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Unbreakable Friendships By Kaitlyn Hooley
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This story is a heartwarming story with teen love and drama between young adults. Everyone needs a little love in their life. In the story, Unbreakable Friendships, a boy falls head over heals for... More > seventeen year old Michelle West in this dramatic love story of two best friends. When Michelle's long time best friend Jake Martin moves back to Bridgetown, Connecticut, Michelle is anxious to have her best friend back. Once Jake reveals his feelings for Michelle, things become uneasy. Will she let Jake come between her friendship with her other best friend Jennifer Adams? When Michelle and Jake agree to start dating, things turn upside down when Jake receives his mission call. Will Michelle and Jake stay together after his mission, or will she fall for the returned missionary, and Jennifer's cousin, Nate Mason?< Less
Stronger By Meg Stautberg
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She's heartbroken over her ex-boyfriend. The only way she gets past the constant fighting of her parents is by the protection of her brother. She won't admit it, but she's hiding lonlieness on the... More > inside. He's stuck with his uncle who he hadn't even known about. This happened after his brother died. His dad passed away when he was a young teen and his mom passed away when he was born. If he hadn't escaped the one place he hated being at, he wouldn't be who he is right now. What would happen if you put these two together? If they became inseperable?< Less
Saying Goodbye By Lisa Douglas
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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is say goodbye....... For Ali her life has been simple. Stay out of his way and he won’t hurt you. Growing up in a broken home filled with abuse, Ali wants... More > more for herself. After the passing of her grandmother she finds herself drawn to Nick, living a similar lifestyle they become friends. When an unforeboding romance sparks between the two, complications seem to ignite. Trying to protect the one you love has never come at a higher cost. Love, death, lies and deceit. Saying Goodbye is inspired by true events. (leading to the suicide)< Less
Two Worlds By Alice O'Neill
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He was the dark, brooding, mysterious poet. Always by himself, never talking to anyone in particular, but sometimes caught talking to himself, often found sitting by a tree with a novel or notebook... More > in hand. No one ever really noticed him. He was invisible—like he wasn't even there. That is, until she came along. She was the Goth type. Always dressed in black, clad in chains and spikes, unsociable, seeming moody. She always looked angry or troubled. She was avoided by everyone as well. Her peers all thought she’d maul them if they approached her. She was the new girl, he was the new guy. Two different worlds about to collide head-on in a fiery romance that no one ever expected, especially the two of them.< Less
Decision By Kayla Rawles
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Djazyra Wellington is your average college student with close friends. And when Lucas James, one of those friends, admits his feelings for Djazyra, things begin to change. Not to be forgotten, with... More > their intimate past, Gabriel James keeps close to Djazyra before he drops a bombshell just before Christmas. As things between Djazyra and Lucas heat up, Gabriel uses questionable motives for staying close to her. All it takes is one wrong move, and one of the brothers there to pick up the pieces, and Djazyra is left with a decision she never thought she'd be forced to make.< Less
Perfectly Imperfect By Hannah Downes
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Vanessa’s whole life is turned upside down when she finds out that she is pregnant. Vanessa is only 16 and her whole world is changing. Her mom and dad are getting back together, her brother is... More > going off to college and she could lose the one person who actually cares. Can she handle the challenges that come with growing up?< Less
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Just A Baby By 'Dell Black
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Rahsaan Pearl's main ambition in life is just to be happy, and he's convinced that there isn't a woman alive that he can be truly happy with...until he moves from New York to North Carolina. There... More > he finds the woman of his teenage fantasies...and the girl of his dreams. Sophistocated, eloquent and bitter about relationships, Alicia Hayes is reluctant to hook up with a younger man. But loneliness will get to anyone after being around long enough. When Rahsaan and Alicia become lovers, it's a dream come true. But nowhere in his dreams did he imagine he would fall in love with Erica King. Erica never thought she would fall in love with a man 10 years older, either. But Rahsaan is everything she thinks a man ought to be. Her mother, Karen, thinks Erica is still just a baby and doesn't know what she wants. She also knows Rahsaan is everything she doesn't want for her daughter, due to her own secrets. But how long will she be able to keep her baby from growing up?< Less
Abiding Love By Anna Jones
Paperback: $6.99
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a girl who has terminal cancer and she tries to live her life normally with her supportive family, friends and boyfriend.
Carnivale By Alyssa Toohey
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Alicia, Krista and Sara Amore are three close sisters of the late 1500's in the wonderous Venezia. It is their favorite time of the year, Carnivale. When all the social classes of Venice dress in... More > elaborate costumes and beautiful masks as the mid winter mists draw in on Venice during Lent. These three sisters are tested with the most feared concept of the century. An arranged marriage. To make things even worse for Alicia and Krista, the three brothers chosen by their father are the three lovers of the sisters. But instead of each marrying their lover, Alicia is engaged to Krista's beloved Fabrizio, while Krista is to marry Alicia's Michael. How will the girls deal with this mess? Will their bond as sisters and friends bring them through the fogs? Will their love for all involved bring them triumph? Or will they face doom during Carnivale...< Less

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