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Becoming Me: A Journey to Self-acceptance By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $8.15
Being an Adult Baby is not what anyone would choose – if such a choice were even possible. While we can enjoy some of the aspects of being ABDL, the strong desires and unquenchable drive to... More > regress and to become as if we were infants again, is uncomfortable, confusing and for many, quite disturbing. But we are not given this choice. It is instead, imposed upon us during the misty, unknowable times of our actual infancy and it leaves us craving a return back to that spot in our history when we were real babies. In this book, Dylan Lewis explores self-acceptance and self-image by addressing who we are inside and the conflicts and failures that have made us who we are. He then leads us on a journey to finding a path back to wholeness. If you are an Adult Baby, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST for your library.< Less
Six Misfits - A Man and His Dog By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $5.45
Following from the popular book "Six Misfits", the story continues with more adventures for our group of six very different, LGBT and Teen Baby, 'social misfits'. While holidaying together... More > again at the scene of their previous encounter with trouble, our group of teenage 'misfits' encounter a mysterious man and his adorable dog, Harley. Naturally, this leads to adventure and even more discovery of who they are and how it is okay to be who they are... even if they are Princesses or babies!< Less
The Epitome of Love By Henry Lyra
eBook (ePub): $4.10
Robin Bailey appeared to be a regular high school Senior. But Robin had a secret that made him feel like an outsider sometimes: He was an Adult Baby. He liked to wear diapers and pretend he was a... More > one year old baby. He carried that shame for his entire life, never telling anyone who he really is. Carter Blake was popular and part of the school’s swim team, but he never cared for popularity a lot. He knows Robin is keeping a secret, but he doesn’t know what it is. The Bailey family was very close to one another. However, Robin could never tell his parents or sister about his desires of being a baby and wear diapers. He though they would disown him. It is until one little slip up reveals an adult diaper to Robin’s sister in his room that the life of Robin, Carter, and the Bailey family changes forever…< Less
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Dealing With the Baby In Your Bed! By Rosalie Bent
eBook (ePub): $8.91
"Dealing with the Baby in Your bed!" is the second expanded and updated edition of the ground-breaking 114,000 word book designed to help couples find a way to integrate the Regressive... More > Adult Baby into their relationship. Is your partner and Adult baby? Do you find diapers hidden in odd places and don''t know why? Does your spouse want to play with children's toys or dress in baby clothes? These and other such questions are all answered in the second edition and expanded version of this book. Offering more than facts and figures, this book lays out a pathway for developing the most unique relationship that any couple can have - the 'Parent/Child Relationship' Come on the journey of a lifetime and discover how to deal with the baby that is still in your bed!< Less
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Understanding Adult Babies By Michael Bent
eBook (ePub): $8.60
The world of the Adult Baby can appear bizarre and incomprehensible to many from the outside looking in. Even to Adult Babies themselves the powerful drives and confusing needs can be a struggle to... More > manage. In the Bent's second major work on the topic, this book dissects the psychological structure of Adult Infantile Regression and seeks to answer many of the seemingly unanswerable questions such as 'why are people attracted to diapers?', 'where did this all come from' and 'what do I do about this?' Discover more at This book is designed not just for Adult Babies themselves, but also family, friends, partners and therapists who want to simply understand what is going on. There is a lot more to Adult Babies than diapers and pacifiers. Read this book to learn more!< Less

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