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Sabian Symbols By Lyn Birkbeck
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The Sabian Symbols will answer any question you care to ask, from relationships to money, from career to creativity to psychological health, from the smallest to the greatest issue that life present... More > you, whether it concerns your past, present or future. The Sabian Symbols, an astrological oracle, uses 360 images originally channeled by Elsie Wheeler to Marc Edmund Jones in 1925 from the ancient Mesopotamian Brotherhood that founded Astrology. This book presents a comprehensive interpretation of each symbol by best-selling author and leading astrologer Lyn Birkbeck. Discover more and get the Astro-Oracle App for Sabian Symbols at your fingertips at< Less
Symbol of Affection By Kesegie Moodley
Paperback: $6.00
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Romance story about Fallon Adlem, how Fallon overcomes the pains in her life. The tragedies in her life that build her into a strong independant woman.
Symbolism in the Bible By James C. Taylor
eBook (PDF): $6.00
If we allow it, the Bible speaks to us - just as God speaks to us; for it is the voice of God to those who know their God and know the ways of their God. As the voice of our God - the one who... More > brought us into this world - and the one who will take us out of this world, can we leave unturned any pebble of knowledge or wisdom that voice may offer to us? Or, are we to be open to all that God may put before us - in plain speech - and in the deeper, fuller speech of symbolism in his Holy Word?< Less
The migration of symbols By Eugène Goblet d'Alviella
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Count Goblet d'Alviella (b. 1846, d. 1925) was a Belgian lawyer, rector of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, a Professor of the history of religions, a prolific writer and a Masonic scholar.... More > The migration of symbols, is one of the foundations of archaeological and cross-cultural studies on symbolism. Using the Swastika, the Tree of Life, the Winged Globe, the Trident and the Caduceus, he explores major themes regarding symbols using psychological, historical, cultural and anthropological knowledge of his time. While these branches have evolved and new discoveries have been made since the introduction of his work, the methodological approach along with the thoughts of Mr. Goblet d’Alveilla remain vital to all who seek a deeper understanding of the field as well as those of esotericism and Freemasonry. The work includes 169 illustrations and over 400 references. ISBN-13: 978-1-944175-16-0< Less
Kanji Symbols By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Who Else Wants To Get Their Hands On Over 220 Rare And Beautiful Chinese And Kanji Tattoos? That They Can Download, Print And Take Straight Away To Their Tattoo Artist? Packed with over 220... More > printable designs, this eBook is not avaliable anywhere else! Make sure you grab your copy today!< Less
The Sacred Symbols By John E Holland-Laurentius
eBook (PDF): $14.67
Please note that a revised 2018 exists found under and on THE INNER SOUND... This work into the reason for existence and its symbols was started in the late... More > 70's after coming into contact with the Gnostic Gospels. Later with the use of Astrology and yoga principals it was possible to find the sacred symbols and senses in large sacred buildings. Eventually it was realised that this was a "Da Vinci " Codex joining East and West. This book is only a start and next will be offered other books, CD's, Poems and Art... Book sample reading: www theinnersound de< Less
State Symbols By Lucas Ramey
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4th grade project on Illinois state symbols.
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On money of the world various symbolic is used. The most widespread symbol at 19-21 centuries is the five-pointed star ("the press of the tsar of Solomon") which value changed to contrast.... More > Symbols – a swastika and "David's Star" are so widely widespread. In this work distribution of these symbols on banknotes is considered.< Less
Sacred Symbols By Anthony Donaghue
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80 Sacred Symbols to color and create a state of mindfulness, these symbols are drawn with the genesis pattern. Worldwide this pattern is known to create many powerful shapes and symbols, they are... More > deeply connected to the origins of the universe so coloring and/or contemplating and meditating on these symbols is an act of meditating on the origins of existence and consciousness.< Less
The Symbolism of Freemasonry By Albert G. Mackey. M.D.,
eBook (PDF): $4.89
The Symbolism of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey. Published in 1882. This ebook covers masonic topics such as the ancient mysteries; the union of speculative and operative masonry at the Temple of... More > Solomon; symbolism of Solomon's Temple; meanings of the masonic symbols e.g. the point within the circle, the innefable Name etc.< Less

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