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TAPLINE MASTERS ARE EVERYWHERE... The average person has no idea they have four other bodies they carry besides the solid physical vehicle. Just because the Invented Systems of Scientific... More > Experimentation cannot prove the existence of all the unseen bodies of man does not mean they do not exist. It takes a very special person to be able to See the Astral, Causal, Mental and Etheric Bodies, and also The RealAwareniss, RealU. On earth, people are living a one-dimensional life and not much more. Everyone is always relating to other levels and dimensions, but for the most part, they do not See or understand this nor themselves and what they are capable of. What is really going on would shock the hell out of people if they could See it, and that is the TapLines they have in them from all the 'Agreements' they have made over lifetimes with those who control them and is being deliberately placed in their inner bodies as deception. Its time to Wakeup or return unconscious again!< Less
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What is being demonstrated in front of everyone is what is actually taking place as mostly deception. Even when people can See what is going on and how they are being used and deceived, they simply... More > go about their life, as usual as though nothing has happened with all the deterioration that continues every moment. The Kontrolling Kults and those who operate them use certain forms of Architecture to dominate the landscape of the planet earth and other RoundWorlds for people to admire and also Worship. One of the most known creations is the Pyramids, which have a specific shape and are more than just a Tomb as some people have been taught. I suggest for you to investigate the secrets of the Pyramids and what their real purpose is. On the back of the Federal Reserve Note is a picture of a Pyramid with 'The One Eye.' This is one of the many symbols of the One World Order (OWO) that is a Kontrolling Korporation Kult, and is right in front of everyone. /< Less
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Hello, I am Duane The Great Writer, and I want to be one of the first and very few to commend Krone of the Krone Korporation, Deceptive TapLine Master JerOld and President Geeter, for the excellent... More > job and undertaking they have taken on, and I do mean 'undertaking' like in a morgue. There really are very few on the earth who can come up with such a Business Plan of such Mass Proportional Deception as these three have done, along with the Paying MemberShrimps, because most people are just too honest with themselves and would not dare such an undertaking, and I do mean 'undertaking.' So, with this being said, and there is a whole lot more to be experienced and for you to learn with “An Adventure Like No Other,' get ready for The Ride of Your Life with, 'THE NUWAVIS REAL NOW!' If your have The Heart & Courage for RealTruth & RealFreedom, you will want to read every word of this NUBook. Have Fun Deciding Your NUJourney!< Less
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Most of this Dumbed Down and asleep world is not aware that most people are being Astrally TapLined in their dreams. Astral TapLining is as ancient as the Pyramids and has always been kept as a big... More > secret, because this is how the masses are Kontrolled unconsciously in their sleep. While people are awake and aware of what is taking place on the earth it is a bit harder to fool people, as the Political, Religious and Spiritual Systems have done for ages. What I call the REPSystems (Religious, Educational, Political & SciFi Social) have dominated most people for centuries and even longer. I am actually being kind here, because it is a lot worse than most people can imagine or even want to know. Those in Kontrol of the Governments, Korporations, Queens and their Kings, Dictators, Authoritarians, Presidents, Masters, Gurus, and so many more, are basically of the Reptilian Order, as they were the first creatures on this planet. Reptilian Joanny is watching You!< Less
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Astral TapLining is commonly known by Religious and Political Korporations, as it has been part of their Satanic Rituals for untold centuries. Many Korporations use various TapLining Techniques,... More > as they market their products and seduce people to work for them and buy the useless junk they are selling. One of the biggest businesses is 'Selling Pretty Words' to people who 'Think' they are getting some kind of 'divine knowledge' which they are not. The average person on earth is taught to 'chase printed money' and establish a home and lifestyle on this planet. The masses are marketed into 'Thinking' that the earth is the only place in Life there is, so people had better make the most of their life while they are here. It is the Reptilian Rulers, such as those who have had the most current Kontrol over the Purposely Dumbed Down Masses. This Physical Dimension is a Cyber Space Vacuum that has been created for certain species to have psychological sway over most unaware people.< Less
TapLining InKorporated By DUANE THE GREAT WRITER
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Many Korporations and Governments of this world have been practicing Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Time Travel and other scientific mediums for many centuries, and experimenting with people in... More > their dreams who are unaware of what is taking place with Alien Kontacts. This also accounts for the Alien Abductions that have happened for decades, as many of the government officials have made deals with the Reptilians and given their 'okay' to take people and use them as 'Guinea Pigs' for Alien Experiments. TapLining is one of the easier forms of Emotional and Mental Kontrol the Aliens use with Agreeing Korporations for the sake of feeding off of people's emotional stimulation’s. Learn to Watch Your DreamVisions and protect yourself with RealGuidance from Rebazar Tarzs & The RealGuides by doing The NU-U Sessions / /< Less
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Those who are in Kontrol of this world and so much of the PsycRealms always 'Ploy' their little subjects with the ideas of 'Retribution!' This is also the same as 'Karma' according to the so-called... More > Enlightened SpiritAum Systems with their Kontrolling Masters & Gurus. Karma is in Kalaum Kreation and is actually Cause & Effect, and a very good learning tool to eventually 'Recognize' The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. What we have come to experience as Retribution, Karma, and all the guilty bad feelings with it, are a Purposely Planned Distortion to keep people as puppets to those who place themselves above others. The ReligAum Regimes have done this since their very beginning. YU have been here as a slave and servant for far longer than YU can remember, and all the Invented Systems have Purposely Kreated all the Restrictions YU are experiencing Now. YU have Agreed to the Deception YU have been Marketed with. YU are made to feel very guilty when YU do not continue to Agree.< Less
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TAPLINING... There is so much more to TapLining than the ASStral Body TapLining that has been done for untold centuries to almost all the people on this planet. That which is being created here also... More > Effects other parts of the PsycRealms, such as the emotions, memory and mind. The ALLNatural Environment that Supports ALL of US is all together SelfSustaining, and each one of us can learn to do the same and Become SelfSufficient unto OurSelves. When YU have The Real Knowledge of THE ALLIS NOW, YU will learn to SeeMore than YU ever have before. TapLining also entails what is taking place on the earth, as the Kontrolling Korps keep infecting people all over the world with their Konniving Mind Kontrol with ChemTrails, Microwaves, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Lethal Vaccines, Marketing Ploy Propaganda and Deceptive Religious, Political & Spiritualizm Speeches, MiliTerrorized HAARP Regime Machine, Legal Restrictions upon Restrictions and so much more that is seen and unseen.< Less
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TapLining has been around longer than you can imagine and it has been very well hidden. It is hard to even consider that it exists, but it really does and there is a lot more to TapLining than meets... More > the eyes of the physical body. You have TapLines, but you cannot See them with your eyes, and so you must learn to See them and Recognize what they are, starting in Your DreamVisions. The best way to start is to do The NU-U Sessions as explained in The NUBooks and is now on Facebook. When you do The NU-U Sessions you are starting to have The RealConnection to The SoundLight Reality of THE ALLIS. THE ALLIS, IS The TruReality LifeIS. THE IS or THE ALLIS, has nothing to do with the Gods of Man, which have been invented from the minds of those who Kontrol the people of this planet. You can accept this or not, it is all your choice, and in the same instant you can learn to prove What IS Real Now to yourself, and only YU, The RealU can do this when YU decide. /< Less
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TAPLINING is Not very well known, because a lot of people do not know what Astral TapLining is, and there are also those who do not want to share the information about TapLining, because it can have... More > a real impact on their businesses, such as Healers, Religious & Spiritual Masters & Gurus, Alien Lecturers & Informants, who actually TapLine their own followers & memberships in Their Dreams to have Control over them! Astral TapLining is Not a 'belief ' or a mental 'idea' and has always been Here, but has been very hidden, because most of This World is into Controlling Others! Most People Do Not Know who Rules This Planet Earth. There are those who Lecture about the Alien Influences, but Do Not Have a RealCure for the information they are giving unaware & unprotected people! WWWE Show YOU how to See Your TapLines & Fix YourSelf! WWWE have The RealCure for TapLining & Cause&Effect Creation. WWWE Provide RealGuidance and a RealEducation like no one else! Take The Risk to SeeeMore!< Less

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