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Life is so much bigger than just the ideas of happiness here of even with the Two Heavens of Man. The earth and The Natural Environment have their place and so do the heavens after this life, but... More > they are merely 'Places in Life' and not The RealU. We have all been educated accordingly, which now equals our association with the unnatural environment we have created. We have all roamed from lifetime to lifetime to find ourselves, as we are already Beings of Light. Very few Recognize this fact, and fewer still can truly PerSeeve this RealPosition. When You have RealGuidance and a RealEducation with Rebazar Tarzs and The Real UNUversal Guides, You will start to have RealExperiences, and at the same time You will Become MoreAware and begin to See this world for what it is and eventually Recognize The RealU. I suggest to read 'The AdventurIS Series' and learn to watch Your DreamVisions. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain for You! It costs You nothing to test this out! www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
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The Gods of Man have their place as an understanding. But, for those who Dare to Explore beyond what their eyes and ears see and hear, they Now can begin a Journey Like No Other, into worlds and... More > UNUverses that are so much better and freer than anything that will ever take place here. Of course, very few will attempt what I am proposing, because it cannot be scientifically proven, nor is it a 'belief' of any kind. This RealAdventure Like No Other is not for everyone, only for Real RiskTakers. There is Something So Wonderful that surpasses everything here, and that is to PerSeeve The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. I simply suggest to read one of My NUBooks and test The NU-U Sessions, and then contact Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides in Your DreamVisions, and you will be shown there is so much more to your life than what you have come to know. ALL Life IS Light, and you are a Being of Light, and it is your time to know and Be Free... Have Fun Deciding! www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
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With the world as it is, especially with the Internet, all of us have the best sources to discover the Best Health Secrets available. I have always been into my own health with RealFood that is... More > ALLNatural. I like preparing my own meals and I keep up with what is taking place with the notorious GMO TechFood, that various companies make, and I can See the future of RealFood, and that is with hydroponic installations that are all enclosed, because the air from pollution and ChemTrails is poisoned and so is the soil with toxic fertilizers and everything else that dumped on it. The oceans are the same, as we have everything going to the wonderful oceans on the earth, including all the radioactive fallout that has been around for far too many decades. With all the hazards of this life that are more than evident, I have discovered a greater alternative than just what we have come to discover on the earth, and that is Your DreamVisions, which you can learn to test every night. www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
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Duane The Great Writer, has taken the risk and is doing all he can to promote what Rebazar and Paul are doing on The RealSide, and for those who can Recognize THE NUMAN NOW. I am simply here to... More > provide RealGuidance and a RealEducation, so that everyone has an opportunity for RealFreedom and RealTruth during this lifetime. I am not here as a master or guru with a spiritual path to the Gods of Man. I always suggest to anyone to test what I am presenting and watch Your DreamVisions, because as you put your body to rest, Rebazar Tarzs will work with you to help you solve the mysteries of yourself, and then The Greatest Adventure of ALL, what lies beyond the PsycRealms and the Invented Gods. This world is on a radical course with the Authoritarian Deceptors, and there are few people who are aware of this and can do anything about it. So, I am taking the risk to expose so much so that others can See for themselves where they are really at what what is really taking place. www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
Through By Kentrell Blanche
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The Sun rose And peeked through the blinds. I wasn’t ready for That type of beauty. I had tossed and turned The entire night. Too much on my mind, Too much on my plate. Pastor Walker... More > said That it’s all but a test Of my faith. But, My question for him was “What’s my next course Of action When I feel so out of place?” He then Laid hands on me And I pretended To receive his words Just to keep from being rude But, The truth of the matter Is that my spirit did not move. Lord knows I haven’t been moved In quite a while. And Lord knows That all I want Is a reason to smile, A reason to spread some good news, A reason to say “I love you too” This has proven to be The tallest mountain.. …And all I want Is to make it through.< Less
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Each person on the planet is trying to survive the best they can. From a physical view and experience, each of us is always trying to figure a better way to survive The Natural Environment that... More > exists here and also the challenge of The Created Environment that has become established. What is usually overlooked is that which must also take place with what we have become aware of which is, The RealU, Your RealAwareness. This is where RealGuidance and a Real Education must be decided upon for each person to discover who they really are, moreso than what has been taught. The best way to test this is to decide to have RealGuidance with Rebazar Tarzs while your body sleeps in Your DreamVisions. You, are already going to other dimensions in Your DreamVisions. A better term for Your DreamVisions is 'The RealSide,' as there are so many sides to everything and endless dimensions, planes, levels and so on, with The Whole of Life, that is available to You Now! www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
Grey's Land Amazon By George Redman
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After the 1947 Roswell UFO crash; the US government create MJ12, a secret organisation tasked to repel a feared alien invasion. It is directed by twelve key men who have either government, business... More > or military connections.They have ultimate authority in regard to E.T. activity superceeding that of the US President and Congress. During the following sixty years, thousands of human abductions take place throughout the world. MJ12 believe the grey skinned aliens, have a breeding programme, as abductees have samples of either eggs or sperm extracted. However to avoid mass hysteria, they advise the world’s governments to deny UFO existence, and to encourage media ridicule of reported abductions. Part of grey’s agenda entails creating children with specific genes compatible with their own, as a virus previously infects their entire population making them sterile. Their hope is to recreate themselves by using the ‘test-tube’ babies, after millions of them die, and they reach near extinction.< Less
PAX By Klaudio Zic
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The peace treaty between Israel and Lebanon has been put to test. Will it hold? Despite the awkward astrological aspects this peace will hold due to the will of both nations and international law.... More > One could say that as soon there is a peace mission, missiles can fly from one side to the other on occasion but peace will hold.< Less
Marshal By Caleb Swift
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Brad and Randy are two Federal Air Marshals from Texas. Both men have different backgrounds and different lives, however both men are put to the test against a hijacker on an escort mission of a... More > Senator flying from Austin to Atlanta.< Less
Legends of Heraldale II: Past Sins By Brian McNatt
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War rages across Heraldale. The Unicorn Empire sends its armies across the land, a blitzkrieg that every day brings the struggling gryphon nations closer to the final dreaded defeat. In the Empire's... More > way stands Princess Galaxy, hippogryph. Together with her adoptive gryphon brother Brynjar and the unicorn Owain, she has defied the iron will of Lord Mordred, evaded the might of the Imperial Army, and saved the city of Port Oil from the ravages of the rogue magical monster Spell Virus. Now Galaxy continues her quest to bring the war to a final end, flying east to the Elderphine Forest and the secrets of her hippogryph heritage. A hidden kingdom will test her wisdom. A lonesome dragon will test her compassion. A travelling warrior will test her resolve. And a former enemy will test her the breaking point.< Less

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