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Letters on leave : letters between Mary Travers and Andrew Jack, and other family letters, from 1935 to 1941 By Adrienne Higgs
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Continuation of the acclaimed Engagement by Seamail chronicling the life of Mary Jack (nee Travers) in the leadup to WWII. Also includes letters from Archibald (Bill) Travers, an RAF Blenheim bomber... More > crewman who was lost in the Battle of Ceylon in 1942.< Less
The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia By John G. Withnell
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The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia by John G. Withnell. THE object of this work is to preserve, before civilization has made them obsolete, the... More > traditions and customs of the aboriginal natives of the North-West of Western Australia--particularly those of the Pilbarra district--as accurately as possible, based upon upwards of twenty years' observation. Since the discovery of gold and the consequent influx of population the natives cannot carry out their traditions as they used to do--most of the young men being in the employment of the whites, prefer to imitate them, caring little or nothing for their elders' teachings. So it is merely a matter of time when they will become extinct. It is quite probable that the curse of drink together with the supplanting of black children by mixed races will eventually cause them to die out, for it is reasonable to suppose that few intellectual persons will find companionship in the natives...< Less
My Calendar By Kell Graham
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Poppy and Dozer (Pozer) the Dogs. %5 of my revenue will be donated to the Dogs' Homes of Tasmania
Margaret Forster Last Words: writing & poetry By Margaret Forster
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The collected writings and poetry of Margaret Forster written in the last years of her life in Franklin, Tasmania.
Early Australian History: Convict Life In New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, In Two Parts By Charles White
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Early Australian History: Convict Life in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land by Charles White, first published in 1889. Series of Historical Sketches, upon Australian Colonization and Convict... More > Life in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land. Van Diemen's Land was the original name used by most Europeans for the island of Tasmania, now part of Australia. The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to land on the shores of Tasmania. In Tasmania, from beginnings of the darkest moral shade, and now that the old order has changed, beneficent and flourishing, from surroundings of the most favorable character—from conditions of private, social and public life of which any nation might be proud—look out upon the fast-fading picture of the past, and marvel exceedingly at the change. "Read me anything but history," said Walpole; "that is sure to be false." And a good many in Australia living at the present day would give plenty to create a distance for and hatred of colonial history.< Less
Tiger, Tiger By Mel Keegan
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In the only wilderness left on Earth, the last wild tigers face a new danger. Few people care that the wild tiger has vanished, but one eccentric billionaire owns owns vast tracts of northwest... More > Tasmania, and in the Tarkine, a handful of un-engineered tigers still roam free. The park is managed by specialists who have spent their whole lives with these animals, and the discovery of a gene smuggling racket triggers sudden violence and thrilling action, in the true Keegan tradition. Meet Sonny Moran and Alec Fitch, two of MK’s most delicious heroes. They’re ranger and copter pilot, and they’ve worked, lived and loved together for a long time. But who are the gene smugglers? How did they get into the Tarkine? More importantly, how will Sonny and Alec keep the genetic materials of wild tigers away from unscrupulous entrepreneurs who are as vile as the drug lords of an earlier age? Exotic near-future SF, with a twist of hightech and spicy gay romance.< Less
Disquiet - the Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran By Paul Tapp
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1991-In the foothills of Tasmania’s Mount Wellington a Vietnam veteran, Joe Gilewicz is shot dead by a special police group. Their version is simple: he shot at us, we shot back. A ballistics... More > cop enters the killing zone and plants evidence to shore up the official police line…but he can’t go on with it. He confesses and expects prison.The dead man is a comrade in arms. Born in a Nazi concentration camp, Stan Hanuszewicz is a two-tour Vietnam Vet. The dead soldier’s parents, holocaust survivors too. They met behind the wire in a death camp.'I cannot watch when they pull my fingernails out,' she tells the author.'Swim from Gestapo' her friend calls as they make a bid for freedom in icy waters near the camp. ‘Disquiet’ is an unedited compilation of formal court statements and recorded family anecdote. Today Joe’s death is recorded as ‘justifiable homicide’. Disquiet is self-published on Lulu for the record.< Less
Disquiet : The Justifiable Homicide Of An Australian Vietnam Veteran By Paul Tapp
eBook (ePub): $7.25
1991- the foothills of Tasmania's Mount Wellington. Joe Gilewicz is shot dead by Tasmanian Police. Their version: he shot at us, we shot back. A ballistics cop enters the killing zone and plants... More > evidence to shore up the official police line...but he can't go on with it. He confesses and expects prison. Born in a Nazi concentration camp, Stan Hanuszewicz, like Joe, is a Vietnam Vet. Both families survived the Nazi horror camps and fled to Australia; their new homeland. John Agius QC, said Disquiet was 'forensic journalism'. This book was central to a Tasmanian Commission of Inquiry. The State government refused special ‘phone-tap’ powers. Commissioner, Dennis Mahoney QC, said his finding of 'Justifiable Homicide' may have been different. 'Disquiet' is now in the Australian National Library and the Tasmanian State library. It is heavily discounted to make it available to law students and the general public to ensure that this event remain 'on the record'. A sequel ‘Build-up To a Disquiet’ is now complete.< Less
Tristan in a Brood of Adders By johannes verhoeff
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A Brood of Adders is a 52 page, full colour adventure comic in the tradition of Tintin, Blake and Mortimer, Franka and other European comic masters. This is an action packed adventure, filled with... More > twists and quirky humour. Tristan battles an international conspiracy run by corrupt but bumbling power-brokers. This is a new revised edition!< Less
A Story of A Pioneer Family in Van Diemen's Land By Kate Hamilton Dougharty
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I have always been fascinated with this little book. On reading its pages, once living characters leapt out of a sophisticated part of our Tasmanian social heritage, rarely caught in modern writing.... More > Through letters and diaries, a relative of our pioneering free settlers from a rather privileged class, painted a living and lasting memory of her forebears, their travails and their triumphs in a part of VDL. Through the advent of scanners and software and the world wide web, I have re-published and even elaborated as footnotes, on topics and photos that the author never had access to. This story deserves to be out of the archives and back onto bookshelves. It pays tribute to Kate Hamilton Dougharty’s original works. I daresay she would be delighted at the knowledge of her book being resurrected from so many worthy ‘out of print’ publications, Paul Tapp, March 2011.< Less

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