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Sun Mei - My Great Grandfather By Victor Sun
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The historical chronicle of the life and family of Sun Mei, the brother of famous Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat Sen, who overthrew China's dynastic rule, as told by Sun Mei's great great Grandson. A... More > fascinating look not only at a man behind one of the great historical turning points in modern China, but also a historical portrait of an overseas Chinese rags to riches to revolutionary story spanning from Maui to Penang to Macau.< Less
Ten Days in Taiwan: A Travelogue By Nathan L. Hoofnel
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Nathan Hoofnel's 2012 travelogue from his summer trip to Taiwan. Includes stories from Taipei, Hualien, Taroko Gorge, Qingshui Cliffs, Taitung, and Kaohsiung. He shares stories about his... More > experiences in everything from foods to people to sights to culture. An interesting look into the self-proclaimed "Heart of Asia", that is...Taiwan.< Less
Mobile Book Hong Kong By Renzhi Notes
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This Mobile Book is your travel guide: travel to Hong Kong ; visit Victoria Harbour and Kowloon,Victoria Peak, Ocean Park,Disneyland,Statue Square ,Po Lin Monastery,Museum of Art,Hong Kong Museum of... More > History,Clock Tower,HSBC Building,Symphony of Lights ,Bank of China Tower,Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum,High Island Reservoir,Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,Space Museum,Wong Tai Sin Temple.< Less
Bones 3-2-2: The Codebook of Operative Weather By David Dunbar
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The code book of a rogue sleeper agent surfaces unmasking a massive CIA conspiracy-replete with CIA documents-and concealed by the civil rights movement that identify two Trojan horse... More > “Manchurian” presidential candidates linked to the U.K.’s Secret Intelligence Service and ULTRA communications, the CIA’s(OSS) James Jesus Angleton, Operation Mincemeat, Sun Yat-sen, China and Russia; implicating the CIA’s Allen Welsh Dulles in a world domination plot reminiscent of that which he supposedly discredited in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; divulging a pedophile-based brainwashing, mind-control scheme linked to the American Psychiatric Association and falsified DSM MDs, American universities including Yale and Skull and Bones; plans to use unwitting assassins to crash airplanes and trains(9/11 and Major General David Wherley), exposing codes listing cities, nations, rulers and opposition leaders pertaining to the overthrow of the Islamic Middle East and explaining the 3, 2 numerology used by the conspirators.< Less
A Perspective 100 Years after the Xinhai Revolution Volume 1(辛亥革命百年透视 上册) By Xuanjun Xie
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谢选骏此书透露的曙光,发现并阐释了“现代南北朝原理&... More >rdquo;,那就是建立在“军阀造国”、“党阀篡国”之上的两个中国,即中华民国和中华人民共和国,必将被文明生长的第三中国所统一。这就像古代南北朝必将被大唐统一,从而开出第二期的中国文明。现代南北朝原理,将产生一位真人,他能统一中国,而不是像孙中山毛泽东那样,一再地分裂了中国。 The morning twilight as is reflected in Xie, Xuan Jun’s book is an illustration of the idea of the so-called Northern and Southern Dynasties, i.e., the two Chinas created first by the warlords and then usurped by the Party-lords──the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China──being unified by a third China to emerge in a civilized manner. This is going to happen exactly like the Northern and Southern Dynasties being unified by the Tang Dynasty about a thousand and four hundred years ago, ushering in the second phase of Chinese civilization. Born out of this unification is going to be a Real Man who is to unify China, not splitting China unlike his predecessors Sun Yat-sen and Mao Zedong.< Less