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Mars Astronaut Training Program By
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Creative side projects often lead to new approaches … like improving drug discovery for childhood cancer. So here it goes… The steady stream of successes for SpaceX make it... More > reasonable to believe that they will achieve their goal of creating a colony on the planet Mars. The first generation of children of Mars will be the ones who create and perpetuate this new human civilization. And yet, these children may be unlikely to take advice from adults. However, they may very well take advice from other children. Who are the “old souls” among children? Children, adolescents and young adults who have faced cancer or life-threatening illness – and their siblings – may have the most to offer. SO HERE’S THE ASK: What are your 3 wishes for the children of Mars, as they form their society on the red planet?< Less
Boeing Stratofortress Over Europe By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $3.02
Fly a ten hour SAC Boeing B-52 TDY det 'Big Belly' B-52D Stratofotress trainikg mission over Europe from its UK Upper Heyford base.
Echocardiography - MyEasyTest By Giuseppe Felitti & Stefano Bovani
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A simple, literary, straightforward work, optimized for immediate use and easy: easy to learn even for those who haven't previous notions in the field of cardiac ultrasound and therefore are... More > preparing to face a new course of study or specialization. The heart ultrasound is a non-invasive test using ultrasonic techniques, with proper approach / methods characteristic of medical technology, describing the echocardiographic projections to use, patient positioning, the positioning of the probe, the anatomic structures displayed, reference values directly by international guidelines. The aim of this document is to provide the minimum information for the study of the heart using ultrasound, thus providing an useful diagnostic investigation. In this book the reader will find a valuable ally to deal with the technical aspect of the survey echocardiographic, starting from zero.< Less
U.S. Navy Enlisted Aide Handbook By U.S. Navy
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Policy - All enlisted personnel assigned to enlisted aide duty are volunteers and may only be assigned by the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Statement of Duties: Enlisted Aides are authorized to perform... More > duties that relate to the military and official responsibilities or have a reasonable connection to those officer’s duties to whom enlisted aides are assigned. Enlisted Aides assigned and billeted to Flag Officers Quarters are billeted directly to the personal staff of that Flag officer. When checking into the Flag Officers command the Enlisted Aide will schedule a formal office call with the Admiral or Flag Officer to receive official instruction on the following: -Duties and responsibilities - Amount of entertaining -Expectation of meal preparation -Frequency of TDY/travel -Recruiting experienced help (other Enlisted Aides, active or retired) for large parties -Mode of transportation when performing errands/reimbursement of fuel costs -Training (opportunity to attend advanced culinary courses)...< Less
It's All About The Dog: Using a Therapy Dog in the School Setting By Leona Davis
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Years ago, a colleague came up with the novel idea of bringing my dog to school to work with students with emotional issues. Since then this one dog has touched many people and has prompted other... More > programs to add a therapy dog to their staff. My book explores my personal experiences working with a therapy dog in three different school settings over a 7-year period. The therapy dog program involves using dog and handler teams that have been certified through Therapy Dogs International (TDI). Animal assisted therapy is a nontraditional method for working with regular and special education students in a variety of programs. This research project involved the work of many individuals. I have been blessed to work with many outstanding people throughout my career who have been willing to think outside of the box and support such a nontraditional idea. This book is a must read for educators, therapists, and animal lovers and sends a message about the climate of our schools and connecting with our youth.< Less

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