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The Season of Tara By Mark David King
Paperback: $6.22
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A young poet called Jelly Roll assists me in the construction of rhyme and verse concerning a Gothic princess named Tara. Moreover, there is plenty of mystical things happening to the main... More > characters concerning the carnal aspects of lovemaking, the biomechanical elements of angels and God; specifically, the angelic aliens and their arrival is hinted at in poetic detail, and the girl named Tara is lifted into the heavens by way of energetic eloquence and tainted prose, making her within the ranks of the trans-corporeal Celestial Hierarchy< Less
The Book of Tephi, Queen of Tara and Gibraltar. By JAH Truth
Paperback: $20.00
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The Book of Tephi describes in detail the journey Jeremiah The Bible Prophet took with the daughter of king Zedekiah of Jerusalem called Teia Tephi, The Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) and The Ark of The... More > Covenant from Jerusalem to Ireland, via Tanis in Egypt (as in "Raiders of The Lost Ark") then on to Gibraltar; Breogan in Spain; Cornwall and eventually landing at Howth, near Dublin, in Ireland on the 18th. of June 583 B.C.< Less
A Tribute to Our King - Raja Ram Khanna By Tara Chander
Hardcover: $38.00
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This book is a tribute to my Nanaji, Raja Ram Khanna; the king of our family. He has faced so many obstacles in his life, from his kidnapping, to the Partition, to coming to America, and so on. No... More > matter what the obstacle may be, my Nanaji always finds a way to overcome it with a positive attitude. I hope everyone can learn something by reading his story.< Less
The King of Lamoria By Deborah Pemberton
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Tara is a confused teenage girl who is forced into an arranged marriage with a king whom she's never met and then later finds out that she's the key to ending his war.
Blood King By Michael Collins
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Michael's close friend Tara just passed away, only no one from her family came to the funeral. So Michael, his brother Jonathan, along with a few friends from college decided to throw a remembrance... More > party and pass out fliers in Tara's home town in hopes that someone close to her past would show up. Unfortunately the town they entered looked to be abandoned, yet an ancient horror resided beneath the ground waiting to be released, thirsting for their blood.< Less
Shadowed By Tara Jadestone
Paperback: $9.99
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Life for sixteen-year-old Melanie has always been in the dark. So when her sister, the savior of Tenebris, is called to the King's Castle, Melanie can only hope that past life in the darkness comes... More > to an end. But her fate does not lie in the glittering "happily-ever-after" her sister strives for, rather, it lies in the shadows of a notorious Dark Mage desperate to be King. In her sister's journey to defeat an age-old enemy, Melanie must overcome her destiny, or she -and her heart- will be lost to the evil that threatens her kingdom. "To light a candle is to cast a shadow." ~Ursula K. Le Guin< Less
Kingdom by Force Vol. II By Tara Merklinger
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"You can't escape war Bakari. Someday it will happen. You can choose to run away, or fight." -Kingdom by Force Vol. I The war Bakari didn't want to happen is upon Avith and there is no... More > escape. Outnumbered on all sides, the Senn and Panter armies need help, and fast. When Calen suggests asking his people for help, he and Bakari travel hundreds of miles to ask the king of the North. But the battle still rages at home and no one, not even family, is safe. The battle is just beginning, and enemies are closing in. Vol. II in the Kingdom by Force series is the second in the exciting and adventure filled trilogy by the author.< Less
True Tales of the Toothfairy By Tara Moore
Hardcover: $24.00
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The Tooth Fairy and her friend live in a tiny treehouse in a great tree in Kenya near the Great Rift Valley. Tooth fairy, her helper, and their flying elephant, Ivory, fly around the world leaving... More > special gifts for children who have lost a tooth. However, one difficult evening they are unable to go to every child that lost a tooth in one night. Although the other fairies have each refused to help her before, she calls a fairy meeting.Tooth must use her persuasive powers to convince all of the fairies as a group, including the king, to act together for the children of the world. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this book is a delight.< Less
Fringe Plays By Tara Varney & Bryan Colley
Paperback: $12.00
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These one-act plays premiered at the Kansas City Fringe Festival from 2008-2012. "Hexing Hitler": A writer and his friends put a curse on Hitler to end World War II using witchcraft.... More > "Sexing Hitler": German occupiers are contracting syphilis in astounding numbers, so Hitler orders the creation of inflatable pleasure dolls that they can carry in their packs to satisfy their urges. "Lingerie Shop": It begins as a steamy comedy, until one of the actresses curses the playwright and quits the play. A Pirandello-styled farce that deconstructs theatre and feminism. "Khaaaaan! the Musical": The Enterprise crew goes back in time to find the world trapped in 1980s culture and lorded over by the guitar god Khan. This rock-n-roll parody of "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" explores our nostalgic fixation on the past. "Jesus Christ, King of Comedy": The familiar tale of Christ is used to satirize our celebrity worshiping society when Jesus goes into show business and becomes the biggest entertainer in the Middle East.< Less
Flower Shields: A Four Horsemen Novel By C. A. King
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Meet the four horsemen: Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel and Raphael. For centuries their job has been to guard the gates of hell, making sure they never open. Without the keys, there was never any real... More > threat. That's about to change. There are rumours on the horizon that demon followers unearthed scrolls that explain exactly how to find the lost keys. This new battle is a race to see which side locates them first. ***************** Tara's life is nothing short of a disaster. She's managed to flunk out of college with about the same amount of dignity as every relationship she's been in. The only constant in her life has been her love for flowers. When she's attacked at work, a stranger comes to her aid. Michael might be good-looking, but he's also arrogant, bossy and crazy. He's also her only chance to figure out who attacked her and why. Should she follow her heart and trust him - or listen to her head and run?< Less

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