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In Quest of the Black Band By Rosalie Baker Shearer
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In 1952, fresh out of high school, I am lured by three friends to enroll in a Catholic school of nursing when I have no desire of becoming a Florence Nightingale. At seventeen I am more interested in... More > fashion and art. In this memoir I share my joys, my hurts, my faith, my fears, and innermost thoughts. Two stories interweave in this tale—of my personal and spiritual growth where I am nearly ripped apart by the tri-fold pull of family, lover, and the Sisters of Charity in my quest for the black band. The events that changed the group of fun-loving teenagers, raised in the foot-hills of Kentucky into mature, bone-tired angels of mercy, and the tender love story that is prominently threaded throughout the pages read like fiction. But this story of tears and laughter is true. I have remembered it all—the good and the bad, and have told it here without alteration.< Less
Autumn Changes --Part III By Red Jordan Arobateau
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----Transman is an artist, a spiritual searcher, & a sexual libertine. Arobateau’s style is to flash back & forth in his memories rather then a typical linear progression. A different... More > date annotates the subsequent paragraph, and locates the reader immediate in time: 1972 Transman purchases a kingsized bed.--Visualizing many hot naked females in it. Does not realize it will be nearly 15 solid years of more aloneness interspersed by 4 or 5 aborted relationships and a dozen 20-minute hookers, until he meets his wife. AUTUMN CHANGES is a bookfull of procedural information about FTM’s & MTF’s as well; something most trans books (fiction/autobiographies) don’t have. Usually being about either one or the other; although the majority of it is about the men: It is August 1998. 3 weeks away from top surgery. 2 months until his first hormone shot. This book’s snapshots flash back and forth. Red Jordan Arobateau, teenager. Young adult in his 20’s. And middle age.< Less
Loe Gue End! By Zara Zettira ZR
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Based on true story by email from an angry fans. Alana telling us the truth about living as socialite teenagers and being an astral traveler. The pain of unknown mother. in Bahasa Indonesia only
Prisoner's Eye By Khayal
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A science fiction story about a teenage girl living in a village with two siblings, older brother and sister. One day, she finds herself hunted down by the military troops while not knowing the... More > reason, with her childhood memories all hidden in the dark. Now trying to survive, some flashes of shocking memories start appearing and she is discovering the horrible truth about her childhood. A science fiction novel in Arabic.< Less
399, via Nizza - Stories By Ivan Pistone
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Cinque racconti brevi: Zeb guardava la pendenza. L'uomo che voleva annoiarsi. Il Dottor Kilowatt. Ipersonnia. Un bon repas.
Smoky Obsidian - Omnis Trilogy, part 3 By Olga Makarova
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Imagine yourself missing over 10 years of your life along with several events of enormous importance. Imagine yourself in a world that had changed beyond recognition, your Masters gone, your friends... More > either dead or scattered all over the planet. Imagine yourself falling asleep while being 20 year old man and meeting a teenager after you wake up, a girl that calls you father... Where would you go, what would you do?.. The destiny of the last Creators's apprentice is a sad one. "The one who had overslept the War". Not many dare to call him that, but many think so. In fact everyone are mistaken about the disaster being over. What is left for the youngest, the most unlearned of apprentices Creators ever had, is a mystery of the Obsidians upon which the fate of Omnisian civillization really depends.< Less

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