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A Daughter of the Snows By Jack London
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A Daughter of the Snows (1902) is Jack London's first novel. Set in the Yukon, it tells the story of Frona Welse, "a Stanford graduate and physical Valkyrie" who takes to the trail after... More > upsetting her wealthy father's community by her forthright manner and befriending the town's prostitute. She is also torn between love for two suitors: Gregory St Vincent, a local man who turns out to be cowardly and treacherous; and Vance Corliss, a Yale-trained mining engineer. The novel is noteworthy for its strong and self-reliant heroine, one of many who would people his fiction. Her name echoes that of his mother, Flora Wellman, though her inspiration has also been said to include London's friend Anna Strunsky. It is also notable for a racist sensibility which is also detectable in some of his other work. Welse says at one point: "We are a race of doers and fighters, of globe-encirclers and zone-conquerors... All that the other races are not, the Anglo-Saxon, or Teuton if you please, is."< Less
Be Done on Earth By Anna Evans-Wylie
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Six hundred years ago Brother Edgar Kegel, a fanatical Knight of the Teutonic Order came to the sleepy town of Helmsbury, bringing prejudice, torture and death with him. At his hand, Enid lost the... More > man she loved and her two Stracceli sisters. She did nothing to stop him then but when Kegel returns in the 21st century to lead yet another crusade of bigotry and hatred, Enid is ready is ready for him. Enid’s two Stracceli sisters, who perished in a fire six hundred years ago, are reborn into human form and find their way back to Helmsbury. They are unaware of their past and the danger that lies ahead. One of them, Eleanor, is a lonely and awkward girl, neglected by her rich, career-absorbed parents, and bullied by a boy from the estate. The other girl, Isobel, comes to Helmsbury with her father and little brother after losing her mother to a degenerative illness. She too has to fend for herself and fight her own battles. This is volume 2 of the "In the Web of Time" trilogy.< Less
Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919 - 1933 By Thomas Sheridan
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Did you know that Hitler feared a dormant demonic force residing inside the moon which he believed somehow created and controlled human destiny? In Walpurgis Night: Volume One, Thomas Sheridan... More > known for his work on psychopathology, mass hysteria and social engineering, for the first time tackles a historical subject using these concepts as a framework in which to re-examine the rise of the Nazi cult and its legacy. Sheridan's research goes beyond the occult development of the Nazis by delving into the repressed Teutonic Häxan psyche. Examining everything from the movies of the era, to the political factions of 1919 who were invoking their own demons of death and destruction. The book takes into account every aspect of the Nazi occult from Fascination (eye magic), to word spells, to the sex magic rituals of the Third Reich. You will never see history in the same way ever again, and you'll be left wondering if indeed their Black-Häxan magic is still at work today. (includes illustrations)< Less
Les invasions « barbares » avant l'an 1000 en Auvergne By Claude-Alain Saby
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Monographie du patronyme Saby - Les invasions « barbares » avant l'an 1000 en Auvergne Influence sur l'ADN La Gaule romaine nous apparaît comme une ancêtre de la... More > France, mais les territoires qui devaient la constituer ne formèrent que lentement, au cours du Moyen Âge, la préfiguration de son entité nationale actuelle. Ce document présente les différents peuples ayant traversés ou occupés l'Auvergne avant l'an mille après J.C. L'autre chapitre important concerne l'ADN des Auvergnats et les détails des haplogroupes. Une relation est tentée entre ces haplogroupes et ceux des peuples ayant occupés ce territoire. L'étude portera sur l'histoire des Gaulois, Cimbres,Teutons, Romains, Huns, Goths, Vandales, Suèves, Burgondes, Sarrasin, Francs,s Vikings ou encore Saxons. Cette étude s'inscrit dans le cadre du projet "Monographie du Patronyme Saby" dont le site internet est "https//"< Less
Crónicas Sertorianas By J.L. Olmo
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La historia de un hombre, de una época y de una revolución que, como siempre, fracasó en su intento pero dejo el embrión que años después permitió... More > convertir en realidad los ideales que la motivaban. Quinto Sertorio (122-72 a.C), no luchó contra Roma, sino contra quienes impedían los necesarios cambios políticos, sociales y económicos. Las luchas entre conservadores y demócratas encarnadas en Mario y Sila, las amenazas exteriores de cimbrios y teutones, del poderoso déspota Mitrídates, las rebeliones de esclavos, de la plebe y de las extorsionadas colonias de Hispania y la Galia, jalonan la convulsa época de formación que precede al encumbramiento del Imperio Romano. Sertorio se alza en Hispania al frente de algo más que una rebelión: un país que pretende convertirse en referente de los ideales por los que lucha. La fidelidad, la traición, el coraje, la corrupción y los más salvajes actos de heroísmo, narrados por el único personaje, próximo al héroe, que sobrevivió al trágico final.< Less
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BOIS BELLEAU Il neige sur Bois Belleau Prés de Château Il neige en blanc sur les croix blanches Qu’on visite le Dimanche Quand il ne fait pas trop froid Bois Belleau Blessure... More > de l’Aisne Brulure à l’aine Gangrène sans suites En dix sept ou dix huit Il neige sur Bois Belleau Prés de Château Treblinka Humide et froid Sur ses coteaux Ou des héros Teutons ou du Colorado En tartares ou en carpaccios Y ont laissé leurs peaux Il neige sur Bois Belleau Prés de Château Hamburger hill Mac Do d’humains Guerre imbecile Politiciens cretins Assassins Il neige sur les cratères De terre Retour vers l’enfer Des canons À la con Il neige sur Bois Belleau Prés de Château Douleur de l’Aisne Gros trou dans l’aine Puis veuves en peines Il neige sur Bois Belleau Prés de Château 1073 petites croix Pour chacun son bon droit Illusions perdues Vies sans issues Espoirs perdus< Less

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