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SIDS cot & crib death 10 probable causes By Tony Moylan
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FACTS NOT STATS .....This book relies on scientific facts not statistics. I have used logical facts and deductions from everyday physics as found in high school textbooks, trade books and lately... More > the internet. Hopefully I have included enough information for you to come to the same conclusions as myself. I believe SIDS is a series of circumstances and events which compound much like the causes of many accidents. A combination of the enclosed SIDS situations may be necessary for a Babies death to occur. BUT IN EXTREME CASES JUST ONE OF THESE SITUATIONS COULD CAUSE A SIDS DEATH. If you wish to prevent a possible babies death, this book will give you knowledge. If you have lost a child to SIDS, I am sure this book will give you a degree of closure. PLEASE press the PREVIEW button to see a sample of all pages from this book. The full preview could take time to down --relax and wait -- Tony Moylan< Less
Poemas de Amor y Desamor By Mònica Cots Porta
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Poemas de Amor y Desamor es una obra que recopila una serie de poemas vivenciales que la autora desea divulgar.
AWAKEN-THE STORY By Pauline Witkowska
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How do you imagine end of the world and fall of humanity? Did you try to do it through little boy's eyes? Max awoke in a locked cell with his memory gone and body badly bruised. He was alone, the... More > only soul in one of many long-deserted cells. On a table beside the cot was a photograph of people including a small boy. The weak bulb above his head flickered off but he remembered... Awaken The Story is first from series of apocalyptic novels full of action, adventure, humour and suspense. Max travels through his childhood in order to remember...but someone is watching. Book is written in easy and interesting language.< Less
6) Whedhlow Dama Goodh (FSS-T/C). Kevres Redya #1 By EF Young ha WT Field
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Whedhlow Dama Goodh (FSS-T/C)
Otomma dhis lyver rag dallethoryon yn Kernowek, grondyes war an whedhlow ‘Dama Goodh’ a vri. Derivys yw rannow a’n drollys-ma yn yeth plen po... More > gwers dhe vos redyes, ha gwariow cot yw re erel a yll bos gwaryes gans bagas a flehes. Hemm yw an kensa yn kevres gradhegys a lyvrow redya Kernowek a vynn gweres dhis yn rag war an hens dhe’n plesour a allos redya Kernowek gans es. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Whedhlow Dama Goodh (Mother Goose Stories)
Here’s a book for beginners in Cornish, based on the famous ‘Mother Goose’ stories. Some parts of the tales are told in prose or verse for reading, while others are written for groups of children to act out as short plays. This is the first in a graded series of Cornish reading books, which will help you along the way to having fun learning to read Cornish with ease.< Less