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Thanatos By Matthew Breuer
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Thanatos contains two books in one volume. Lilly's Project: Will you conquer Thanatos? Join biologist Lilly Summer as she searches for the cure to the worst disease man has ever encountered.... More > During her quest, she uncovers two pills. Choose wisely. One pill leads to perpetual bliss, the other permanent blistering. The Void: Discover meaning for your life by answering the four great questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going when I die? The Void contains the full Gospel of John interspersed with pictures, reflection questions, and assorted quotes from classic literature and religious texts.< Less
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Read through the terror and darkness at your own risk. This collection is sure to leave you spellbound and screaming for more.
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Read through the terror and darkness at your own risk. This collection is sure to leave you spellbound and screaming for more.
Thanatos By Arta Amiti
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Iviiren is a recently orphaned girl seeking a new life in the city, ad she seems to be off to a good start. However, she soon finds herself seeking out an unraveling mystery surrounding a... More > not-so-ordinary amulet gifted to her at a young age. As she comes to a series of intriguing revelations about both the present and the past, Iviiren begins to realize how little she really knows about the world around her.< Less
The Congenial Collection of Slightly Conjoined; Anti-Climactic Chronicles By Dreng Thanatos
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A book of short stories
Thanatos By Miguel Ángel Sánchez de la Guía
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Tras la guerra roja, son Los Hombres Justos los que gobiernan en el mundo, los cuales despersonalizan a ciudadanos para convertirles en títeres al servicio del poder. Mientras el presidente... More > del mundo, Mario Fabricio ordena capturar a una terrorista miembro del grupo rebelde La Alianza de los Fuertes, un despersonalizado se rebela y decide sembrar el caos y la destrucción con ayuda del Thanatos, una extraña arma capaz de aniquilar cientos de vidas.< Less
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Sin dalla notte dei tempi, l'uomo si è chiesto cosa c'è dopo la morte. Le religioni tentano di dare un senso alla vita con un atto di fede nel credere in un'esistenza straordinaria che... More > ci attende per l'eternità. In Thanatos, un uomo prossimo a morire, sperimenta la morte con un ritorno da testimone. Le scoperte lasceranno senza fiato!< Less
thanatos By Ivan Anzanello
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Il testo è un breve racconto, rappresenta la nascita del figlio di Satana. O meglio, come un semplice ragazzo prenda coscienza di essere il figlio di Satana, dopo aver pensato che fosse solo... More > una sua fantasia. Tale fantasia prende il sopravvento sulla realtà fino a divenire la realtà stessa.< Less
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Zoe Thanatos By Crystal Cierlak
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On her 25th birthday Zoe Thanatos is ready to end her short and unhappy life by jumping off a cliff into the Pacific. But her plans irrevocably change when a stranger intervenes, preventing her death... More > while seemingly cheating his own. She demands answers but unearths a whole new world of questions when her savior confesses his true identity, and leads her down a path of discovery that reveals truths about the life she was meant to live.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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