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Beowulf By Gerald J. Davis
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J. R. R. Tolkien, the author of LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT, in his famous 1936 lecture, BEOWULF: THE MONSTERS AND THE CRITICS, said, "BEOWULF is among my most valued sources. It is a work... More > of genius, rare and surprising in the period, and it is worth studying. In BEOWULF we have an historical story about the pagan past. BEOWULF is not an actual picture of historic Denmark or Geatland or Sweden about A.D. 500. But it is, on a general view, a self-consistent picture, a construction bearing clearly the marks of design and thought. BEOWULF is, indeed, the most successful Old English heroic elegy."< Less
At the Back of the North Wind By George Macdonald
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'At the Back of the North Wind' is one of MacDonald's best loved fairy-tales. First published in 1870, it has remained in print and in people's hearts ever since. Full of beauty, joy and wisdom, this... More > story is comforting, haunting and challenging by turns. Set in 19th Century London, it tells of Diamond, the son of a coachman, and his adventures with North Wind, a mysterious, beautiful and sometimes fearful spirit at whose back lies the greatest of all adventures. George Macdonald (1824-1905) was a friend to Lewis Carroll and has been acknowledged by C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien, W.H.Auden, Madeleine L'Engle and many others. Although many people are not aware of it, they may have read George Macdonald's words in the work of C.S.Lewis, who said, "I have never concealed the fact that I regarded Macdonald as my master, indeed I fancy I have never written a book in which I did not quote from him."< Less
The Dragonscale By J.E. Feldman
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(Second Edition) Vampires have ventured out of their caves in the North to wreak havoc on the peaceful races. Their Queen will brutally slaughter thousands and push the races to extinction if... More > something isn't done. Someone must rise above the masses and lead the war against the Vampires as members of each race tell their nightmarish journey to their uncertain fate.< Less
Creatures and Characters of Khaghtch'an By Mark Thornton
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Ever played a fantasy role playing game? You really should! Here are wizards and warriors, champions and everyday citizens, thugs, criminals, healers, delvers - you name it, they're here. You will... More > never be short of that special (or very ordinary) someone to throw into the mix. Then there are the monsters - the good guys will never sleep easily again. Not so much a monster manual as a monster's menu! Through in spells for dwarves and elves and a few kitchen sinks into the bargain and you will get the picture that you are getting a guaranteed jackpot with this one. What are you waiting for?< Less
The Dragonscale By J.E. Feldman
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(Second Edition text, First Edition hardcover) Vampires have ventured out of their caves in the North to wreak havoc on the peaceful races. Their Queen will brutally slaughter thousands and push... More > the races to extinction if something isn’t done. Someone must rise above the masses and lead the war against the Vampires as members of each race tell their nightmarish journey to their uncertain fate.< Less
The Founding of Pythagarax By Mark Thornton
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Wild and woolly adventures run in to trouble with the law and flee for the wild west of the Kraken continent. With the aid of a despotic wizard, they end up founding a new settlement but it's a long... More > story, full of twists, turns, bumps and bruises. A GM setting for any RPG.< Less
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The Crown of the Seven Kingdoms Five Friends disvover an Ancient Scroll written in an obscure language that had not been used for thousands of years. The manuscript is the Legend to a map and... More > following the clues they end up upon Follies Crest a sacred mountain and from there into the Depths of the Darkest Deep. They cross over a bridge of light and enter into another world. A world guarded by the Ancients and a place where Evil awaits to erupt upon our own world. The land of the Ancients is about to fall and they need the Ancient Stones of power if they stand any chance to survive. Four stones lie in the land of Darkness where the Ancients cannot tread. Five Friends have to venture into the Dark World where nobody has ever ventured before and bring back the stones of power. As graphic and descriptive as Lord of the Rings and as Intrigueing as the Da Vinci Code< Less
The Stray By Graham A. Hassell
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"A tale of worlds at war, with violence of blurring speed, and unimaginable battles that will decide the destiny of our planet. And only one person can save or destroy the entire earth... ... More > The Stray." ... Can you change who you are?... Hassell's followup to his first novella, Fall of the Elves, is a dark, kinetic exploration of spiritual crisis in this world and in the underworld, where Hiim is Dark Lord of The Five, the Karaken-Sul. * * * * Ideal for ages 12-17. * [[MORE INFO: read\the preview excerpt, shows book jacket description.]]< Less
Gideon's Dawn By Michael Warden
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A Parallel World, A Parallel Time...The light began to move toward Gideon. Racing, faster and faster, it silently brightened until it filled his whole world. As it neared, he leaned forward and... More > looked into the light to see the power, the immeasurable power, coming to reside in him, coming to be his alone...But as the light came, it changed. What was a distant star took the shape of a flaming sword, emblazoned with pure fire that burned hotter than even the world could bear. And there was something else--Gideon could see more than just a sword. Someone was holding it. Someone more brilliant than the sun--and more terrible. Someone who was coming. For him... In the style of classic fantasy epics, Warden creates a mystical realm where an ordinary man must confront his fears to comprehend his extraordinary destiny.< Less
Waymaker By Michael Warden
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With the rediscovery of the Book of Dei’lo, the lines of war have been drawn across the Inherited Lands. Behind their fortified walls, the forces for good and evil are massing for the ultimate... More > conflict, pitting the two Languages of Power against one another in open battle for the first time...At the focal point of this coming apocalypse stands Gideon Dawning, a troubled loner who has been marked by prophecy as the Waymaker for the Pearl. His charge: to find a holy sentient orb of power that has been lost for over 2,000 years, and bring it safely to Wordhaven. If he succeeds, he may avert the war. But there are many who would see Gideon fail—Sa’lei Lords of staggering power, and their corrupted minions within the Deathland Barrens. Yet an even greater danger lurks within the realms Gideon cannot see…where a living evil plots to capture his very soul. With all the perils that lie before him, Gideon is certain of only this: He must go. For if he cannot retrieve the Pearl, no one will.< Less

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