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The Mind: A Battleground By Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks
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In this book, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks lets us know that Christ has already made it possible for us to win the battle in our minds. He has condemned sin in the flesh, causing us to be able to defeat... More > Satan with the power He has given us. We must have our minds transformed into the Word of God, so we can know how to use this power. We must go back to our roots, which is God, by becoming who God originally made us to be. The only way that we can do this is to gird up the loins of our minds. When we gird up the loins of our minds, we will be able to have true fellowship with God our creator, and Satan cannot cause us to defeat ourselves.< Less
Corpus Colosseum By Adam S. Doyle
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From the introduction: This book is a collection of demons. They came about as I was working on a cover for Milton’s Paradise Lost and simply took the project over. I had decided that making a... More > monster for Hell out of juxtaposing an augmented animal with a child would be considerably more evocative than the standard fare of big, hulking beasts. This dichotomy brought forth a further unraveling of who these walking contradictions were and the unresolved stories behind their eyes. The title, Corpus Colosseum is a play on words- corpus meaning “body” in Latin, the Colosseum is that great big battleground arena for the gladiators, and the corpus callosum is the part of the brain that connects both hemispheres. Entangling body, space, and mind- welcome to the garden of demons. < Less