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LINES By TheWomyn of Lines
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Five female playwrights of color, five voices, five lives come together to share fierce, honest stories of LINES-that separate and connect; that need to be crossed, erased, and drawn again; that are... More > invisible and in-between. LINES is a stark, compelling, and uplifting collection of experiences told through poetry, dialogue, movement and music.< Less
A Line. By Ratna Jalisatgi
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What could one possibly do with straight red line? Draw around it.
The Line By Martyn J Cook
Paperback: $11.02
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It was just another normal day for Matthew Griffin but all that was about to change. Eve was about to call on him and ask him for his help. Not too much to worry about there you might think, except... More > for the fact that Eve is a deity, there is a hole in ‘the line’ and Matthew is still in his dressing gown. The line is an adventure story which takes three young friends into a dangerous world sculptured by childhood imagination. Escaping from dragons, befriending giants and being uncomfortably close to werewolves is one thing but when you can’t even swear about it, well that’s just plain unfair.< Less
The Line By Shay Villere
eBook (ePub): $4.99
I had completely given up on life. Knocked out of the marines. No job. No home. I could not even face the people in my life who loved me the most, my parents. But then something weird happened. ... More > My son disappeared. That threw everything out of whack. Suddenly I did not know what to do, how to live, how to even beg anymore. And the voices. These...voices...started showing up in my head.Life would never be the same. Locked up, handcuffed, thrown into hell itself. I could not tell wrong from right. I could not tell me from them. And the only thing that seemed obvious was that if I did not find my son soon, no one would.< Less
The Line By Matthew Pointon
Paperback: $11.34
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Set in an alternative version of the 1990s, The Line imagines that the fate which befell Korea after World War II - division along ideological lines - also befell Britain. In this thriller, various... More > forces north and south of the line battle one another in an attempt to reunify the country, even if it costs thousands of ordinary lives.< Less
The Line By Louis Orgal
eBook (ePub): $2.86
Gold and trade. The aliens exchanged gold for trade goods at the Line, a line etched north-south across the soil of a continent of a neutral planet. If any human or alien crossed this line to the... More > other side they were killed. If any trader did not meet the specified requirements of their trade goods they were killed. This high-risk activity employed traders who for a short time were willing to take the risk in return for a lot of gold. But it got very risky when a starting trader took a desperate girl under his wing, and was eventually forced to cross the Line into alien territory, to become a negotiator on the side of the Waps, the alien creatures on the other side of the Line.  < Less
The Line By Louis Orgal
Paperback: $9.39
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A young man travels through space to The Line to trade for gold with aliens. But things go awry. He takes a desperate girl under his wing, and eventually they are forced to cross The Line into the... More > aliens' territory, normally a fatal action, where he is requested to represent the aliens in their negotiations with humans.< Less
The Line By Daybor George
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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The line is a creative poetry book, written by a creative Nigerian writer Daybor George, The line contains creative, interesting and funny poems such has letter to mark zuckerberg, google, together,... More > the world is totally wicked? and so on, it is a must read book. so many people had given great comments about the book. you should get one and see what creativity is all about.< Less
Lines By Hamdi Meça
Hardcover: $30.00
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Hamdi Meça is an Albanian poet, prose writer, and essayist of academic nature in creativity. His poems continue to be translated and published in various countries of the world. In June of... More > 2018, the International Publishing House “Aquillrelle”, Croatia, launched the publication of his complete literary work in English and Albanian with the first volume A Poetic Mountain Range (Vargmal Poetik), and the second volume 303 Mad Battles (303 Beteja të Çmendura). Meanwhile, this third volume is entitled Lines (Viza), translated to English by Prof. Dr. Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj.< Less
On the Line By Capri Montgomery
eBook (PDF): $4.65
Preston Strauss wasn’t expecting to have two women set him up and hand deliver him to an enemy ready to kill him. He also never expected for his ex-wife to end up in a holding cell with him.... More > Now with everything on the line Preston must free himself and the woman he still loves from their hostage situation. Will the men of the Search and Rescue Squadron be able to rescue their friend? Will Preston’s heart allow him to take another chance on love? And at the end of the day, can Alex find his soul mate? Come along for the journey and see how life treats the Search and Rescue team.< Less

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