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EVOLUTION By Sedrick D. Sims
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Does science fully support biological evolution and cosmological theories? This book provides a closer look at evolution and the unanswered hard questions.
Evolution By John O'Loughlin
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John O'Loughlin's only collection of prose poems originally dating from 1984-5 and partly inspiried by Baudelaire's utilization of this genre, 'Evolution', continues, in slightly more expansive vein,... More > to focus much of its attention on the social transcendentalist theories first introduced into his poetry with 'Spiritual Intimations' (1983), and attempts to bring an almost philosophic degree of metaphysics, including subatomic theories, to bear on what is essentially the brainchild of poetic inspiration. In that respect, the author has achieved a workable marriage between poetry and philosophy that smacks of progressive rock and/or what could be called regressive electronica, depending on the degree of poetry to philosophy or vice versa, a tendency which is by no means unique to this project but somehow characteristic of much of his writing. The cover would appear to complement, sub-atomically, the underlying metaphysical currents of 'Evolution'.< Less
Respond to Evolution Theory By Paul Shonebarger
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Evolution theory advocates have convinced our society that evolution is a scientific fact. However, no reasonable person disputes the fact that living organisms eventually die. In contrast, evolution... More > teaches that lifeless material spontaneously produced life, and then systematically developed ever-greater capabilities. This book strikes at the heart of evolution theory by exposing fraud in evolution science; it also shows how even the simplest cells are too complex to have ever evolved. < Less
A Critique of the Theory of Evolution By Thomas Hunt Morgan
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Thomas Hunt Morgan (September 25, 1866 – December 4, 1945)... More > was an American evolutionary biologist, geneticist, embryologist, and science author who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1933 for discoveries elucidating the role that the chromosome plays in heredity.Morgan received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in zoology in 1890 and researched embryology during his tenure at Bryn Mawr. Following the rediscovery of Mendelian inheritance in 1900, Morgan began to study the genetic characteristics of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. In his famous Fly Room at Columbia University, Morgan demonstrated that genes are carried on chromosomes and are the mechanical basis of heredity. Excerpt from:< Less
The Assumptions Behind the Theory of Evolution By Dave Schoch
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The theory of evolution is based solidly upon certain assumptions. This would not be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that most of these assumptions are not warranted by the facts of nature,... More > and therefore have not (and can not ever) be codified as facts of nature. Today these unwarranted, and therefore illegitimate assumptions, have found their way into populating not only our textbooks, but also mainstream America, as confirmed facts of nature, when they are not. This book exposes numerous unwarranted and illegitimate evolutionary assumptions pushed upon the unsuspecting public as codified facts of science when they are not codified facts of nature. According to Dr. Jerry Bergman, this is an “excellent book…it promises to be a very important book in this area (referring to the creation/evolution controversy.”< Less
Natural Design: a new theory of evolution By Matthew Turner
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This book painstakingly explains why Darwin's theory of Natural Selection is an inadequate and only pseudo-scientific explanation for evolution. A properly scientific theory of evolution is then... More > outlined. The question of how to fit such an extreme theory into a human world view concludes the discussion.< Less
Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implications By R.G. Price
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This work contains edited republications of the following previously published articles: Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implications | The Mis-portrayal of Darwin as a Racist
Cosmic Creationism: Ken Wilber's Theory of Evolution By David Lane
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This book provides an overview of Ken Wilber's view of evolutionary theory in light of his Integral philosophy. It also provides a pointed critique of why Wilber consistently misreads and... More > misunderstands Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.< Less
Creative Evolution By Henri Bergson
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Creative Evolution is a book by French philosopher Henri Bergson. The book provides an alternate explanation for Darwin's mechanism of evolution, suggesting that evolution is motivated by an... More > élan vital, a "vital impetus" that can also be understood as humanity's natural creative impulse. The book was very popular in the early decades of the twentieth century, before the Neodarwinian synthesis was developed. The book also develops concepts of time which significantly influenced modernist writers and thinkers such as Marcel Proust. For example, Bergson's term "duration" refers to a more individual, subjective experience of time, as opposed to mathematical, objectively measurable "clock time." In Creative Evolution, Bergson suggests that the experience of time as "duration" can best be understood through creative intuition, not through intellect.< Less
Creation of Evolution By Rustin Hanson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Here we explore many common theories of how things came to be. Is our universe expanding, or simply growing? Are black holes the only thing that can bend light, or is it more natural then we... More > think? Could our universe really be multidimensional? And how could mankind actually exist? The creationists and evolutionists both pretty much agree on the order in which things came into existence. How could this be? The proton, it sounds so simple don't it.< Less

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