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The Bug: Volume Two By Tu M' Tu M'
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THE BUG is a series of 6 books focusing upon principles concerned with Art, while placing a particular involvement upon poetry. Each Volume contains drawings; the subjects for which are taken from,... More > or inspired by, the articles and poems contained within. VOLUME TWO focuses primarily on visual and verbal languages within art, poetry and prose. All contents were produced by Tu M' Tu M's three founding members.< Less
The Bug: Volume One By Tu M' Tu M'
Paperback: $10.63
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The Bug consists of a series of articles focusing upon Principles concerned with Art, along with analytical reviews of Literature, placing a particular involvement upon poetry. The Bug also contains... More > drawings; the subjects for which are taken from, or inspired by, the articles and poems contained within. 'The Bug: Volume One' is the first in a series of 6 books. Written and compiled by members of Tu M' Tu M' Volume One contains: 9 articles, 7 poems, 1 fictional tale and 5 original drawings. Articles include: - Re-evaluating the Artistic Position - The Importance of Emotional Focus within Art - To Create and Celebrate Beauty - The Flat, the Antique and Life - On the Production of a Historical Picture: Design - Seeing the Subject in Art< Less
Tu The By diffe eren
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It blinds me, slapped me one that "... ignore this author", pushing you into a corner, stripped shirt, long pants loom, fuck mom, I did not expect the unfortunate fate like this, on the... More > each flower is regular pants instead of a time spending 2 weeks. 18 years since I did not expect to keep a chicken meal pressed cement plant that much effort poured into the river down bien.May Tiu it at that bike shop guy enters, holding a bowl of rice with shrimp paste box This power-u Xuyen sure I brought lunch for you And the question, it rolled his eyes, mouth agape, drool flowing into the rice bowl of em.Ba to look at each other, yet she was wearing the shirt, ran out to lunch for my ngoai.Thang Tiu, sentenced, while it is running fast the next day there ngoai.Khong know what track that she did not talk to me anymore< Less
Black Berry By kaka tu
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A Practical Guide for Personal Assistants By Grace Tu
eBook (ePub): $18.00
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A practical guide for on-the-job personal assistants, executive assistants and secretaries having similar responsibilities. This book is targeted to improve their overall presentation and... More > professionalism as they strive to climb up the corporate ladder. Some specific chapters, e.g. language proficiency, are helpful to people whose mother tongue is not English. This is not a book to teach shorthand, typing skills or the basic office routines. This is a book for those who would like to advance themselves through some practical guidance with emphasis on a hands-on and functional approach. In fact, theoretical knowledge and technical skills can be obtained from school but things like common sense and integrity can only be obtained through life experience. The thirteen chapters are split into two major modules coaching assistants how they can manage their jobs in both practical and ethical ways with appendices of samples and helpful business terms.< Less
Smartphone Unlock By chau tu
eBook (PDF): $9.00
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Smartphone Unllock Smartphone Unllock Smartphone Unllock Smartphone Unllock Smartphone Unllock Smartphone Unllock
Mia By Tu Shin
eBook (PDF): $396.00
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For six years Mia Drake has stayed away from her home town, returning only to settle business after the death of her father. When her car breaks down on a stormy night, she takes it as an omen that... More > she should have stayed away, until she is rescued by the handsome and enigmatic Paul James. Her plan to sign papers and leave as quickly as possible thwarted. Six years ago after being attacked, it was Mia and another victim who had ensured the attacker was put into jail. However, somebody with a sinister agenda of their own seems to be going to a great deal of trouble to keep Mia in town, but time and again, it is Paul who comes to her rescue and for the first time in her life Mia finds somebody worth loving.< Less
Have A Nice Guy TM By J Tu
Paperback: $9.00
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A book of poetry,lyrics and prose
My Design Library By Cassandra Tu
eBook (PDF): $0.99
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A look into my collection of 5 design books.
book By eu tu
Paperback: $6.22
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