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Every Man Deserves A Good Jacket By Crystal Evans
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Most women wanted their first child to be a girl but I prayed for a son and I believe it probably had something to do with my love for men. I have been accused all my life for “lubbing too much... More > man". I loved men. Brown men, black men and bleachers; tall men, short men, wild men and Christians. Rich or poor, scammer, drug men, doctors and cane cutters; as long as it name "man", my teeth be grinning from ear to ear. My child's father, Jerr was the love of my life. I knew I wanted to be with him from the first day I spoke to him, tall, handsome, sitting on his blue Honda civic in a blue Hollister Shirt and matching Ralph Lauren Polo Pants. I saw him before on several occasions, ruggedly handsome with big Afro hair, decked out in either a white merino or V neck T-shirt driving his Suzuki Grand Vitara. My friends and I would literally stick our tongues out, panting like dogs at him, screaming Oohs and Awes at how mesmerizing and swaggarific he looked on those 22 inch Chrome rims.< Less
Shuttle LS Owners Guide 2009-2015 By Trebor Snetram
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This is the owners guide for Shuttle LS low speed utility vehicle. The Japanese counterpart is the Suzuki Every micro-van. This guide gives you fuse, lightbulb, feature, and other specifications... More > needed to maintain your low speed vehicle. This low speed vehicle is equiped with air conditioning, 4WD, power steering, anti-lock brakes, dual air bags, three point safety belts for all passengers, 11 gallon fuel tank, 3 cylinder, 660 cc motor, with 12 inch wheels and tires as standard equipment. Thirteen inch wheels and tires are available as an option. To find out more look at our web site at< Less
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On the morning of her fifth birthday, Miki Suzuki’s grandfather gave her an unusual gift – the fragment of a story. The tale told of a magical realm where all the women were beautiful,... More > dressed in the finest gowns, and where the men had the looks of movie stars. This place, young Miki learned, was a city in far off Europe – a city called Paris. The story took seed in Miki’s mind and, over twenty years, she became quite obsessed with the French capital. Having studied its history, language, and traditions, she vowed that one day she would venture there. One day she unexpectedly won a journey to the French capital through her company, selling beauty products door to door. Wildly excited, and exhausted after the journey, she vowed to see every site, and experience every possible. As the others in the tour group looked on in horror, the telltale signs of a rare and disturbing condition began to manifest themselves – a condition known as ‘Paris Syndrome’.< Less
The Nitro Files: 1995 By James Dixon et al.
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Continuing the theme of their popular Raw Files and Complete WWF Video Guide series, the team at History of Wrestling return with their first foray into the world of WCW, starting with the first year... More > (well, four months) of Nitro. Writers James Dixon and Dan Hey explore the broadcast in great detail, covering every match and angle, unearthing some forgotten television gems, wacky angles, and shocking moments. FEATURING: Yeti The Dungeon of Doom "Darkside" Hulk Hogan Madusa Dumping the WWF Women's Championship Lex Luger's Shocking Return WOMEN'S ACTION Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki vs. Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto STEEL CAGE WARFARE Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson A BATTLE FOR THE AGES Hulk Hogan vs. Sting HIGH FLYING EXCITEMENT Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero & Mr. JL PLUS... In depth analysis Every match and segment covered in detail The Nitro Awards Running Time: 40,000 words approx Another fun trip down memory lane with the History of Wrestling team< Less
The “People Power” Family Superbook Book 8. Green Guide 1: Your Home (Natural Products, Cleaners, Cosmetics & Clothes, Renewable Energy, Energy Dreamers, Car Energy) By Tony Kelbrat
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I read David Suzuki's Green Guide and several other books you might find at #363.7 or #640 at the library. There is a great divide between people who care about green living and all the other people... More > who seem indoctrinated by all the glitter on TV which tells you to keep buying junk you don’t need and keep doing meaningless stuff even if we’re polluting the planet and destroying the atmosphere. I have two power cords, one for my computer and one for the devices near my bed. When I finish using each, I shut the power cord off to totally shut all that electricity off. Meanwhile I have relatives who leave their wireless modems on all the time 24/7. When Ronald Reagan took the American Presidency in 1980, he arrogantly tore the solar panels off the roof of the White House which former President Jimmy Carter put up. If people had real sense, they would have listened to Jimmy Carter. Today, every house in America could have been producing its own electricity with a few solar panels< Less