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Synthesis And Biological Activities Of Substituted Isoquinolone-1-Phosphonates By Amulrao Uttamrao Borse
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The α-aminophosphonic acids (1) are considered to be structural analogues of α-amino acids (2) in which the planar and less bulky carboxylic acid (-CO2H) has been replaced by a... More > sterically more demanding tetrahedral phosphonic acid functionality (PO3H2).1< Less
Synthesis of a method (quantic seismology) By Giovanni Imbalzano
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SUMMARY: individuating the 3 periods P (superior to 29 days and mod. 15) among the maximum seismic intensities, and also of the in comparison with the, I choose those with the maximum... More > number of under-periods; we may verify that the resultant P is not always the maximum among they. In Pascal language the algorithm reduces notably in comparison with the electronic sheet, used to the data collection; but by the logical-analytical details Mathematica is better, like in the example where I uses the functions DateDifference[...] & PrimeOmega[...]. The agreements on the periods may be considered satisfactory, but for great Amplitudes of intensity it is necessary to consider, besides lunar Phases and solar Flares, hypothetic fields pseudo-gravitational of till now neglected particles (planetary WIMPs).< Less
Q&A Book 8 Synthesis Organic Chemistry By Stephen John Shroyer
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Organic Synthesis is covered. General Chemistry principles are depicted.
Flexible Synthesis: Connecting Campus Through Fluctuating Spatial Forms By H Adam Denais
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Architecture thesis project. Fall 2015. University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Interdisciplinary Thinking by Knowledge Synthesis Modeling By Giovanni Mappa
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Il presente lavoro intende dare una risposta alle seguenti domande: - è possibile potenziare la propria professionalità, per capire ed adeguarsi al nuovo livello di... More > competitività? - è possibile potenziare la propria capacità di elaborare e sintetizzare l’enorme volume di dati e informazioni, con le quali dobbiamo confrontarci ogni giorno? - è possibile sviluppare, in uno scenario di complessità lavorativa, il “buonsenso” nella presa di decisione e la capacità di creare nuovo “valore”? - è possibile fare tutto ciò in un tempo sostenibile (mesi e non anni)? La soluzione proposta in questi libro di appunti è l’apprendimento del “ragionamento interdisciplinare” e la metodologia proposta, nelle sue linee essenziali, si basa sul concetto dell’esistenza una struttura comune e ricorrente della conoscenza (Knowledge’s Common Frame) che, con le sue proprietà e dinamiche evolutive, rappresenta la “chiave di volta” del nuovo approccio.< Less
Harmonia Philosophica - Antithesis Synthesis in Greek By Spyridon Kakos
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The goal of this book is to show that dogmatism, under any form, is wrong. And even though dogmatism had for a long time been associated with religion, things have drastically changed in the last... More > centuries. Nowadays science has replaced religion in the throne of doctrinaire thinking and the poison of materialism has dominated human intellect to a great extend. In this work one can read how separate opinions on crucial philosophical matters can be merged into one single "truth", if such thing even exists. The point of every chapter is to illustrate that one-way thinking is never correct - most of the times a combination of science and religion, measurements and theoretical thinking, logic and intuition, is required to draw a conclusion. (Language: Greek)< Less
Magic Mushrooms: their evolutionary history, chemical synthesis, and pharmacological use in mood disorders By Haley Parsons
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Many mushrooms produce the compound psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound that causes changes in mood and perception. This literature review provides an overview of the evolutionary history of this... More > compound, including systematic placement of the fungi producing psilocybin, analyzes chemical synthesis of the compound, and current research into the use of psilocybin to treat mood disorders.< Less
Native Title, Indigenous Self-Determination & Rational Cultural Synthesis By Henry Willoughby
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Native Title, Indigenous Self-Determination & Rational Cultural Synthesis situates the progressive workings of the Native Title legal framework in the larger Australian culture and evaluates its... More > efficacy in soliciting indigenous self-determination. The exposition holds and shows that in order for full self-determination for indigenous peoples, in addition to Native Title rights, the indigenous culture must undergo proper (rational) cultural synthesis with neo-colonial capitalist culture: the supplanting of regressive aspects of the imposed neo-colonial culture, with the (superior) progressive cultural practices of the indigenous culture(s)< Less
Volume 1669, Col du tourmalet --- Combes quinoline synthesis By Print Wikipedia
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Volume 1669, Col du tourmalet---Combes quinoline synthesis Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic gesture towards the... More > inhuman scale of big data. Michael Mandberg wrote software that parses the entirety of the English-language Wikipedia database and programmatically lays out nearly 7500 volumes, complete with covers, and then uploads them to for print-on-demand. Print Wikipedia draws attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. It is also a work of found poetry built on what is likely the largest appropriation ever made. As we become increasingly more dependent on information and source material on the Internet today, Mandiberg explores the accessibility of its vastness.< Less
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Some Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Bases By Dr.Bharat Makwana et al.
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Dr. Bharat Makwana earned his Ph.D in chemistry from school sciences,Gujarat University.He is currently working as assistant professor at KSV University.He published many research articles on various... More > reputed international journals,his area of research is nano science and supra molecules.< Less

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