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Inspiration - A Tabletop Rpg Deckbuilding Game By Gerard Gully
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Looking for an RPG highly different than what you've played before? Want an RPG system that new players can learn in a couple minutes? Then check out Inspiration! Inspiration is a fantasy deck... More > building tabletop RPG. It combines the strategic fun of building a deck and uses it as the core character building mechanic. This isn't a CCG or TCG; all the cards needed to play are in this package. This download comes with the core rules, all 8 core classes, and all 388 power cards for the classes. It also comes with weapons, magic items, and pre-made monsters. This is the complete package of a tabletop RPG; the only thing you'll need is a set of standard RPG dice, grid paper for battles, and optional miniatures for each character. This system is meant to be simple enough that anyone could learn to play, making it a great introduction RPG. The deck-building system also adds a layer of strategy for veteran RPG players!< Less
FATE: Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment By Fred Hicks & Robert Donoghue
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
Fate is a free RPG that focuses on telling stories and balancing characters based on story significance, rather than points and cool powers. It's the system of choice for GMs who are looking for... More > rules that get out of the way of the story, but still provide enough structure to get the job done.< Less
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Zine Issue 1 By Farsight Games
eBook (PDF): $0.00
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Zine Issue 2 By Farsight Games
eBook (PDF): $0.00
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Magazine Issue 2 In this issue: THE BILL COFFIN INTERVIEW WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, ANYWAY? Different GMing styles 6 TIPS FOR CREATING ALIENS FOR SCI-FI GAMES
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Magazine Issue 7 By Farsight Games
eBook (PDF): $0.00
In This Issue: The ROB LANG Interview - Creator of the free science fiction roleplaying game Icar and the man behind the keyboard at The Free RPG Blog, Rob Lang took some time out to answer a few... More > questions for ODDS. 8 GAME ETIQUETTE TIPS – Simple things to remember so that your games run smoother. A GAME OF KINGS – Another look at Chess by Richard Williams BATTLE CHESS – Need a quick tactical resolution to a battle in your RPG session? Do you know how to play Chess? < Less
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Magazine Issue 5 By Farsight Games
eBook (PDF): $0.00
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Magazine Issue 5 In This Issue: One Track Mind- Roleplaying from a selfish perspective The MARK NEWBOLD interview The Quest for the Golden Group- Examining... More > different types of RPG groups Well, We’ve All Got Our Problems – How to keep games fresh Played To Death – Character death in roleplaying games < Less
ODDS - The Tabletop Roleplaying E-Magazine Issue 6 By Farsight Games
eBook (PDF): $0.00
ODDS – The Tabletop Roleplaying E-magazine Issue 6. In This Issue: The Dave McAlister Interview – The Man over at has a chat with us about gaming and the premier... More > UK RPG website. Mundane Items and their Place in Settings – Nathan Babbitt reminds us that whilst we marvel at the wondrous things in games we must not forget the little things that are just as important. Road To Ruin – A few helpful hints on how to effectively ruin a gaming session. Keeping Your Cool – Every GM has to deal with frustrating situations during a game. Here are a few ideas on how to handle it. < Less
Pulp! the RPG: Estia By Brian Liberge
Paperback: $13.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Pulp! Fantasy is the first line of products using the Pulp! RPG core rules engine. The core rules are exceptionally flexible and we’ll easily cover most genres. When showing it off to the... More > world, we decided to use the most familiar for tabletop gamers. Estia is a wild land filled with undiscovered creatures and hidden dangers. The given goal of this adventure is a simple one: acquire an artifact of the Old Ones for study. Players control powerful heroes from the very beginning, but death always lurks only a few bad rolls away. The players have the freedom to pursue their goals in any style they see fit: aggressive combat, silver-tongued diplomacy, or elaborate scheming. The Pulp! system supports these modes of play with ease, allowing you to switch from one of these tactics to another without stopping the scene to reference a separate set of rules.< Less
Havenshield The Complete RPG Rulebook By D.S. Myers
Hardcover: $18.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Havenshield the Complete RPG Rulebook is filled with rules on character creation, monsters, magic items, equipment, spells and magic, a setting guide to the world of Havenshield, and much much more. ... More > Havenshield is a simple 2d6+modifier Fantasy Tabletop RPG in the style of the world's oldest fantasy role playing game.< Less
Everyverse RPG Paranormality By Dennis J. Parizek
eBook (ePub): $13.00
Everyverse RPG Paranormality is the first supplement to the Everyverse RPG basic rules manual. It is a guide to providing a context for paranormal powers and features. —Magic: There are three... More > levels of specialization and a comprehensive list of over 700 spells. —Aura: Control the seven chakras of your body’s energy field and their 63 powers. —Psionics: Harness the psychic abilities of your mind. Active and passive modes, six realms, three parameters and three options give 324 possible effects. —Reality alteration: Tinker with the laws of nature if you dare! You might change the world, but you can’t escape the results. —Synchronicity: Why do some people always come out smelling like a rose? They have the power to arrange lucky coincidences even after the fact!< Less

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