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The Ice Cream Conundrum By Katie Trupiano
Paperback: $14.99
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Have you ever looked forward to something only to find out that it is not a possibility any more? In this creative "make-your-own-choices" story, help our friend make decisions in the face... More > of disappointment. Engaging, entertaining, and insightful, this book will help teach children to look at disappointment in different ways and develop intellectual empathy. It even includes a "Let's Draw" and "Let's Talk" section for parents (or teachers or anyone!) to help children debrief and apply the lessons to their own lives. About the author: Katie Trupiano is a licensed professional counselor and licensed school counselor. She has lived around the world and is currently enjoying the mountain life in the Swiss Alps with her husband and daughter.< Less
King Richard and the Mountain Goat By M.C. Muir
Paperback: $6.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
Two adventure stories for boys where myth and legend are intertwined with fact. KING RICHARD AND THE MOUNTAIN GOAT : On his return from the Holy Land, King Richard survives a shipwreck but must... More > cross the Swiss Alps in order to return to England. Here he has a strange and unforgettable meeting with a mountain goat that helps him on his journey. Is this a myth or a legend? Or is it true? Why not find out. THE SECRET OF THE SEA : A mythical adventure about a Voyager King and his son, Jared, who must learn the secrets the sea if he is to follow in his fathers footsteps. Learn about the luminescent particles that shine in the sea at night.< Less
Primal fear and other tales By Lancelot Cannissié
Paperback: $8.50
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Primal fear and other tales is a book made of ten short stories themed with fear and anxiety. First, the protagonists of Primal fear will have to face their worst nightmares after buying an ancient... More > Aztec statuette. Then you can venture in the Swiss Alps if wolves are not a problem, of course. In the circle of wolves, they do fancy some human flesh. You will also learn with Timmy that it does not always do good to listen to curiosity, especially if you have heard about the forbidden attic. And would you rather go to the carnival, they have an appetite for young and beautiful ladies Finally, you will find a few more stories that will complete the whole thing.< Less
Cheffin' By Brendan Cronin
Hardcover: $34.95
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Master Chef Brendan Cronin – the only Irish chef to attain the prestigious Swiss culinary title of ‘Chef de Cuisine Diplomé’, Swiss Master Chef – takes us on a global... More > journey of gastronomic delight from his childhood on a small dairy farm in the West of Ireland, to cooking in great hotels in Limerick, Dublin and onward to the beckoning and beautiful Swiss Alps, Africa, and The Far East. Along the way, Cronin describes the hospitality industry,telling his story with passion, humor, and Irish wit – making us so hungry you will want to stop mid-chapter to try the many recipes included in this book. Cronin’s entertaining and informative narrative includes sweeping descriptions of local culture, geography, punctuated with captivating and often hilarious anecdotes of the multi-cultural kitchens and individuals with whom he worked. His eloquent stories of the many high-profile chefs and guests he met in the great 5-star hotels of the world, keeps us turning page-after-page leading to a surprising end.< Less
Heidi By Johanna Spyri
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Heidi The Girl from the Alps by Swiss children's author Johanna Spyri was published in two parts in 1880. It tells of Heidi, a little Swiss girl whose parents' sudden death leaves her to be brought... More > up by her aunt. Aunt Dete is a career-woman who though she loves Heidi, does not have the time or resources to look after a child in busy Frankfurt. She leaves Heidi with Heidi's grandfather, who lives in the Swiss mountains. The lonely, embittered old man lives like a hermit on the mountain-top and has nothing to do with the people in the village below. Known to all as “Alm-uncle” Heidi's grandfather is good-hearted but mistrustful of the villagers. He refuses to send Heidi to school and allows her to roam the pastures with a young goat herder, Peter. They become good friends but events take a turn when Aunt Dete decides that Heidi must stay in Frankfurt and learn to earn a living...< Less
Ione March By S. R. Crockett
eBook (ePub): $3.50
Portions of this story appeared in “ The Woman at Home” under the title of “ The Woman of Fortune ” The author was a well-known writer of the ''Kailyard'' style in his... More > day. Excerpt: IT was an off day, yet Keith Harford was awake betimes in the tiny hostel on the Wengern Alp, held (as the sign stated plainly) against all comers by Johann Jossi. Keith awoke because he missed something. He turned restlessly in the little Swiss bed of five foot six inches in extreme length, over the terminal bar of which his feet projected like the “trams” of a wheelbarrow. The young man was wakeful from unaccustomed comfort. He had indeed taken his knapsack to bed with him, which, in addition to a spirit lamp and appurtenances, contained a camera built with knobs and acute angles particularly inimical to luxury. He had also entrenched himself behind half a dozen books and a field-glass covered in rusty leather.< Less
Frankenstein - Original 1818 Uncensored Version By Mary Shelley
eBook (ePub): $1.99
“It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld my man completed..." In the summer of 1816, a young, well-educated woman from England traveled with her lover to the Swiss Alps.... More > Unseasonable rain kept them trapped inside their lodgings, where they entertained themselves by reading ghost stories. At the urging of renowned poet Lord Byron, a friend and neighbor, they set their own pens to paper, competing to see who could write the best ghost story. The young woman, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, took the prize, with her tale of eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein, who creates a grotesque creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Frankenstein became a bestseller and a Gothic classic that still resonates with readers almost two centuries later…< Less
The Medusa Exposé By Joe Espin
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Truan’s body trembles imperceptibly as his mind grasps the enormity of what he has just agreed to do. His mind reels as he thinks about it. This is not stealing money, or masters of records,... More > or proprietary processes, or even states’ secrets. This is extremely dangerous! The most dangerous enterprise Medusa has ever attempted! The Medusa Exposé is a gripping thriller tracing the path of three exceptionally gifted hackers and their enforcer as they use their genius to penetrate many of the most secure systems in the world…. Profits mount, and they have so far escaped notice of the law…. They are about to make a terrible mistake…. one that will put several intelligence and police agencies on their trail. If they survive, their lives will change forever! The fast paced action takes you through several continents from the Swiss Alps to the jungles of Malaysia and the red clays of Georgia as well as other locations where Medusa’s tentacles have penetrated.< Less
Monte Carlo After Midnight By Derek Taylor Shayne
Paperback: $25.96
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It's a supernatural race against the clock! When young Puerto Rican billionaire overnight, Anthony Solantro invades the Cannes Film Festival, he and Blackfoot Indian lifemate, Michael Taylor... More > unwittingly cross scythes with the grim reaper leader of a murderous cult known only as THE PHANTOM OF MONTE CARLO, a power-mad ghoul with a celestial deadline for a new world order! It's a race against the witching hour to thwart his evil plan, that takes our heroes from the glitz of Monte Carlo and the South of France, to the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps! The most perfect Mike and Tony mis-adventure yet! The boys and Derek Shayne have outdone even themselves with MONTE CARLO AFTER MIDNIGHT, a free-wheeling high adventure romp filled with laughs, things that go bump in the night, and MORE laughs! STRONGLY SUGGESTED 16 YRS. AND OLDER.< Less
Museum of Unheard (of) Things By Roland Albrecht
Paperback: $20.00
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MUSEUM OF UNHEARD (OF) THINGS is the catalogue raisonné of Museum der Unerhörten Dinge, a “literary cabinet of curiosities,” which holds the record of being the most visited... More > museum in Berlin (if one offsets the number of visitors to the square meters of the exhibition space). The book assembles the museum’s entire current inventory of 78 unique objects and their unheard (of) stories, all categorized according to weight, translated into English for the first time. The clock of a Swiss inventor who promoted “New-Time” and was subsequently arrested by the authorities, the first portrait ID card in history created for Michel de Montaigne, a fork which reveals the secret history of a meeting of chefs in the Alps, or the scandalous relationship between the Brothers Grimm and alphabet soup…These extraordinary tales of seemingly ordinary objects invite the reader to imagine the world differently by listening more carefully to all the things that surround our everyday lives.< Less

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