius of the ancient Mesopotamians as expressed in the eternal Enuma Elish myth. Note: The contents of this book is entirely in modern Assyrian.< Less
"A Gilgamesh Play for Teen Readers" (A Tale of the First Myth & Legend of Mesopotamia) By Jerry L. Parks
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The story is the legend of the great king Gilgamesh, and the eventual tragedy of his friendship with Enkidu—lord of the wild. It was written by a Sumerian, but was absorbed into later... More > Babylonian, Akkadian, and other ancient cultures. Because of Gilgamesh’s arrogance and pride, the gods created Enkidu—a warrior as powerful as the king—in order to teach the king humility. The warriors became friends and had many adventures together. But the evil goddess Ishtar punished Enkidu (and eventually Gilgamesh) with an untimely death sentence, and Gilgamesh undertook a long journey in search of Utnoa (Utnapishtim) the Faraway—survivor of the Great Flood. Utnoa alone had knowledge of the secret fruit of immortality, which lay under many waters. At the story’s end, the fruit benefits neither the king nor his friend, but ironically, Gilgamesh—through this timeless story—has indeed become immortal.< Less
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This book proposes a harmony between Genesis 1-11 and modern mainline science. It argues that a basic distinction must be drawn between the actual words in the Bible and our attempts to interpret... More > those words. Dr. Isham maintains that the apparent contradictions between science and the Scriptures have been caused by blurring this distinction. The popular, traditional interpretation of Genesis 1-11 is at odds with modern science, a fact that has led liberal Christians to treat these chapters as ancient Israelite mythology. However, Dr. Isham argues that the literal words of the text can be harmonized with modern science, provided that a new interpretive model is found. In this book, Dr. Isham attempts to provide such a model for the Biblical stories of Creation, Eden, Cain and Abel, Noah’s Flood, and the Tower of Babel. The connective genealogical materials are also harmonized with the Sumerian King List to produce a new chronology of Biblical events.< Less
Noah and the Deluge: Chronological, Historical and Archaeological Evidence By Gerard Gertoux
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Historians consider the biblical account of Noah and the Deluge as a myth. However, this famous event occurred at the earliest times of recorded history (Sumerian King List). Today scientists believe... More > in the last ice age called Pleistocene ending in 10,000 BCE, but there is no witness of this planetary cataclysmic event and its existence is based solely on the controversial interpretation of its consequences and their dating. The existence of erratic blocks and the disappearance of mammoths are presented as evidence of the last glaciation. However, despite dating obtained by 14C (calibrated by dendrochronology) is considered absolute by most experts its confrontation with the Egyptian chronology, in which some dates are fixed by astronomy, reverses this widespread belief and shows that dates obtained by 14C increase exponentially before -2200. Thus the rate of 14C tends gradually to 0 around -3500, which implies an important consequence: before -3500, 14C dating is no longer possible.< Less
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Faheem Judah-El is an innovative thinker, researcher, and teacher. He has studied The Christian Mysteries, Al-Islam (Sufi) at the Ansarullah University, Christian Theology, Moorish Science, Ethiopian... More > Kebre Negest, Egyptian (Tamerian) Mysteries, Kundilini, Ethiopian - Hebrew History, Natural Health, Indigenous Cultures Around The World, and Sumerian Theology. He holds a B.S. degree in Herbology and Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health, he also holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree in Metaphysics. He has traveled to Mexico (Amexem), Arabia, Sudan, (Upper Egypt) Ethiopia, Pertoria, South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, and the Native American Mounds of the United States. His true passion is teaching, and uplifting the minds of our youth. “Have an appetite for knowledge, but starve for The Truth” FAHEEM JUDAH-EL< Less
Corn, Cotton and Chocolate, How the Maya Changed the World By James O'Kon
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The Maya were the longest-lived civilization in history. The Maya began their civilization in 2500 BC on a time-line with the ancient Sumerians and terminated in 900 AD during the reign of... More > Charlemagne. Their histories did not converge because the Maya and other world civilizations did not know of each other’s existence. The Maya were the phantoms of history. They were the greatest agronomists in world history. Their cultivars nourished the Maya culture and enabled their rapid growth into a society of profound thinkers. After European contact, the inventive products of Maya agronomy were disseminated around the world. The integration of Maya cultivars into world cultures has changed the course of history. They now feed and clothe the majority of the world’s population. They have increased the global population, started wars, changed the lifestyles of world cultures and have killed more people than all the wars in history.< Less
The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East: With Historical Surveys Of The Chief Writings Of Each Nation Volume I By Charles Francis Horne, PH.D.
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The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East: With Historical Surveys Of The Chief Writings Of Each Nation Volume I by Charles Francis Horne, PH.D. The Literature of Babylonia and Assyria... More > Mainly containing cuneiform translations by Morris Jastro, this volume provides examples of the earliest known texts that seem to be precursors to the traditions of the Grimories and much more. These consist of spells and interactions with the gods of old Sumer and Babylon. Mundane and historic material is also included. Content includes a financial contract for ridding fields of locusts by the services of a Sumerian priest, The Epic of Gilgimesh, the Tell-el-Amarna "Letters", several creation stories, the code of Hamurrabi, dealings with the seven evil spirits, very unpleasant Assyrian boasts, an interesting set of prayers to deities of the region and much more —< Less

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