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Scripture, Hermeneutics, and Theology: Evaluating Theological Interpretation of Scripture By Brian Collins
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This dissertation offers a critique of and constructive response to several areas of theological interpretation. Section one evaluates the role that tradition ought to play in interpretation and... More > theology. The second section evaluates the tendency to move back toward a multiple-sense approach to interpretation. Section three evaluates the role that biblical and systematic theology should play in the interpretation of Scripture. The final chapter proposes how biblical theology and systematic theology ought to work together in theological interpretation. Ecclesiastes 9:1-10 serves as a test case. This chapter also includes a discussion about how to apply Scripture in the contemporary world.< Less
Irish Nineteenth Century Prison Records - survey and evaluation By Denise M. Dowdall
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Because of the poor survival rate of Irish census records from the Nineteenth Century, worthwhile substitutes for this period are a particularly welcome addition for the historian and genealogist .... More > Irish Nineteenth Century prison records are one such resource , offering a uniquely detailed database of a surprisingly broad section of Irish society. They reflect the twin preoccupations of 19th Century authorities with zealous record-keeping matched with zero tolerance to crime. Irish Nineteenth Century Prison Records: survey and evaluation samples the content of some of the forty-five prisons in this collection to have survived. Available records were examined for their detail and scope, and a variety of uses for the data in question was tested . Although it is plain that government penal and judicial reform were shaping the content of these records throughout the century, the registers of virtually every jail in this survey remained curiously regional in nature and they reveal much about their local area.< Less
Role of Computed Tomography (CT) In the Evaluation of Acute Abdomen By Satya Prakash Shankaram et al.
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The term ‘Acute Abdomen’ refers to any clinical condition characterized by severe abdominal pain that develops over a period of hours. It is in many cases a medical emergency, requiring... More > urgent and specific diagnosis. Several cases need surgical treatment. Since feature is acute, imaging is often called upon to tackle the challenge and to establish the etiological diagnosis or guide management planning. The first radiological examination which is often called upon to tackle acute abdomen cases is a plain x-ray abdomen (erect view).Except for some conditions like intestinal obstruction or perforation, most of the time it is not very informative. Hence CT scanning of abdomen and pelvis is often the preferred imaging test for evaluating ‘acute abdomen’, as the examination is fast, requires minimal patient preparation, and does not depend on the functional status of abdominal organs.< Less
Quantitative Evaluation of Standardized Predictors of Graduate School Performance at Western Washington University By David Emmick
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Validity coefficients of predictors of graduate school success at Western Washington University fall in the range of .2 to .4 typically found in similar studies. Data from 2,323 students for the... More > period 1976 and 1980 were analyzed. The correlation with GGPA was .19 for GREA; .05 for GREQ; .10 for GREV; .14 for MAT; and, .34 for VGPA. Correlations for selected subpopulations show some increase in the correlation coefficients over the total group. Subgroup correlations are compared with median correlations from previous studies. The MAT and GREV have high correlations with each other and correlate similarly with other variables. The MAT and GREV would appear to be equivalent measures. In an attempt to enlarge on the meaning of success, two criterion variables, GGPA and TIME, were analyzed. A canonical correlation of .34 (redundancy =.055) was found between these criteria and the group of predictors: GREA, GREV, GREQ, MAT, UGPA.< Less
Evaluation of Lime-Based Hydraulic Injection Grouts for Conservation of Architectural Surfaces By Beril Biçer-Simsir & Leslie Rainer
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This manual provides a set of suggested procedures for the testing of lime-based hydraulic injection grouts for the conservation of architectural surfaces. It is meant to be used as a reference by... More > conservation scientists in the laboratory and by conservators working in the field to test, evaluate, and select appropriate injection grouts for the conservation of delaminated wall paintings, plasters, and mosaics on vertical and horizontal surfaces.< Less
MSFC Skylab Structures and Mechanical Systems Mission Evaluation Report By Thomas Hancock - Spacecraft Books
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This report presents a performance analysis for structural and mechanical major hardware systems and components. Development background testing, modifications, and requirements adjustments are... More > presented in the original delivered form.< Less
Breaking The Bathsheba Syndrome: Building A Performance Evaluation System That Promotes Mission Command By Curtis D. Taylor et al.
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Survey after survey across the U.S. Army continue to reveal broad concern about the Army’s top-down performance evaluation system. Many claim that it drives behavior in organizations that not... More > only inhibits the exercise of mission command, but also rewards image management over organizational leadership. Colonel Curtis Taylor takes a hard look at this system, its benefits and its cultural incentives. More importantly, he asks if the current system promotes or impedes the exercise of mission command. After examining the history of the Army’s performance evaluation system and alternative models outside the military, Colonel Taylor concludes that a more holistic system that combines top-down evaluations, peer and subordinate evaluation, and objective testing might be a better approach.< Less
Evaluation of Utah Transit Authority’s Connection Protection System - Final Project Report By U.S. Department of Transportation
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The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) implemented a Connection Protection (CP) system to improve the reliability of transfers from the higher frequency light rail TRAX trains to the lower frequency bus... More > services. The CP system examines the status of TRAX trains and issues a “hold at {station name} until {time}” message to buses waiting at the connecting rail stations via the bus’ onboard Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), if the lateness of train is within a pre-determined threshold (e.g., three minutes). The system was completed and tested in January 2002 prior to the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The successful implementation and operation of the CP system has received attention from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) to warrant a national evaluation study.< Less
Hardness Test By Homework Help Classof1
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The mechanical properties of the materials can be determined by conducting certain standard tests. Tensile test is used to evaluate the strength of metals and alloys. This is most widely used tests... More > of metallic materials, wood, plastics and various other materials. The tensile test can be conducted by calculating the cross-sectional area of the test sample and its original length.< Less
Materials Testing By Department of the Army
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This manual provides the technical information necessary for military and other personnel to obtain samples and perform engineering tests and calculations on soils, bituminous paving mixtures, and... More > concrete. These tests and calculations are required to achieve proper design with these materials and adequate control over their use in military and other construction. This manual covers soils, aggregates, bituminous cements, bituminous paving mixtures, Portland cement concrete, and stabilized soil including stabilizing agents such as bitumens, cements, lime, fly ash, and chemical modifiers. The manual gives detailed instructions for taking adequate representative test samples and step-by-step procedures for making physical properties tests and for recording, calculating, and evaluating the test results. The manual describes the tools and equipment for performing these tests and contains general instructions for the care, calibration, and use of test equipment.< Less

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