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Data Mining With Time Series By Patricia Cerrito
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This book gives an introductory text in the use of time series analysis using SAS.
The Time Traveller Series By Bryan Bopp
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Two short stories for kids. In "Alex and the Magic Notebook" two friends go back to the day of the moon landing. In "The House on Green Street" a brother and sister have an... More > unusual adventure at an old house.< Less
Frozen Time; Series 2 By Pattimari & Peter Cacciolfi
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Two books in one; Series One & Two. Timmy, a good young man who found himself caught up in a world that allowed him to change his personality from doing good to doing evil. He finds himself... More > swept from his planet Earth to a strange environment where he must restore what was once good before he can return to his home and his loved ones.< Less
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Bed Time Polo Series By Braydon Allen
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This is one of my polo books kids will love it. Plus it's free. Enjoy!
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In this booklet, you will find a series of radio addresses first broadcast on BBC Radio Guernsey in which the author, Mr Graham Miller, a Strict Baptist Pastor on the Island of Guernsey spoke on the... More > subject of TIME. He brings a refreshing view of the passage of time and the Christian believer's view of time.< Less
Time By Benjamin Campbell
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Time is the third book in Benjamin Campbell's 13books poetry series. Charting a range of topics throughout the year, these books aim to capture a slice of modern life. This collection of poems... More > expresses the mysterious nature of time, considering how a moment can seem to stretch to eternity, and how entire lives can be encapsulated in fleeting memories. Using the concept of time as a starting point, the poems engage with a range of ideas and emotions that are, in many ways, timeless. You can read more of Benjamin's work at his blog,< Less
Time to Sleep: The Rainie and Bensen Series By Susan Marie
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Rainie and Bensen are two lovable dogs who are very tired. They know it is time for bed, but they really like being awake too! As darkness falls and the stars come out to twinkle for the night,... More > Rainie and Bensen take a bath. It’s so good to be clean. After they put their toys away, the little pups ask for a drink of water before they slip deep under the covers. With one last kiss and a wish for sweet dreams, Rainie and Bensen snuggle in tight and close their eyes. Time to Sleep is the colorful tale of two golden doodles as they prepare for bed and show children how to softly fall asleep.< Less
Changes: Book 1 of the Time Series By Erika Brinsfield
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This is about a girl, Amelia Catalano, who is forced to move cross country prior to her senior year of high school, which if not hard enough has to deal with finding out her family has supernatural... More > secrets that she was unaware of. Not only does that affect her but due to circumstances with family, friends, and boyfriends, she is forced to spend most of her senior year away from home. Everytime she feels she is about to get back on track and is ok with the changes occuring in her life, everything blows up and she needs to learn to change again. Life is complicated for any high school senior girl, but adding in witches, vampires, vampire hunters, boyfriends, and moving around constantly, Amelia Catalano has to be stronger than she ever thought possible.< Less
40+ShortStories By Charles Neuf, The Investigator, MainStreet Writer, & Time Traveler By By The Time Traveler
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This Book is a series of short stories and will have Four Chapters. Each Chapter is a Chapter of The Writers Life, as he Traveled through Time & Space in a World of Newness. Chapter One the... More > MainStreet Writer Series, Stories based on the writers life from childhood to adulthood. These short stories will cover a time period from the late 1930's to the mid 1970's Chapter Two will be by The Investigator Series, covering the writer's experiences from 1960 to 2000, covering his 40 years as an Investigator. This will be short Police stories, Detective stories and Private Investigator stories. Chapter Three, The Time Travel Series is going to be a series of short stories about the things The MainStreet Writer, The Investigator and The Time Traveler learned during eighty-five years of Time Travel as a Spirit in a man's body. Chapter Four will be about The Writer, Charles E Neuf, Who he is, What he has done, When he was doing it, Where he was at the time, and why he was doing the things he did.< Less