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Super By Serafina Fleming
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Super is probably not a word you would use to describe high school, but at the School for Abnormal and Irrational Powers it’s at the top of the list. Young heroes in the making attend this... More > school to discover and harness their powers, and hopefully become the heroes of tomorrow. Unfortunately for Harper Donovan, tomorrow comes a little earlier than expected. She finds herself, along with her new friends, battling a supervillain in the city streets. Not really part of the curriculum.< Less
My Super Powered Shoes By Laurienne MillerSimard RN, BC
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A boy and his friend go on adventures with his new super powered shoes.
The Super Power Teens By Lane Forney
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Three Regular teenagers Tommy, Jennifer, and Andy discover a powerful force giving them superpowers when they decide to embark on an adventure to save the world from evil. With action packed battles... More > and evil lurking at every corner, being a teenager just makes life even harder. First in the Action/Adventure series by young author Lane Forney.< Less
The Super Power of Positivity By Tyler D. Nelson
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The Super Power of Positivity is a inspirational children’s book written by seventeen-year old, Tyler D. Nelson. Tyler was born with an inherited disease called Cystic Fibrosis. By the time... More > Tyler turned sixteen, he needed a life-saving double-organ transplant. While on the organ donor list, Tyler wrote a guide to help chronically-ill children cope with managing their disease, taking ownership of their health care and tips on dealing with depression. The story is a simple read distributed across the globe to help children looking for help with ways to stay positive and live a fulfilling life.< Less
7 Super Powerful Persuasion Techniques By Jim Bennett
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Want to be more convincing and persuasive when you talk to people? This is a key to success in sales, running a business, speaking in public, or teaching others. Written by an award-winning teacher,... More > salesman, and network marketer, this little ebook presents the author's most powerfully persuasive techniques. It's short and to the point so it can be read in one sitting. That way you can start right away to put the techniques into practice. Topics: Making a Positive First Impression, Reading People’s Body Language, Using the Mirroring Technique, Using Special Gestures to Make Your Point, Voice Control & How to Emphasize Important Words, Removing People’s Objections, and How to Show Sincere Interest. This ebook is short, but it will reveal exactly what you need to know to be powerfully persuasive! A special "Close the Deal" Publication.< Less
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Seven steps to mental mastery By Super Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.30
Powerful Mental Skills You Can Use to Achieve Anything You Want
The Super Power Teens 2: A Blast from the Past By Lane Forney
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The Super Power Teens 2: A Blast from the Past is the second sequel in the series. Taking place twenty years later than the first, these new set of teens are decendents of former Green Force Power... More > members Tommy, Tori, Mike, and Megan. Regular teenagers Kevin and Jessica start out in an all new charter school, where they later meet up with some new teens in junior high, not knowing who they really were. Later finding out that Kevin, Jessica, Ryan, Matt, and Megan were all decendents of the previous Green Force Power super heroes. Shortly after becoming friends, a powerful rainbow colored force entered the lives of the teenagers. The teens later found out that they had superpowers just like their parents. The Blue Force Power sets off to save the world from evil.< Less
Lima Super-Power Steam Locomotives By
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Included in this book are all of the last great motive power giants built by Lima Locomotive Works, illustrated with a side and ¾ photo, along with a complete specification sheet...
I Have Super Powers, I Have Jesus By Curtis Simonson
eBook (PDF): $7.74
(1 Ratings) book that digs deep into the wisdom of the powers and abilities that we receive from God through JesusChrist...Strikingly bold; a book that leads you towards spiritual... More > success and daily victory!...A book that will improve your life, because when you are following Jesus Christ you are given amazing powers to triumph over everything you set out to d0! God graciously gives us an endless list of powers we need to overcome hardships and wrestle with greatness until we tackle it to the ground. The powers are yours, through the Lord's mighty will. Choose to be an achiever, choose to be a faith-guided winner. And let God soak you in the overflowing fountain of his gifted powers; the Lord's magnificent super powers into your life.< Less