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Thrust By Ken Champion
eBook (ePub): $6.99
In his expansive new novel, Champion confidently strides the global stage cleverly inter-linking three lives as he reflects on relationships, work, community and what success means for people and... More > places in the fragile, crash-and-burn economy of the 20th Century. At times angry, funny, touching and tender, THRUST is a compelling read posing huge questions that demand our full attention.’< Less
Thrust By Ken Champion
Paperback: $11.19
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Ken Champion's latest novel adds to his previous PPP publications like Keefie, Noir and the Dramaturgical Metaphor
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Lessons on the Thrust By Jéann Daniel L'Ange & Reinier van Noort
Paperback: $32.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
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In 1664, Jéann Daniel L'Ange published the "Deutliche und gründliche Erklärung der adelichen und ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst" in Heidelberg, Germany. This was one of... More > the first concise and systematic treatises on the typically German style of rapier fencing that evolved from the teachings of Fabris and his German students. L'Ange presents his personal point of view on this fencing style, which includes a rather large selection of brutal grappling moves. This first English translation of L'Ange's treatise, made by Reinier van Noort and published exactly 350 years after the original edition, provides a fascinating viewpoint on a fencing style that is underrepresented in the modern studies on historical martial arts. In this translation, Jéann Daniel L'Ange's view on fencing is presented in a way that is both close to the original, and clearly understandable by a modern reader. Meticulously cleaned scans of the 61 page size plates from the original treatise are also included.< Less
Fencing on the Thrust and Cut By Reinier van Noort
Paperback: $14.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Johann Georg Paschen (1628-1678) was a fencing master and prolific author in the 17th century, producing numerous treatises on for example fencing, fighting with the pike, and vaulting. Not much is... More > known about Erhardus Henning, who published a small treatise on Cut-fencing in Königsberg in 1658. This book contains both these treatises, translated into English by Reinier van Noort, founder of the School voor Historische Schermkunsten in the Netherlands. In addition, photographs of the plates of Paschen are included with the text.< Less
Greatness Thrust Upon Us By Pat Robertson Rice
Paperback: $16.99
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Tom Madison has it all – aristocratic family name, established law practice, and political status – but he hadn’t counted on falling in love with the beautiful Creole, Sarah... More > Royster. Four good friends, Nathan Summerville, John Thompson, Ahab McGee, and Thorn McAllister, are the most eligible bachelors of Wilmington’s 1860 social season. Educated in the best universities, tailored to perfection, and wealthy enough to support a family, the “Fabulous Four,” as they were nicknamed by the single women, are having the time of their lives. But the hands of fate are soon to change the lives of all Southerners, especially the lives of these four men for South Carolina is about to fire the opening shot of The Civil War...< Less
100 Drum Solos for Those Who Dare By Subliminal Thrust
eBook (ePub): $79.99
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The book consists of 100 quality solos, mostly inspired by the musical realms of fusion, metal, jazz, African drumming, funk, samba and many others. While writing it, I established some... More > "rules" about the form and nature of the solos: 1.The solos have to be challenging to play. 2.Each solo has to be meaningful (rather than just a strand of meaningless notes), melodic, out of the box as possible and have its own story to tell. 3.Most solos must be of high energy. 4.The solos will be no less than 1 and no more than 2 minutes long, so as to keep you motivated. I hope that in this book you will find practice material, ideas and concepts that will suit your needs and thrust you forward as a drummer and musician. Also included, is an innovative system for creating sticking patterns as well as a more in-depth approach to drum score writing, thus making it a complete package for every modern drummer. For a full preview, visit author's FB page (@subliminalthrust).< Less
FIRST GONG Vol. 8: THRUST By Chisom Ohuaka & Debola Samuel
Paperback: $6.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the compilation of the poems of the most interesting poets in Nigeria. These poets read their works at the Loudthot Poetry Open Reading, the first poetry reading only platform in Nigeria.... More > These readings are held at Orange Academy, Africa's First Practical School of Integrated Brand Experience. All the works read in a year are compiled into this anthology First Gong. This platform has been on for the past 8 years.< Less
The Art of Fencing with Thrusting- and Cutting-Weapons By August Fehn & Tobias Zimmermann
Hardcover: $32.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
August Fehn was a military fencing master at the cadet school in Hannover in the middle of the 19th century. His work there ended only when Prussia annexed the previously independet Kingdom of... More > Hannover in 1866. In his manual published in 1851, Fehn describes not only thrust-fencing in the Kreussler tradition, but also cut-fencing from a hanging and a steep guard as well as cut-and-thrust-fencing with the Pallasch, a heavy cavalry backsword, and finally, his unique take on bayonet fencing. His modular approach in teaching all of these disciplines makes this one of the most interesting fencing manuals of the 19th century. In this book, Tobias Zimmermann presents a translation that aims to stay close to the original text while still being easily understandable for the modern reader, complemented by an introduction for more context and a glossary including all the technical terms occuring in the text.< Less
The Russian Cossack Saber Manual Volume 2 Training on Cutting and Thrusting with Sabers by the Imperial Russian Army in the 19th Century By Marc Lawrence
Hardcover: $45.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is translation of the 19th century Russian Officer manual about learning to cut and thrust with the Russian Shashka saber on foot and on horseback. It for teaching new recruits how to cut... More > while standing, walking and riding on horseback.< Less

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