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Prequel By Chris Johnson
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Every war leaves a mark upon time, as well as the earth upon which it is fought. In Dublin, Georgia, in the spring of 1974, the survivors of wars from the distant past welcomed home the soldiers of... More > the war in Vietnam. The children who would fight another, distant war, were marked for battle by a convergence of forces hidden by a natural disaster that most thought would be remembered as the defining moment of their lifetimes—but it was only the prequel. Life in small towns, and everywhere, was changed—forever. The real war was just beginning.< Less
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You are the network manager of a compaany that has grown from 10 employees to 100 employees in 12 months. Year 2 projected growth is estimated to be 100 additional employees located at a remote... More > location. The aggressive growth has brought about some unique challenges and opportunities. The company has one remote warehouse and no off-site disaster recovery services or servers. The network design remains a non-redundant, flat topology. Your assignment must consider the three-layer hierarchical model. You are free to make supported assumptions of the applications and services that this organization uses.< Less
Junior Earplug Adventures: Worstworld Volume One By Tooty Nolan
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With their business on Mars concluded, its time for the passengers and crew of Ship Number Fifteen to begin the voyage back to Earth and the Museum of Future Technology. But Captain Horatio... More > Noseblower hadn't reckoned on the arrival of a vengeful Hyperspace Pirate mothership. Yikes - is disaster about to befall the brave Earplug adventurers?< Less
Junior Earplug Adventures: Stepladder to the Stars By Tooty Nolan
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Museum of Future Technology curator, Hakking Chestikov, visits the mystical mountain kingdom of Kah-Ki-Pu for cosmetic surgery. The resulting physiological changes exceed his wildest dreams, but... More > personal disaster strikes on the return journey, which ultimately leads to potential salvation from extermination for the braver souls of Worstworld.< Less
Rad Decision: A Novel of Nuclear Power By James Aach
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Rad Decision is a technothriller about a looming crisis at an American nuclear power plant, written by an engineer with over twenty years of experience in the US nuclear industry. Within a tale of... More > espionage and disaster, the people, politics and technology of nuclear energy come to life.< Less
The Great Mass By Giangi Dema
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Elimination of public debt, no longer poor and unemployed and precarious, increase in public spending, and funding indicated below.Funding: for disasters / natural disasters, for health care, to... More > create facilities that guarantee better health for the sick, to experiment with new technologies, to check all structures, to realize for new help / reception / recovery centers, for safety, for tourism, to reduce pollution, for the renovation of buildings in general, for early retirement, for animals / nature / environment, for reducing bank's interests, for various and other possible.........., just want it,........< Less
The Hanson Conundrum By Vincent M. Messbarger, MD
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The Hanson Trilogy continues… Book Two: The Hanson Conundrum. Dr. Benjamin Harris Hanson is laid to rest and the world he left behind shudders from his legacy. Politicians bitterly fight... More > amongst themselves about the significance of Hanson’s frightening revelations and what to do about the ultra-secret facility he worked in. Ben Hanson’s brilliant and beautiful daughter, Dr. Donna Hanson, is chosen to lead the troubled Project Cocheta. Within days of her appointment, America’s intensely guarded nuclear weapons stockpile is suddenly compromised, a new Russian submarine is lost at sea and horrific disasters occur in Hawaii and Georgia. All seem completely unrelated to each other, but are they? Are the curious alien "visitors,” still as benign as they have been for the last 70 years, or are they on the brink of initiating interstellar war? The answer awaits mankind on a still, high desert night, 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas...< Less
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COM 590 Module 4 Assignment Latest COM590 COM 590 Module 4 Assignment Latest 1. For each of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure, describe a policy you would write and implement for each... More > domain. 2. How does separation of duties throughout an IT infrastructure mitigate risk for an organization? 3. When using a layered security approach to system administration, who would have the highest access privileges. 4. Why do you only want to refer to technical standards in a policy definition document? 5. Explain why the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure help organizations align to separation of duties. 6. Why is it important for an organization to have a policy definition for business continuity and disaster recovery?< Less
manifesto By Theodore Kaczynski
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Industrial Society and Its Future begins with Kaczynski's assertion that "the Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race." The first sections of the... More > text are devoted to psychological analysis of various groups—primarily leftists and scientists—and of the psychological consequences for the individual of life within the "industrial-technological system". The later sections speculate about the future evolution of this system, argue that it will inevitably lead to the end of human freedom, call for a "revolution against technology", and attempt to indicate how that might be accomplished.< Less
Yesterday's Tomorrow By G.W. Pomichter & William DuPree
eBook (ePub): $6.99
2 Families scattered around the globe tethered to one another by 21st century technology must rediscover the real ties that bind them when a devastating nuclear terrorist attack on America causes a... More > massive power outage, and they are forced to redefine what it means to be a part of a family, a community, and a country. Search Terms: EMP, Disaster, Thriller, Near Future, Prepper Fiction, Apocalyptic< Less

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