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Myke Phoenix 9: Night of the Superstorm By Warren Bluhm
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On the night of the worst storm in decades, Dana Phillips is among refugees from a wrecked cruise ship who find their way into a deserted mansion – and there a criminal genius is searching for... More > hidden treasure with his gang of hoodlums. Their only hope – though they little suspect it – lies in the fact that Dana is married to the man whose alter ego is Myke Phoenix, protector of Astor City and force for good in the universe. But if Myke doesn't know where his wife is, how can he come to their rescue?< Less
Theory of The Liesure Class By Dave DeKeesh MS
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With the advent of the predatory stage of life there comes a change in the requirements of the successful human character. Men's habits of life are required to adapt themselves to new exigencies... More > under a new scheme of human relations. Thorstein Veblen< Less
Credit & Money By Dave DeKeesh
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Money and Credit are important to any economy and the foremost expert is: Ludwig von Mises Austrian Economist He foretold the Great Depression is yet to come to America: Even more devastating than... More > the one in the 1920's-1930's due to irrational Economic Policy of Printing Money. von Mises pg 14 (The Government) "chooses inflation and credit expansion although he knows that the boom they create is short-lived and must inevitably end in a slump. He may even boast of his neglect of the long-run effects. In the long run, he repeats, we are all dead; it is only the short run that counts. "But the question is, how long will the short run last? It seems that statesmen and politicians have considerably over-rated the duration of the short run." War, famine and economic carnage will ensue on unprecedented scale from Bankers Corruption and untold Greed. < Less
A Season in New York 2012 By Tim Harper
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This is a collection of reporting from New York City by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in the autumn of 2012, covering the elections, Superstorm Sandy and many critical issues of the day,... More > including the economy, immigration and social programs.< Less
Roughly Translated- It Means 'Hope' By Robert M. Hinkelman
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It is the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election. The bitterness in Washington is worse than ever. A sudden series of superstorms has created a pervasive fear but nothing is done. Unnoticed, a... More > campaign develops based upon Theodore Roosevelt's governing principles which are as relevant today as a century ago coupled with a radical way to change the Executive Branch. The Campaign uses social media and elected representative analyses to create commitment especially with Millenials who are searching for the American Dream but being denied. The campaign choses Emily Esperantes to be its spokesperson, a task far more dangerous than imagined. The Republican Party and Wealthy, Old, White Men refuse to change so the campaign becomes a new party, AR4-21C (A Roosevelt for the 21st Century). The outcome of the election is influenced by a foreign power and the power of the people. It is stunning.< Less
Why ‘Natural’ Disasters? By Philadelphia Church of God, Joel Hilliker
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Catastrophic nature-related phenomena are forcing their way into the headlines with troubling frequency. Are earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, super-storms, floods, droughts and wildfires actually... More > increasing? If so, is it merely coincidence—or is there a cause? Both religion and science struggle to answer. But there is an answer—and it gives profound and even inspiring meaning to these seemingly random disasters! You need to understand! In this booklet: • Something Is Wrong With the Weather • Why Does God Allow Suffering? • Are You Ready for the End of the World? • An End to Natural Disasters!< Less
Authors in the Kitchen By Rebecca J. Vickery, VTP Authors
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~ 57 Recipes from 19 Authors and Staff - Proceeds from sales to go to Save Our Children for victims of Superstorm Sandy ~ Cooking is one activity many authors, editors, and cover designers engage in... More > when not working on a book. A variety of our favorite authors and staff contributed these recipes for foods they love to prepare, share, and eat during the holidays. They ask only one thing in return – Enjoy! Recipes in the following categories are included: Appetizers, Snacks, and Drinks; Breakfast and Sweet Rolls; Main Dishes, Casseroles, and Veggies; Bread and Scones; Cakes, Cookies, and Candy< Less
Unity: The Art and Science of Transformational Change By Erik Phillips-Nania
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Unity is about transformational changes on the horizon that could bring about a "Golden Age" of peace and prosperity, an idea that unites the prophecies of ancient civilizations.... More > Beginning with the new vegan healthcare standard recommended by the largest health insurance company, Unity describes the levels of food consciousness and comprehensive healthcare policy reform. Unity then defines the development of higher consciousness and the art, science, and technology of Enlightenment. Next, the application of these contemplative studies is critical to solving the crisis of civilization: for preventing catastrophic superstorms and implementing the idea of "spiritual geoengineering" to bring about environmental harmony. The final chapter is on the application of higher consciousness to political and social revolution for the renewal of democracy, equality, justice, and peace.< Less
The Great Depression 2012 By Dave DeKeesh MS
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"The object of this Essay is to examine the nature and the causes of the present depression of trade. Its first task, therefore, is to trace the background of the depression and the broad... More > conditions amid which it was generated. "To do this it is necessary to draw the picture on a canvas wider than that which would at first sight seem appropriate to an enterprise of this nature. The onset of the present crisis may perhaps be dated from the autumn of 1929." Chapter One The Great Depression Baron Lord Lionel Robbins, Phd., FBA We are on the brink of a major disruption in an Upcoming Global Economic SuperStorm 2012. To see what is valuable after such a disruption this book is essential reading to augment one's view of the Upcoming New World Order. Lord Robbins does this wonderfully and I highly recommend this book to all. Dave DeKeesh, MS< Less
On the Road in The Promised Land By Paul Meerman
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On the road in The Promised Land is een verslag van een eendaagse trip door het achterland van Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA. Daar waar superstorm Sandy zo huis gehouden heeft, maar vooral het... More > gebied aan de Jersey Shore waar Bruce Springsteen met zijn muziekvrienden groot geworden zijn. In de voetsporen van Bruce trekken we op een luchtige informatie wijze door dit gebied. Paul Meerman heeft zijn schrijftalenten meerdere malen (o.a. in concertreviews en reisverslagen) bewezen. Zoals altijd schrijft hij op een luchtige begrijpelijke wijze. Ook nu weer is hij daarin geslaagd: On the road in The Promised Land is informatief met een vleugje humor en toch boeiend. This book is about a daytrip in the promised land, the Jersey Shore on which Bruce Springsteen has his roots. Unfortunatly only in Dutch available.< Less