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Swag By Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Paperback: $9.28
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Swag by Ryan Quinn Flanagan. Published by Marathon Books, 2014
SWAG By Khalid Mustafa
Paperback: $5.58
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Well this book is crazy! Not gonna lie this book is amazing
Sophomore Swag By Terri Wheeler
Hardcover: $16.16
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This book is a compilation of works written by Mrs. Terri Wheeler's Sophomore English classes at Mohawk High School in Sycamore, Ohio.
My Creative Writing Swag By Bailey Fedorchak
eBook (PDF): $0.99
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This is all of my projects from Creative Writing. It has been an exciting ride, this class, but now that its over I would like to take my time to share with you all the joy I have experienced, so... More > that you might be able to feel the same joy that I do. #swag #blessed< Less
How to Have SWAG By Connor Stevens
Paperback: $11.00
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An informative book on the many complex aspects of SWAG
Calendar: $15.00
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This calendar features twelve best-selling Urban Fiction Authors. Yara Kaleemah- Author of Brick City Chick Rio Terrell- Author of the 'Cocaine Princess Series' Wali Akindele and Andrew Jones-... More > Authors of the '15th District' Shatika Turner- Author of the 'A Fem's Playground Series' Keith 'Vocally Spoken' Moore- Author of 'From Pyramids to Projects' Ben Burgess JR.- Author of 'Wounded' and 'Monster' GodFather- Author of 'Everything She Should Know' Fanita Moon Pendleton- Author of the 'Shoot First, Ask Questions Never' series Jahkim Allyne- Author of 'No Man Can Serve Two Lords...Faithfully' and 'Out of Time' Naima- Author of 'All is Fair in Love and Beats' AK Henderson- Author of 'Henderson's Heart' G.P.A- Author of 'Hi My Name is Bobo' and 'The Revenge of the Orgasm'< Less
WORD P.L.A.Y. By Tevoun Jackson
Hardcover: $23.97
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Young creative minds. I had thoughts and visions, and expressed them through words.
The Unofficial Terraria Guide By Logan Bulmer
Hardcover: $19.99
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Tutorial on how to play Terraria. Includes tips, tricks, and secrets.
Mostly BS By Ej Sidhu
Paperback: $3.79
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This debut novel by Ej Sidhu is a compilation of his life work and contains his shitty opinion, a timeless book review, and photos that describe his incredible life.
Brick City Chick By Yara Kaleemah
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Camilla Morrell was on her way to college, living like a princess when she met her first love Duke. Duke was charming and swept the girl off of her feet. Then, the summer ended and their teenage love... More > affair dwindled. That’s when TJ stepped on the scene. He was older and street wise. The girl was overwhelmed with excitement when she became his girl, however, his love was way more than she bargained for. Finally, the girl came to her senses and kicked him to the curb. She never expected to be expecting but Duke saved the day. Will TJ sit around and allow another man to take care of his seed? Would Camilla be able to accept the fact Duke would do whatever it takes to keep her safe?< Less