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The Tales of Terrace: The Compass of Rupestris By Sir Eli Vladimir
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In times of peace, prepare for war. With the Guardian’s Storm behind them and their futures in question, Todd, Breron, and Kate are only left with one thing to ask: What do they do now? Their... More > aimless quest gains a target when Kate discovers that the Tactician is searching the world for an artifact, the key to his full power, the Shadow Staff. Whoever finds it first will determine the fate of the Earth and all worlds connected to it... but where do they start? The home of the only artifact able to locate such a powerful and ancient weapon of course, The Eastern Sky. Herald in the New Year with this trio of Mediterraneans, the year of the DisUlti.< Less
The Tales of Terrace: The Golem of Bone By Eli Vladimir
Paperback: List Price: $8.00 $7.20 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Todd Goodwill, the newest Reaper of the magical world, is up to some mischief in this companion piece to 'The Reaper of the Reaper: The Broken Peace'. When Todd gains new responsibilities and has no... More > way of balancing them by himself, he finds two heads are better than one. Chaos, comedy, and mystery ensues as Todd, Breron, and Kate all try to adjust to their new lives after the 'Incident at the Blood Palace'. Join the Mediterraneans for a Halloween that the Goodwills will no doubt remember forever!< Less
The Storyteller Tales Blog By Greg Weston
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The Storyteller Tales is a Blog started in August 2008 by Suffolk Children's author, Greg Weston. Many of his stories are serialised on the Blog and it's also an opportunity to dip into some of his... More > unpublished tales and his thoughts and experiences of the ups and downs of writing. Please do click below and take a look around! Or have a look at the extract of the Blog in the download. Click to enter the Blog... Click to enter the Shop...< Less
The Rain and Blossom (Rabbit Brook Tales Volume 2) By Colin Wilce
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Every year the rains come during late Budding Season. This time the weather is so extreme that the Council orders an evacuation All that are able take refuge in the Mushroom Cave at the far end of... More > the Terraces but Pippy Pippin and Tom Fluff risk everything by trying to rescue Nan Moss, the old doe that lives at Dam Bottom Cottage. At the end of the Budding Season, the Blossom Tree Celebration is held on the Dance House lawn. Preparations go well until Walter and Min have an argument that leads to the loss of the day’s drink supply. Pippy volunteers to help whilst leaving the twins with Mr and Mrs Fluff. However, the twins get locked in the Drink Factory on their own and spend an evening trapped until rescued by Pippy. Next day, the Celebration takes place with a surprise ending.< Less
The Valley and Daffodils (Rabbit Brook Tales Volume 1) By Colin Wilce
Paperback: $9.96
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Rabbit Brook runs through a narrow valley. At the lower end stands the village of Lower Brook where the Brook runs into the Great Water. The main features of the Village are the three bridges that... More > cross the Brook, the uniform stone cottages with shutters for windows, the Park next to the Great Water and the Drink Factory looked after by Sparkling Walter and his wife Min. Young adult bucks work there or on the Terraces way above the Valley only reached by Goose’s Neck, 400 winding steps leading up from by the Store and Store Bridge. Older bucks work on the Valley Vegetable Garden next to the Store. The Store Keeper, Pippy Pippin, looks after the Store with his wife Daisy. Their children, the twins Jim and Nat often play with their best friends Sandy Wood and Grace Fern. Once over Store Bridge, the climb up Craggy Path leads to Dance’s Corner where Lord and Lady Dance live in the majestic Dance House, with its large lawn and Blossom Tree.< Less
The Reaper of the Reaper - The Guardian's Storm By Eli Vladimir
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Todd Goodwill's life is getting complicated, dangerous, and downright stark-raving mad! When a mysterious man begins to wreak havoc in both the magic and mortal worlds, Todd is called upon to set... More > things right. However, the world's newest Reaper might not be able to stack up against his newest adversary and his legion of Foot-Soldiers. With nearing the truth of his parents' past, his constant night terrors, and his overly-complicated love life, it's enough to drive anyone insane! Join the Mediterraneans in a journey down the Rabbit-Hole that goes beyond logic, transcends fairy tales, and quite frankly goes over the (Big) Top! Colorful characters and mysteries are in tow behind Todd's quest to take down The Shoemaker. So, enjoy this adventure! Enjoy this book! Enjoy this Wonderland! For as long as you can...< Less
The Reaper of the Reaper: The Ante Bellum Collection By Eli Vladimir
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Todd Goodwill’s life has gone to all sorts of Hell. His crush is dating his best friend, his uncle’s conspiring against him, and his aunt is… Well, we’ll get to that. Oh!... More > Also, he’s the Grim Reaper. How in all the worlds did this happen? I’m glad you asked. These are the adventures of one sixteen-year-old Todd Goodwill, the latest in a long line of Reapers. He might only have dumb luck, remedial magic, and his two best friends – Breron and Kate – by his side, but that won’t stop him from doing all he can for the world and the people he loves. This collection includes The Reaper of the Reaper: The Broken Peace, The Tales of Terrace: The Golem of Bone, The Reaper of the Reaper: The Guardian’s Storm, The Tales of Terrace: The Compass Rupestris, and a sneak-peek into Todd’s next story, The Reaper of the Reaper: The War of the DisUlti Part I! All these adventures will only prepare you for what’s yet to come, for The War of the DisUlti is on the horizon, but is Todd truly ready?< Less
The princess' castle By Ilenia Mucciardi
Paperback: $13.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
Every princess owns a castle and, this princess, owns a very special one. But, how many rooms are in the castle? Let's find out together! The princess loves to make cookies, to watch cartoons, to... More > play with her friend, to eat a lot of good things...and much more. And, of course, for each of there activities there is a particular room. So, enjoy your visit!< Less
The Four Days' Night By Fred Merrick White
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Another in the "Doom of London" series, in which the author sounds a clarion call of potential disasters that may fall upon the great city. Here he relates a tale of air pollution.... More > Excerpt: They crawled along through the black suffocating darkness, feeble, languid, and sweating at every pore. There was a murky closeness in the vitiated atmosphere that seemed to take all the strength and energy away. At any other time the walk to Clarence Terrace would have been a pleasure, now it was a penance. They found their objective after a deal of patience and trouble. Hackness yelled in the doorway. There was a sound of footsteps and Cynthia Grimfern spoke.< Less
Echoes of Deception By Patrick Hopton
eBook (ePub): $1.66
An old lady sits on the terrace of her Mediterranean villa recounting the story of her life and loves to two rapt listeners – her grandson and his lover. It is a life built on fraud and... More > deception; her listeners know this yet they love her in spite of it. The dramatic events that comprise her tale are shaped by the cataclysm of the First World War, touch on the court of Imperial Russia and overflow into the opulent Capri of the 1990s. Her story transforms the lives of the listening pair for ever. Echoes of Deception is a moving story of love, betrayal and hidden mysteries.< Less

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